Crystal Head Vodka: History, Myths, and Cocktails

Back in 2008, when it initially entered the beverage industry, Crystal Head vodka caused quite a sensation. Most likely related to the intriguing bottle in the shape of a skull. It resembled a relic from a long-gone civilization that had been unearthed. Surprise, surprise! On the whole, it was.

Utilizing Crystal Head Vodka to Access Ethereal Powers

The mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls, an old myth turned conspiracy theory, which you’ll have to keep reading to learn more about, served as the basis for the development of Crystal Head vodka by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander. Just be aware that the legend’s assertions regarding the supernatural and spiritual realms resemble the opening scenes of an action movie.

The movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, directed by Steven Spielberg, was in fact influenced by these enigmatic relics. But Crystal Head vodka’s allure extends beyond the bottle and its connection to Harrison Ford, ethereal powers, and spiritual awakening.

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Just like its container, Crystal Head vodka is extraordinary in and of itself. It is made from corn and goes through seven filters, including three times via diamonds. It is then four times distilled. Diamonds, indeed.

Quartz crystals are said to promote healing and good energy in New Age philosophy. Although we are unsure if this is the case, the idea of relaxing with a chilled glass of optimism in the evening seems great.

Former rock musicians who spend their summers at Burning Man or practicing yoga in far-flung tropical forests are known to sip on Crystal Head vodka. Alternatively, somebody who enjoys creating extravagant and distinctive cocktails.

Think of throwing a party and serving premium vodka in bottles shaped like skulls. Since more than only tequila and rum can be used to have fun. It’s safe to say that Crystal Head Vodka also enjoys itself.

Crystal Head: The Brand’s History

Hollywood actor Dan Aykroyd, known for his roles in the movies Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers, and renowned fine artist John Alexander are the minds behind the very eccentric Crystal Head vodka. It was founded specifically with the intention of producing the cleanest vodka imaginable.

They didn’t, however, stop there. A vessel of this caliber was required for vodka of this caliber. These bottles, which are produced at Milan’s Bruni Glass plant, were inspired by folklore and legends from the distant past. Who doesn’t enjoy drinks that are infused with mystique and myth?

Mesoamerican Folklore and Myths About Crystal Skulls

A tale about 13 crystal skulls that belonged to the ancient Mayans and were imbued with all of their knowledge of the world by the Mayans inspired the creation of Crystal Head vodka.

The skulls are said to bestow magical abilities and knowledge on their owners. 12 stand in for the various planets. The 13th depicts the consciousness of people. These heads, which date back more than 35,000 years, are thought to bestow healing and psychic skills on anyone who is around them.

It’s a very cool thought whether it’s true or not. So it comes as no surprise that Steven Spielberg, a director, was also interested in it. It just so happened that Spielberg was filming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the same time as Crystal Head vodka was being created. In response to Aykroyd’s inquiry, Spielberg responded that he would be delighted to provide Crystal Head vodka for the premiere.

Therefore, Crystal Head has all you need if you’re seeking a blockbuster-caliber vodka with connections to an old tale and the potential to inspire spiritual enlightenment (aren’t we all?)

How is Crystal Head vodka made?

Utilizing Crystal Head Vodka to Access Ethereal Powers

Only the highest praise is accepted by the Crystal Head vodka producers. In other words, only the greatest and highest quality products and supplies are used throughout the entire procedure.

Beginning with the best peaches and cream corn, Crystal Head vodka is produced. To create a neutral grain spirit, this is distilled four times. In the distillery’s home province of Newfoundland, Canada, pure water drawn from a deep glacial aquifer is used to create this spirit.

Following that, this liquid goes through seven filters. Herkimer diamond strata have been traversed three times throughout that period. Some of the earth’s most unusual semi-precious stones can be discovered in these 500 million-year-old crystals. You are therefore sipping vodka that has come into contact with some significant luxury when you sip Crystal Head.

Today’s Crystal Head: Accolades, Praise, and A-list Admirers

Since its release on the market in 2008, Crystal Head vodka has won a ton of praise. A further testament to this vodka’s rock ‘n’ roll fame is the fact that Keith Richards and Johnny Depp are fans. The Rolling Stones Anniversary Tour in 2013 used it as the official vodka.

Additionally, the spirit has won twice at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition, which is highly regarded and well-known throughout the world.

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Crystal Head Aurora: Spirit Meets Stars

A tribute to one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world, the Aurora Borealis, was made with the Crystal Head Aurora. This unique substitute for Crystal Head Original was created in part as a result of the enigmatic and magical aerial display that occurs in the skies of polar regions.

How does Crystal Head Aurora vary from the Original then?

First of all, five distillations are performed on the mixture because four just isn’t enough when aiming for perfection. Due to the usage of premium English wheat, it also has a unique flavor. Lavender overtones are present, and the flavor is stronger, drier, slightly grassy, spicy, and peppery.

The bottle comes next. You still receive the recognizable skull bottle, so don’t worry. However, this time with a shimmering finish that resembles the Northern Lights. Look for yourself, and for a second picture that sly face peering down from the top of your house bar.

