UFC Ring Girls: Top 10 Hottest and Sexiest Models In The World

However, a lot of individuals may think that UFC ring girls are been selected randomly. There is a thought that they do not acquire a personal identity as a fully known person. Although, if you are a fan of watching UFC, you may be used to some UFC girls that are attractive.

Moreover, UFC president Dana White knows a way of keeping fans interested and loving the sport. While some people are always agitated about the fights, others are more interested in the entertainment aspect such as the UFC ring girls.

UFC ring girls make an income of between $1000 and $5000 per match. They earn between 20,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars just in a year. However, Arianny Celeste’s connections pay up to 1 million dollars per year due to side businesses.

Who are UFC Ring Girls?

UFC ring girls are women who communicate with the audience via walking around the complete ring about the next match when carrying a notice over their heads and they are regarded as  MMA girls.

Dishy hot girls will be in prefer by UFC audiences because many of them are men. Due to this, the game will be interesting as these girls will be displayed at frequent intervals. They amuse and hold the attention of the audience throughout the entire match.

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How Much Is The Income Of UFC Ring Girls?

Many people don’t know the important role that a ring girl performs in UFC fights. They also believe that the job is easy which is a chance for women to make money. There should never be disvalued of this kind of job. When UFC ring girls are displayed to many people and do their job till the match ends, they earn more than what you conceive.

Octagon girls of UFC’s average pay for each match are $1000. If it is a whole event, no issue how many fights there are, they are particularly making $5000. For Example, a 28-year-old UFC ring girl known as Logan Stanton has an income of $10,000. It is determined by the amount that may add or minus on the high level of the round.

Moreover, they can also get bonuses if they demonstrated excellent performance on the ring. In this article, we will list the names of the Hottest UFC Girls as of 2022.

1. Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton grew up in Florida, USA. She is 28 years old and stands 1.6 meters tall. She started her career as a UFC octagon girl in 2008. Logan does not have a perfectly curved body like other UFC octagon girls. But, her astonishing beauty has shown to be attractive to her.

Each moment she walks into the ring, each of the audience becomes overwhelmed with admiration and amused by her sexiness. She is among the UFC ring girls who have achieved many fans and followers on social media in little time. Presently, she is a full-time fashion model.

2. Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste is a 35-year-old who earns about $1 million a year due to side businesses. Compare to others, She is the highest earner among UFC ring girls. Celeste was born in Las Vegas, but she has Mexican and Filipino lineage.

She started with UFC in 2006 as a UFC ring girl, and since then she has been enthroned or crowned UFC ring girl of the year six times. Celeste has been sported in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Fighter’s Only,  Playboy, and FHM.

3. Brittany Palmer

Palmer is a 33-year-old and stands 1.68 tall. She was born in San Diego, America. At UFC 125, She began with UFC in 2011, and since then she has been a full time. Palmer has been enthroned twice as the winner of the Ring card girl of the year award.

However at 18, she became a model, Brittney’s interest does not only occur around the ring. She is also famous for being a great dancer, model, and artist. She owns artworks exposed in Museums located in various states such as Los Angeles, Miami, and Hongkong.

Palmer has also worked as a model for magazines such as Maxim and FHM, and in 2012, the UFC ring girl has also sported on the cover of Playboy.

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4. Carly Baker

UFC Ring Girls
Source: Carly Baker

Carly Baker is a 33-year-old and stands 1.7 meters tall. She grew up in England. Apart from her attractive features as a UFC octagon girl, she is also known for being talented in singing, dancing, modeling, and studying nutrition.

However, when she was 14, Carly began her career as a model. This also extended her career in pageantry. Presently, she is into the career of a personal trainer.

5. Ali Sonoma

UFC Ring Girls
Source: Ali Sonoma

Ali Sonoma is a 34-year-old and stands 1.7 meters in height, she grew up in Florida. Her gorgeous body and lightning beauty made her turn into one of the hottest UFC ring girls in her current contemporaries.

The augural of Ali’s exhibition in the ring occurred in 2006 after her entry. Besides her attractive beauty as a UFC Octagon girl, she is commonly known for being sporty and also talented at dancing, playing soccer, and shooting guns. presently, Ali is still engaged in a career as a model.

6. Vanessa Hanson

Vanessa Hanson is a 25-year-old girl from California, USA. Despite her young age, during this period, she is already known as one of the hottest, sexiest and tallest UFC ring girls.

Her appearance is a kind of Mexican and European linage. she has a beauty that fascinated the sights and minds of many individuals around the world. Each moment she steps on the ring, the viewers become attracted to her.

However, Vanessa engages in other physical activities such as yoga, traveling, and others that she knows will profit her in many ways such as physically and mentally. She is also a model and a partial owner of the yoga studio Olive Yoga in Long Beach, CA.

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7. Kahili Blundell

Kahili Blundell is a 34 years old Australian UFC Octagon girl and has a height of 1.7 meters. She is known for having gorgeous beauty, an astonishing curved body, light skin color, and blonde hair. Many audiences become overwhelmed by her beauty when she walks around the ring with her charming features.

Besides being a UFC ring girl, Kahili is also known as a model for magazines and she is into the career of a fitness trainer. Due to her sexiness, she was regarded as one of the hottest UFC ring girls up to this moment.

8. Rachelle Leah

At UFC 48, Leah began with the UFC in 2004 at the age of 19-year-old. She became known to the fans nearly instantly and made a sudden occurrence as a UFC ring girl.

Leah also gained from being the inaugural UFC ring girl to work suitably with a TV. Leah has organized events and shows in different others, including  Women of Action, Inside the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter, Casino Cinema,  and Sexiest NYC Bartenders. She was noted working on a weekly show known as MMAthletics.

9. Brooke Lynette

Brooke Lynette is a 30-year-old UFC ring girl from Scotland, United Kingdom. She has a height of 1.7 meters perfectly matching her sexy body. In the history of MMA, She is regarded as one of the most beautiful and sexiest ring girls. Due to this, she had many fans around the world.

Earlier she joined the UFC, she is already been a model since the age of 16. This trained her skills to have the requirements of a UFC model. Moreover, she is also a businesswoman when still chasing her modeling career. She was sported in different commercials for the most expensive brands.

10. Mercedes Terrell

Mercedes Terrell is a 37 years old  UFC ring girl since a long time ago and  She is well known on social media due to her career having enticing beauty, particularly when she steps in the ring. Despite being one of the oldest UFC octagon girls, this turned her to be one of the hottest and sexiest.

Besides her career as a UFC ring girl, she also has a career as a model. Her good appearance and personality with additional talents have given her a lot of chances within and outside the ring.

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However, a lot of girls from several countries have been known in MMA history. Their attractive beauty and sexy body corresponded with their good personality making them highly noticeable and famous around the world. Hence, they are charismatic in such a way that they don’t only make money but also encourage or convince people, particularly in terms of their physical fitness and confidence in their whole physical appearance.

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