Truecaller: 7 Important Features You Need Frequently

truecaller app

Truecaller is a well-known app. What makes it so amazing? The app has the following qualities, which make it worthwhile to use.

Truecaller is a program you must have on your phone, whether you use iOS or Android. One of the top dialer and contacts apps available thanks to its many features. It has so many capabilities, in fact, that you could not even be utilizing the greatest ones.

We’ll look at some of the most interesting Truecaller features in this article so you may use them to your advantage.

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truecaller app

Truecaller is just an app that tells you who is phoning you. In order to stop telemarketers, spam calls, and scammers, caller identification is helpful.

Truecaller classifies callers as Spam or Safe Callers based on contact information obtained from network providers and information provided by other users. You can identify if an incoming call is spam by looking at the contact’s color. A blue contact card typically indicates that it is secure, whereas a red one indicates that you shouldn’t pick it up.

Truecaller uses user-provided information and phone book data to identify callers. We’ll talk about privacy later, but this is a privacy concern. But Truecaller is the best at the fundamental task of recognizing callers you don’t have in your contact list.

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1. Back Up Contacts and Call Lists

You need to set up automatic backups on your phone. You won’t lose your data if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. To keep all of the information about your contact book, Truecaller now offers a backup feature of its own.

Contacts, call history, call logs, block lists, and setting preferences are all backed up by the app. This entire collection is kept in your Google Drive account.

Install Truecaller on a fresh phone, navigate to Menu > Settings > Backup, then login in with your Google Drive credentials to recover it. When you choose to restore your file, Truecaller will access all of your information.

2. Discover the reason for a caller’s call.

Even when Truecaller has given the caller’s identity and identified the caller, some people choose not to answer calls from unknown numbers. Users of Truecaller will be able to find out who is calling them thanks to the Call Reason function.

How does Truecaller determine the purpose of a call, one would wonder? Well, it’s actually quite easy. In essence, the business has given its app a function that lets you add a reason why you are contacting a particular number. For each outgoing call, choose the relevant category and add up to three reasons.

Call recipients will be more likely to pick up if they can see why you’re calling in this fashion. Open Settings > General > Call Reason to access this option. However, Android users are the only ones who can use the Call Reason feature.

3. Record Phone Calls

One of the best call-recording apps I’ve tried is Truecaller, which lets all Android users record both incoming and outgoing calls. It will seem effortless if Truecaller is your primary contact app.

Select calls may be manually recorded, or all calls may be automatically recorded. During the routine backup, Truecaller will transfer these recordings to your Google Drive account, so don’t worry about the required storage space.

It’s as easy as flipping a button to start or stop a manual recording before or during your call. One of the few apps, Truecaller, lets you record calls either before you answer or while you’re already on them. This may make some of the legal issues surrounding call recording less problematic.

Call recording for Truecaller is now limited to Android only. There is a 14-day trial period for the free version, but if you want unlimited access, you must subscribe to the paid version. For iPhones, you’ll need to download an additional app in order to record calls.

4. Use your camera to look up numbers

Truecaller’s camera lookup is one of the greatest unnoticed features. Open the Truecaller app and hit the QR scan icon at the border of the Search bar whenever you see any number, whether it’s written on a piece of paper or a huge sign somewhere.

In a little window in the menu, it will turn on the camera. When you point the camera at the phone number, Truecaller will instantly display the contact information.

In order for Truecaller to search for a number, you would typically need to key it in or dial it. The camera lookup makes that task much easier.

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5. Connect to Other Apps

Truecaller doesn’t try to force you to use its services exclusively. It serves as a gateway to other apps as well. You may utilize the Phone and Messages applications on your device while still using Truecaller because they are integrated.

For instance, you may use Truecaller to send a text message to a Contact by just tapping the Messages icon. Truecaller will then open a dialogue box in your Messages app.

When you try to call a number via Truecaller, the same thing happens. If Truecaller is not set as your default call app, the app will open your device’s Phone app and dial the number from there.

6. Green dot, red dot, and “Call Me Back” are the Truecaller symbols.

Though it is Truecaller’s most basic feature, it may also be the most practical. Each Truecaller user has the option to specify an automated status.

But what do the symbols on Truecaller mean? A green Truecaller dot indicates that the person is available, while a red dot indicates that they are on a call.

Truecaller will prompt you if you attempt to call someone who is already on a call. You have the option to phone them anyhow or leave a “Call Me Back” message. Truecaller will send them a push notification with your request when they end their call.

It’s a straightforward and effective answer to a problem that has bothered us for a long time. It eliminates the texts that read, “Hey, was trying to call you, let me know when you can talk.”

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7. Call Alerts

Additionally, Truecaller delivers call alerts, which let you know when a call is coming in even before your phone rings. Just before the call ends, a Truecaller popup with the caller’s name shows on your phone. Because it guarantees that no call will catch you off guard, this feature is very awesome.

It is also possible to stop the feature, which relies on notification permissions, by simply preventing the app from sending notifications in the phone’s settings.

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How to Unlist Your Number off Truecaller For Privacy


Many people criticize Truecaller for being a privacy concern. And to some extent, that’s accurate. As Fat Security noted, the app’s privacy policy is absurd and impractical. You are still subject to such infractions even if you upgrade to the Pro version.

The only way to escape Truecaller’s pervasive surveillance is to deactivate your account, remove the app, and then remove your listing on the website.

This is how to remove your phone number from Truecaller:

  • Once the app is open, navigate to Menu > Settings > Privacy Center > Deactivate if you’ve ever installed Truecaller.
  • Uninstall the app from your phone after deactivation.
  • Select your country and enter your phone number with the country code on the Truecaller unlisting page.
  • If you’re unsure about your country code, you can look it up on Google, but you must do so in order for the call to be successful.
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