Want something with a history in fine art? A limited-edition John Alexander Crystal Head bottle, created to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, is available in addition to Crystal Head Original and Crystal Head Aurora. Only 25,000 bottles have been made; they were inspired by Alexander’s picture, Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life.

What is so unique about Crystal Head?

Apart from the skull-shaped bottle, the filtration, and flavor of Crystal Head vodka make it unique.

The vodka is mainly famous for its purity, which came about as a result of four distillations and seven filters. There are no glycerol, oils, sugars, or chemical ingredients in it either. Nothing further is included. What you see is what you get: a really crisp and clean-tasting vodka.

Due to the crystal head’s purity, cocktails can be made with it because of its neutral flavor. When drunk neat, it has a crisp flavor with hints of vanilla and a little pepperiness, all of which make it more palatable.

How to drink Crystal Head vodka

A shot of Crystal Head vodka is the ideal serving size. Purchase a bottle online, place it in the freezer to chill, and when you’re ready, pour some into a shot glass and take a sip.

or drink it. You are in charge. Simply remember that it was intended to be enjoyed neatly. Because it is preferable to sample a drink this pure and clear straight.

Given that vodka is intended to be flavorless by definition, you might wish to add a little mixer. It’s traditional to combine vodka and soda; simply add some lime for flavor. Orange juice is also often consumed, as is tonic water.

The greatest recipes for Crystal Head cocktails

Wonderful in a drink is Crystal Head. It’s as smooth and pure a vodka as you’re ever going to taste because of the unquestionable filtration process it underwent. What happened? You may unleash your inner mixologist and start concocting some mind-blowing cocktails now that the page is blank.

The Crystal Cosmo

This modernized version of the Cosmopolitan is the ideal libation for a gathering. The Cosmo cocktail, which successfully combines sweet and acidic flavors, has stood the test of time. Using Crystal Head vodka raises it even higher. It is easy to prepare, well-liked by most people, and seems cheery and upbeat in the glass thanks to its shockingly hot pink coloration.


  • 45 ml Crystal Head Vodka
  • 30 ml cranberry juice
  • 15 ml Cointreau
  • 15 ml fresh lime juice
  • Lemon or orange peel

Cocktail Recipes: To a shaker with ice, add the vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and lime. After vigorously shaking, strain into a cold martini glass. Add lemon or orange peel as a garnish. The best advice is to peel the orange over the beverage so that any oil squirts into the drink, adding a touch more citrus taste.

Crystal Head Aurora Martini

Here’s another classic if you’re one of the many people who like their martinis made with vodka rather than gin. This cocktail makes use of Crystal Head Aurora’s distinctive flavor profile, whose peppery and lavender-like flavor lends robustness to a martini’s dry bitterness. Just be careful not to overdo it with this specific cocktail. Martinis are infamous for being potent.


  • 60ml Crystal Head Aurora
  • 1 tablespoon Dolin Extra dry or another dry vermouth
  • Lemon peel or olive to garnish

Cocktail recipes: Combine all the ingredients in a glass, stir, and serve. Into a cold martini glass, strain. Add a lemon slice or an olive as a garnish. Add the brine or olive juice if you like your martinis a little bit nasty. Try preparing it using sweet vermouth if you would prefer something sweeter.

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Crystal Head Northern Peach

There is no better beverage for warm weather than this fruity and refreshing Crystal Head cocktail, which is prepared by fusing the sweetness of peach with the peppery coolness of basil. Peaches are synonymous with summer. You only need to add the company’s unique spirit to create a very delicious beverage that ought to be a summertime staple.


  • 45 ml Crystal Head Vodka
  • 75 ml peach juice
  • 10 ml basil simple syrup

Cocktail recipes: First, make the basil syrup by combining 5 basil leaves in a pot with equal parts sugar and water. Then, reduce the heat and simmer the mixture. Set apart for cooling.

Then, in a cocktail shaker with ice, blend the vodka, peach juice, and basil syrup. Strike out at a lowballer. Add basil as a garnish.


What is the cost of a bottle of Crystal Skull booze?

The cost of Crystal Head vodka can range from $10 to $130 depending on the bottle size. Just $10 will get you a 50 ml bottle of Crystal Head vodka, and $110 will get you a 1.75-liter bottle. A 750 ml bottle of Crystal Head Aurora costs roughly $60.

Can you recommend Crystal Head vodka?

Award-winning Crystal Head Vodka has won praise for its exceptional smoothness as a result of going through four distillations and seven filtrations, including three through diamonds. Additionally, the vodka has no additives, which gives it an immaculately clear and clean flavor.

What does Dan Aykroyd vodka set you back?

Depending on the size of the bottle and the particular brand of Crystal Head vodka, the price of Dan Aykroyd’s vodka ranges from $10 to $130. The price of a 750 ml bottle of Crystal Head vodka is about $50, whereas the price of a 750 ml bottle of Crystal Head Aurora is about $60.

Who is Crystal Head vodka’s owner?

Dan Aykroyd, an actor, and John Alexander, an artist, are the owners of Crystal Head vodka. 2008 saw the launch of the brand.

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