Veronika Khomyn: About Early Life, Personal Life And Career Of Sean McVay’s Wife

Veronika Khomyn

Veronika Khomyn is a Ukranian model who became well-known thanks to her relationship with American football coach Sean McVay. They started dating in 2011, while Veronika was a student at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She sought a career as a fashion designer after getting her first shot at fame as a model for UFC Gym.

When it became known that McVay would be heading to Los Angeles, their connection, which had first started when he was a player for the Washington Redskins, gained prominence. Veronika reportedly told McVay, who was perplexed, that when the couple relocated to the West Coast, everyone in Los Angeles already knew where their residence was.

Veronika, on the other hand, has more than 85,000 followers and is a self-proclaimed Instagram celebrity. She has used the social media site to raise awareness about natural disasters and other crucial issues, in addition to uploading images of their intimate connection.

Veronika also oversees the Instagram page for the couple’s dog Kali. She never shied away from expressing her love for McVay, as seen by the numerous widely circulated Instagram pictures. The couple is currently staying in a USD 2.7 million mansion in the City of Angels, and if rumors are to be believed, wedding bells could soon begin to ring. Up to that point, she could be seen cheering on the team and McVay during their matches.

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How She Became Famous

Veronika Khomyn Sean McVay

Veronika Khomyn gained notoriety as a result of her romance with Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay. Veronika, who is originally from Ukraine, attended George Mason University in Fairfax. Khomyn was easily hired as a model thanks to her appealing features, and she kept herself busy with these jobs.

She gained notoriety as a model in her community and soon decided to immigrate to the USA to pursue a career in fashion design. Additionally, she worked at the UFC Gym and DC Clubbing. However, she only became well-known after dating Sean.

Sean McVay was hired as the head coach of the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams at the age of 30, making him the league’s youngest head coach. Despite his former employment with the Washington Redskins, where he had spent six years working his way up the ranks from assistant tight ends coach to offensive coordinator, McVay was still mostly unknown when he took the helm in Los Angeles.

It makes reasonable that the newest head coach in the NFL, particularly of a Los Angeles-based team, would keep the media busy both on and off the field, and this was around the time when his girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn, gained notoriety.

She started dating Sean before he became the Los Angeles Rams head coach. After the Los Angeles Rams recruited him, McVay and Veronika decided to relocate to Los Angeles and establish their headquarters there. They would have chosen to stay in Virginia, his hometown, but as his duties grew, he was forced to relocate to Los Angeles.

He was assisted in moving and provided with the required emotional support, and Khomyn never left his side. She subsequently moved into Sean’s 4,600-square-foot house, which rose to fame for its unique architecture and furnishings. After moving to Los Angeles, the couple was frequently spotted dancing and hanging out in posh clubs. Khomyn is regularly spotted in the audience at Sean’s games cheering on the team.

During this time, Sean and Veronika’s relationship in LA became well-known. Sean’s supporters rushed to find out more about Veronika when they discovered that he wasn’t single. Khomyn started earning a significant following after her Instagram account became a popular place for admirers to satisfy their curiosity.

Her nice posts about her lover seemed to receive the most likes and comments. Several photos on her account show their trips and new home. She enjoys declaring her love for him in public and refers to him as “McBae.” Khomyn currently reports having 40,000 fans.

Personal Life

In Ukraine, Veronika Khomyn was born. Her early years haven’t been extensively discussed, and her family’s identity is unknown. In 2011, when he was an assistant coach for the Washington Redskins, she began dating Sean McVay. They just moved in together after buying a house in Los Angeles, showing that their love for one another hasn’t changed. Kali, their dog, is currently residing in Encino, California.

Veronika Khomyn adores their dog so much that she set up a separate Instagram account to document Kali’s journey through life. Traveling, watching football, and spending time with their dog are all things that the pair enjoys.

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Who is Sean McVay?

Sean McVay Veronika Khomyn

Sean McVay, an American football coach who now serves as the head coach of the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams, was born on January 24, 1986. (NFL). When the Rams hired him at the age of 30 in 2017, he made history by becoming the NFL’s youngest head coach in the modern era. Aside from winning a Super Bowl and making several Super Bowl appearances, McVay is the youngest head coach to get the AP NFL Coach of the Year award.

In his first season, McVay elevated the Rams’ offense from having the worst in the league the year before to the best in 2017, leading them to a division title.

The Rams also had their first winning season since 2003 and their first postseason participation since 2004 during this campaign. McVay guided the Rams to two Super Bowl appearances over the ensuing seasons and ultimately their first championship since 1999 in Super Bowl LVI. The “Sean McVay effect,” which is associated with influencing NFL hiring practices toward younger head coaches, is a result of his success in Los Angeles.

He served as the Redskins’ tight ends coach from 2011 to 2013. From 2014 through 2016, McVay served as the Washington Redskins’ offensive coordinator. In 2017, he was appointed the Los Angeles Rams’ head coach.

In 2017, McVay received the AP NFL Coach of the Year award. He has coached for head coaches Jay Gruden, Jon Gruden, and Mike Shanahan. McVay’s Rams won the Super Bowl in 2022.

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His Net Worth And Earnings

American football coach Sean McVay has a $40 million fortune. His pay is $15 million per year.  In 2008, he was hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an assistant wide receivers coach, which was his first coaching position. He worked as the Florida Tuskers’ quality assurance and wide receivers coach in 2009. McVay served as the Washington Redskins’ assistant tight ends coach in 2010.

Before becoming the head coach of the Rams, McVay earned around $400k as the offensive coordinator for the Redskins. In 2017, he signed a $5-year agreement worth $2 million per year to become the Rams’ head coach.

It was speculated that the Rams planned to give McVay a sizable contract extension after the team won the NFC Championship series in January 2019. At $2 million annually, McVay was one of the league’s lowest-paid head coaches at the time. The two coaches in the NFL with the highest pay, Pete Carroll and Sean Payton, received $8 million each.

Before the 2021–2022 season, Sean earned $8.5 million annually (a season that ended with a Super Bowl victory). After that season, Sean’s pay was raised to $15 million per year.

Amazon Offer

Around the time his salary with the Rams had nearly doubled, Sean had been debating whether to accept a job offer from Amazon to leave the NFL and serve as a television analyst. He reportedly accepted Amazon’s offer for a multiyear contract worth $100 million.

Personal Life

Famously, Sean has been seeing Ukrainian beauty Veronika Khomyn. They initially met while she was a student at George Mason University and he was the head coach of the Washington Redskins. They became engaged in 2019.

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