Top 10 Women’s Belt Bags: Hands-Free And Ready To Have Fun

In case you missed it, belt bags have been forcibly wrested from the hands (or waists) of clumsy visitors and are the essential piece of clothing for any woman. Going hands-free with a stylish and practical waist pack should be high on everyone’s fashion wish list. Fanny pack, bum bag, whatever you choose to name this useful and streetwise item.

Top 10 Women's Belt Bags: Hands-Free And Ready To Have Fun

What about the fanny packs we find most appealing is up for debate. Is it because finding our wallet, purse, or keys now only takes half the time it used to? Or the fact that they don’t cause us to perspire or strain our backs like a tote or backpack? Or is it simply the way they exude coolness?

The one fashion trend we totally support is the fanny pack. The waist pack has the power to revolutionize accessorizing. It may be worn around your waist, across your chest, or over your shoulder, and it can be a convertible belt bag, a utilitarian belt bag, a waterproof belt bag, or a high-end, catwalk-ready belt bag.

Check out our list of the best women’s fanny packs if you’re searching for a fanny pack that can be worn at cocktail bars while still making all the appropriate fashion statements, or if you’d prefer something sporty that can also serve as a hiking partner.

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From designer waist bags that have received the approval of the most powerful trendsetters in the world to affordable waist bags that won’t drain your funds, we’ve got it all. A clutch belt bag has also been added to the mix.

1. Herschel: Best value women’s bum bag

From its incredibly low price to its adaptable shape, this Herschel fanny pack has so many positive attributes that we’re tempted to add more than one to our shopping cart right now.

This Herschel hip bag is small and functional in size, providing space for all the necessities while keeping you from overpacking. It has a single zipped pocket for quick and simple access to necessities.

The webbing strap fastens with a simple clip. Both the iconic Herschel logo and the brand’s unmistakable trademark striped cloth liner are present on the exterior.

You may carry this Herschel belt bag on your shoulder or around your waist. Both have incredibly fantastic looks and offer a ton of the brand’s classic retro appeal.

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Polyester lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 22″ shoulder drop
  • Signature striped fabric liner.

2. Behno: Best women’s crossbody belt bag

Behno creates timeless essentials with an eye for the environment. You can rest easy knowing that you bought this fanny pack with the highest ethical standards in mind while wearing it across your body (or around your waist).

This fanny pack appears simple and chic from the outside. Its interior has a clever accordion design that opens up to expose three inner cardholders and a large interior snap pocket, really challenging the greatest women’s wallets.

Behno’s crossbody fanny pack is made of smooth and flexible Italian Nappa leather and has a durable cotton twill inside. It is available in a variety of earthy and organic colors as well as stealth black and deep blue.

3. KAAI: Best leather women’s belt bag

The best material for a belt bag, like this one from KAAI, is leather if you want one that will last you for years and actually becomes better with use.

We adore the chic street style offered by the Croco patterned leather with a subdued glossy finish. With this belt bag, a ladylike ensemble like a floral dress might be given some edge and drama. But wearing it with a white shirt and pants would look just as stylish.

Two interior compartments in the sleek Ikon belt bag allow you to securely store all of your necessities. which is best? It is incredibly flexible. We prefer it when it is worn across the body because it provides quick access to any necessities and looks appropriately casual. However, because the straps are adjustable, you may also carry it on your arm or as a sling bag.

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4. Bottega Veneta: Most expensive waist bag

Many things might be considered guilty pleasures, such as a particularly stylish fanny pack designed by none other than Bottega Venta. Yes, it’s pricey, but given the high level of craftsmanship and the incredibly fashionable design, we view this waist bag as an investment.

It is made of supple Italian leather and has a relaxed, slouchy design that epitomizes the weekend warrior look. It is secured at the top with a magnetic fastening. The substantial gold-tone chain may be worn across your body or around your waist for simple, hands-free carrying.

Additionally, this Bottega Veneta waist pack is the ideal size for carrying necessities without sacrificing fashion appeal. Wear it with your favorite dress for a date night or party, or keep it understated yet opulent with a pair of fitted pants and a roll-neck sweater.

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5. Gucci: Best luxury women’s waist bag

The traditional fanny pack has been given a unique twist by all the major fashion houses, but our favorite is this Gucci waist bag. This trendy fanny pack is available in black, red, or beige and is made of butter-soft leather. All three are fantastic, but the black is very beautiful and stunning.

The only drawback to this hip bag is that people can’t help but touch it because of the oh-so-tactile quilted effect (matelassé, if we’re being technical) and attractive chevron pattern. Before leaving for whatever mischief you have planned, adjust the belt to fit, put your essentials inside (such as your phone, handbag, lipstick, etc.), close the secure zip, and leave.

Use this Gucci fanny pack to avoid using your hands. You can therefore hold two cocktails at once. , or anything.

6. Waterfly: Best bum bag for running and hiking

You need a hip bag that’s been made expressly for running or hiking if you don’t care as much about how stylish your fanny pack looks and are more concerned with whether it can withstand an endurance test.

With a phone, cards, keys, and hand sanitizer inside, this Waterfly waist pouch is lightweight and surprisingly small, so you can ride your bike or go for a jog without it getting in the way. You can wear it around your waist, over your chest, or over your shoulder. There is four pockets total, one of which is a covert anti-theft pocket towards the back.

