Trifo Ollie: The Pet Owners’ Low-Cost Robovac

The Trifo Ollie Pet version can remove a lot of pet hair from your home, but owing to mapping troubles, you’ll need to be very patient with this robot vacuum. It has a large dustbin and works well on carpets, wood floors, and tile floors. The Trifo Ollie is a cheap vacuum with some cool features that you should take into consideration, but it’s far from ideal.

Trifo Ollie


  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 3.3 inches
  • Dustbin Capacity: 600ml
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes
  • Brand: Trifo
  • Power: 4000Pa

We all try to grab as much of the valuable commodity known as time as we can. There is little time left over for genuine family time after taking into account work, cooking, sitting in traffic, and other activities. Delegating one of the irritating tasks on our list allowed us to free up some of that time, so we seized the opportunity.

What chore is that? Vacuuming. If you have kids or numerous pets, you are aware of exactly how much continual vacuuming is necessary to maintain even the barest level of cleanliness in the home.

Investing in a robot vacuum cleaner these days is the simplest solution; it will sweep the floor, clean the area beneath the sofa that you haven’t bothered to vacuum in ages, and then intelligently return to its charging station without you having to give it a second thought.

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The Trifo Ollie is a good option if you need a robovac that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but still does its job. The Trifo Ollie is a stylish robovac with a very reasonable cost. For $300, which is reasonable for robovacs, you can purchase it on Amazon. But with that in mind, you should also temper your hopes for how well this robot would perform.

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Trifo Ollie Unboxing

Trifo Ollie

Trifo Ollie deserves credit for the superb packaging of the Ollie, we have to admit. What’s inside is as follows:

  • Ollie robot vacuum
  • Charging dock
  • Power cable
  • Main and side brush
  • HEPA filter
  • Pet hair extractor
  • Filter
  • “Fun & Fresh” Laser Pointer
  • Documentation

I should point to you that there are other Trifo Ollie versions, including ones with a mop. The “pet” version is what I really received, so mine included both the roller brush and the pet hair extractor feature.

The Trifo Ollie has the same recognizable appearance that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in robot vacuums. It has a spherical shape but is instead finished in a black and bronze combination rather than the usual bright white finish. The flap is bronze in hue, contrasting with the robot’s all-black body.

Two buttons, one for starting the robot and the other for cleaning tasks, are clearly visible on the top of the machine. The Wi-Fi connection indicator and reset button can be found once you raise the hinged lid. Also accessible from there is the trash can. The filter can be removed once the dust bin has been raised.

The mapping sensor and cameras are located on the vacuum’s front. A 1080p HD camera and a time-of-flight (ToF) depth sensor are also included in the gadget, which can aid deliver motion presence warnings to your phone. Later on, we’ll speak about those.

When you flip the gadget over, you’ll see the corner brush, the main brush, a wheel like a shopping cart, and two major wheels. The pet hair extractor can easily be put in its place in lieu of the brush.

Ollie is able to clean your home for almost two hours thanks to its 5,200 mAh battery and 4,000 Pa suction capacity, according to the manufacturer (if the space requires it, of course). The battery will discharge more quickly the higher the suction power you set for it. It takes 2.5 hours to charge fully.

With a diameter of 14.2 inches and a height of 3.3 inches, the robot can easily fit beneath a couch or a bed. You won’t have trouble finding room for the charging base because it is also rather tiny in size. Ollie only weighs 13 lbs, making it simple to relocate if necessary.

Setting Up Ollie

Now that the Trifo Ollie is fully installed in your home, you’ve chosen a suitable location for it, connected the charging base, and put the robot vacuum close by. Now is the perfect opportunity to download the Trifo app for your iOS or Android device.

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I had my first problems with Ollie right here. At home, I have two Wi-Fi networks: a 2.4Hz network and a 5Hz network. Ollie only functions with the 2.4Hz model, so I assumed everything would be fine. Wrong. My illogical, too-long password was a problem. It appears that if your password is longer than 18 characters, you won’t be able to connect the Trifo Ollie to your Wi-Fi network.

