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Andre Rebelo Toronto popularly known as, ‘Typical Gamer,’ is a Canadian gamer, youtuber, and streamer. He is a 30 years old who pays total concentration to his family and games. He also tries to engage his viewers while streaming, so they feel like they are in the same room, with him, playing, and having fun. ‘Typical game,’ is not really a name that just sits on the tip of your tongue when trying to find a moniker. This one in particular just got stuck with him, immediately it was uttered by his brother. Who is Typical Gamer? Where is he from? Is Typical Gamer in a relationship? What is the Typical Gamer net worth? 

Typical Gamer net worth
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‘Typical Gamer ‘is very popular for playing ‘Grand Theft,’ ‘Auto-V,’ ‘Fortnite,’ and a lot more. In this article, you will know more about the Typical Gamer and his career. 

The Early Life of Typical Gamer

Andre was born on March 22, 1992, in Toronto. Although there is no public information about his parents, family, childhood or education, it is publicly known that he has a brother, Ruby Rebelo, who is completely involved in Typical Gamer, and is one of the factors who shaped Typical Gamer into who he is now, starting with coining his moniker. Yes! His brother, Ruby, is the brains behind his famous name. 

Typical Gamer went to a local school in his hometown, and he loved playing video games from a young age. He constantly played video games on his father’s computer, till he was able to get his, and then start a youtube channel.

Personal Life and Relationships

The 5ft 9 inches young man, Typical Gamer is one who enjoys a private life, and does not share a lot about his relationships. Interestingly he has been popularly known to be with one girl, for the past 6 years, and is still with her, ‘Samara Redway.’ 

Typical Gamer net worth
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Typical Gamer’s Girlfriend, Samara Redway

Samara is also a young youtuber born on March 10, 1995. She opened her first youtube channel in 2015, ‘Samara Plays.’ One can say their love story started from what they both love doing, ‘playing games online.’ Her first video was focused on sharing her gaming records, after playing games such as, ‘Grand Theft,’ ‘Resident Evil,’ ‘Auto-V.’ She is currently streaming ‘Fortnite,’ for her viewers to enjoy. The channel currently has over 1.6 million subscribers, and has accumulated over 189 million views. 

Watching the success of her first channel, she decided on having a second channel, ‘Samara Redway.’ Her second channel is focused on sightseeing vlogs, her way of life, and rising models. Over the years, her channel has accumulated over 166 million views, and has over 1 million subscribers. Samara Redway is slowly becoming the face of various skincare products, and clothing brands. 

Typical Gamer Career

The gamer started his first youtube channel, ‘Typical Gamer,’ in 2008, with videos focused on various tips and tricks that could be used while playing the game, ‘Red Dead Redemption.’ His videos got a lot of attention from fans and subscribers who were interested in his tricks. In 2013, he started live streaming different games, such as;  ‘Grand Theft,’ ‘Cry,’ ‘Mob of the Dead,’ ‘Halo 4,’ and a lot more. During this period, Typical Gamer net worth was already kicking up a notch, based on the subscribers and donations he started getting. 

In 2017, he started playing ‘Fortnite,’ and joined the competition, ‘Fortnite Fall Skirmish Tournament,’ which he won with visibly great skills. After streaming his games for a while, he got signed by Youtube in 2020, with a deal to not stream for any other organization. This move was a great boost for Typical Gamer net worth, and it also led to the starting of a second channel in the same year. 

Typical Gamer net worth
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His second channel, ‘TG Plays,’ is also focused on various streamed video games. His first channel currently has over 12.6 million subscribers, and has accumulated over 3.8 billion views. His second channel currently has over 5 million subscribers, and his videos have accumulated over 1.6 billion views. 

Typical Gamer Earnings

The gamer has a diamond youtube play button, and statistics shows that his engaging videos attract more than 18 million views monthly, and could have more than 600,000 in a day. His channel is highly monetized, and he earns about $3-7 per a thousand views on his videos.  

Typical Gamer net worth also grows from donations, brand advertisements, commercials and sponsorship from various brands, such as; Ubisoft, eBay, Oneplus. 

What is the Famous Gamer’s Net Worth?

Typical Gamer net worth is currently $10 million, earned from his youtube channels, and from his clothing merch. ‘Typical Gamer merch’ sells various products such as; hoodies, shirts and a lot more. 


Typical Gamer currently teamed up with Berlin mobile game developing company, ‘Stratosphere Games,’ to create, ‘Warzone: Class of Guards.’ The creation is to have a strong tournament set up, where anyone can collaborate with the audience, making them feel like they are in the game. 

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