This Water fly belt bag will keep your belongings safe and dry while you’re out in the great outdoors because it is both water- and sweat-resistant. You may choose one that complements your athleisure clothing thanks to the virtually unlimited color and pattern choices.

7. Veckle: Best waterproof bum bag

In search of the ideal festival bag? a suitable all-weather item? The ideal solution may be this transparent and waterproof bum bag from Veckle.

Until you’re outside watching your favorite band and the skies decide to open, don’t dismiss the concept of a waterproof fanny pack. Everyone will be scrambling to keep their valuables safe around you, but yours will be safely hidden away within this waterproof waist pack.

This Veckle fanny pack is the perfect size to comply with stadium security regulations. Additionally, the fact that it is transparent is merely a bonus. Are you wondering if you packed something? No need to look far. You can tell if it’s there or not by giving your purse a quick glance.

8. UTO: Best budget belt bag for women

Looking for a fashionable waist pack with a price that will make you feel proud rather than guilty? Check out this hip bag from UTO that is on sale.

In addition to having a smooth gold zipper and built-in shock-proof foam padding to protect valuables, this fanny pack is made of high-quality, durable nylon, which is something we haven’t seen in any other women’s fanny packs on this list.

Three distinct zipper compartments are included in this UTO belt bag so you can keep your phone, cards, coins, keys, headphones, sunscreen, and any other necessities organized, neat, and in one place. All for less than $20.

9. Fendi: Best utility belt bag for women

Delete all of your assumptions regarding utility belts. The workwear staple has been reinterpreted by Fendi into something befitting of a spot on the catwalk. Not only is this utility belt bag highly practical, but it also makes a strong fashion statement.

Like all the best leather items, this hip bag is made in Italy and includes two slots for cards, cash, or your phone in addition to a D-ring and a carabiner clip where you may hang your keys or an ID card. Tan leather and gold FF plaques work together to offer this purse a major style boost.

For a completely unique spin on standard business wear, we adore the idea of pairing this Fendi belt bag with a long, structured jacket or blazer and a midi-skirt. Who would have thought a tool belt could be so trendy?

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10. Cuyana: Best overall belt bag for women

What about a convertible belt bag? Convertible cars are nice, but A circular pouch add-on is available for this Cuyana belt bag, which you can use in conjunction with the primary phone pocket to increase storage space.

The goal of Cuyana is to own fewer, higher-quality products, and with this wonderful fanny pack in our purse collection, we won’t have to spend a lot of money on additional accessories for a while.

This waist bag, which combines an adjustable belt with a detachable phone pouch and a slide pocket for your bank card, is ideal for hands-free functionality and is made of lovely and environmentally friendly Italian leather.

Large enough to be practical, this Cuyana waist pack isn’t too huge to feel heavy or bulky. Worn over the body or around the waist. You will receive many congratulations in either case.

How to choose a women’s belt bag: a buyers guide

Top 10 Women's Belt Bags: Hands-Free And Ready To Have Fun

There are countless options available when purchasing a women’s belt bag. The best option will be determined by a number of variables.


The size of your waist pack will depend, like other bags, on the specific items you intend to bring with you every day.

You might simply need room for your phone and credit card if you want to use your belt bag as an evening bag. However, if you intend to use it all day, every day, you might need a place to store your keys, makeup, and other necessities. Choose a belt bag size that is functional for your needs because they range in size from tiny pouches to larger waist packs.


Numerous materials are used to make fanny packs. The best belt bags are frequently constructed of leather, which is durable and classic. Additionally, since the leather develops a patina with use, it has the benefit of appearing better with time. Additionally, you might want to check for companies that source their leather ethically and sustainably.

Nylon is another excellent choice because it is durable, strong, and remarkably light. Even some companies use recycled materials to create their bags. If you intend to bring your waist pack to festivals, you might also want to think about using a waterproof material.

Design and aesthetics

To accommodate various events and fashion preferences, there are various types of belt bags. You might like a sporty or casual fanny pack that can be worn during the day when hiking, running, or even at events like concerts and festivals. These are frequently made of nylon, are reasonably priced, and are durable.

Designer fanny packs have been produced by a variety of high-end labels for customers seeking an upscale, formal look. For a unique look, search for leather belt bags with a matelassé or other distinctive design element. While white leather can certainly be striking, especially during the summer, black leather is always in style. A belt bag that transforms into a clutch can also be something you want.

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Additional Features

  • The number of pockets your waist pack needs depends depend on the items you plan to carry. For example, travelers may want extra pockets to stow away valuables. Additionally, having several pockets can aid in organization. For increased safety, give secure closures like zippers priority.
  • Most fanny packs come with an adjustable belt that you can change depending on how you want to wear it. Webbing, leather, or even chain-link can be used to make belts. Think about what will be most convenient and comfortable for you.
  • Some belt bags have padding to help them absorb shock if they are dropped. In the event of an accident, this will assist in protecting your belongings.
  • Logos: The designer’s logos come in a variety of sizes on numerous designer belt bags. This can make your bag more noticeable, which is perfect if you want to make a fashion statement.
  • Convertible options: By attaching an additional pouch to the belt, for instance, several hip bags can be made larger.
  • Additional functional choices: Utility belt bags come with hooks or carabiners so you may hang items for easy access.
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