The router settings had to be thoroughly examined, a new password had to be set up, and so forth. Ollie performed some system updates when everything had finally been resolved and he had been connected to the network. Although switching between apps isn’t possible when the update is in progress, this is obviously wonderful and did keep my phone blocked for a while.

The Trifo App

The Trifo Ollie app is packed with features and is relatively simple to use. You can direct the robovac to clean up specific rooms, set up virtual walls to keep it out of particular spaces—like those with cables—by telling it not to go there, and more. The suction force may be set, the names of the rooms in your house can be changed, and low space cleaning and edge cleaning can be turned on or off. Additionally, you can look into the history of cleaning to see if the brushes and filter need to be maintained.

Starting the video feed via the app is another option. You can so “see” the world from Trifo Ollie’s perspective. In our situation, the cat was frequently seen berating the robot.

Furthermore, motion detection can be enabled. By doing this, the robot will work as a security guard for your house by sending a notification to your phone whenever it detects movement. Given that we already have a more sophisticated security system in place, we didn’t think this function was worth the trouble for our property, but it is nonetheless a fun trick.

Cleaning With Trifo Ollie

Ollie does a good job cleaning, that much is certain. Hair, filth, and dust are raised by it. the entire hair. That happens a lot in our house because we have two long-haired humans, a puppy, and a cat who plays around a lot and whose fur gets all over the place.

When we used the Ollie with a standard brush to test it, we discovered that a lot of hair soon twisted around it. We changed to the pet hair extractor accessory, which has a rubber lip and was created especially to help remove all of the short pet hair that adheres to everything.

If Ollie finishes the task, the carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and the floors are actually cleaner. I do have to point out that I only have short, flat rugs, so I’m not sure how Ollie would behave on hairy carpets.

Of course, robots and shaggy rugs don’t get along. Ollie cleans in a linear manner, which is fantastic because it doesn’t leave sections uncleaned, moving in straight lines from wall to wall (or wall to the barrier). However, you’ll need to activate “Edge cleaning” from the app if you want it to clean the edges properly.

You might have caught that I added: “if Ollie finishes the work.” This is due to the fact that moving the Ollie around is a major hassle.

The house’s map was a complete failure. As with any robot vacuum, it is advised to let it roam freely throughout the house. Of course, I let it do its thing and unlocked all the doors. I hear something after a few minutes and a room and a half “I finished my tasks. returning to the charging station now!”

What the heck just happened? With the help of the app, I took manual control of the robot and moved it to a different area. It briefly swung around, lost all prior mapping, and then restarted. A little while later, it once more declared that it was finished. I had reached the point of being “done” with it as well.

Actually, my cat had been quite intrigued about the vacuum and had been continually swiping at it, keeping a foot or so away from it, and never letting it have any peace. I snatched up the orange fluff and placed him in the bathroom, thinking that the cat might be the problem. After that, the mapping went a lot smoother, though I still had to take over a few times and tell it to tidy the room. It took a lot longer than it needed to and required a lot more work.

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Since Ollie was created with pet owners in mind, it would be a problem if the cat was to blame for the challenging first mapping. I have no doubt that my cat is not the only one out to destroy the robot that has broken into his house.

The equipment had entirely forgotten all of the mappings it had completed the day before when cleaning time arose the following day. Same story the following day. Once, despite the fact that the door was wide open and two people could fit through it simultaneously, the device believed it was between four walls and without a door, so I had to take control of it and drive it around.

  • Brand Trifo
  • Surface Recommendation Hard Floor & Carpet
  • Controller Type App Control, Voice Control
  • Included Components Side brush, Fun & fresh pointer, Ollie robot vacuum, Pet hair extractor, User manual
  • Battery Life 2 years
  • Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
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