10 Best Video Game Strategy Guides Sites

Video game strategy guides have existed for nearly as long as the games themselves. You might remember the physical books that served as game guides for particular titles, such as the Prima game guides. Or even older, advice and suggestions that were printed in periodicals devoted to video games, such as Nintendo Power or Electronic Gaming Monthly.

The availability of video game manuals has greatly increased since the advent of the internet. It’s now simpler than ever to get past the point you’ve been stuck on because the information is available for almost every video game ever created.

1. YouTube

video game strategy guides

As you presumably already know, there is a ton of gaming content on YouTube, including these channels for video game reviews. This is also true of walkthroughs and manuals, thus YouTube is a terrific resource for getting through particular game sections. This is particularly true if you prefer visual aids and have trouble following text tutorials.

You’ll probably discover a YouTube video detailing the remedy if you’re having problems at a certain game stage. You can’t find a dedicated movie that explains that specific section? Find a Let’s Play or long-play video that mentions it briefly. You ought to be in a better position to move past it after you’ve seen and possibly even heard someone describe how to get through what you’re stuck on. If you’re playing a well-known game, it shouldn’t take long to search.

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2. GamePressure

video game strategy guides

GamePressure, in comparison, provides completely illustrated instructions for contemporary games. To quickly locate what you’re searching for, you can navigate the guide’s sections using the sidebar. The walkthroughs for linear games include a ton of screenshots to help you make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

You can find maps of various locales, directions to side tasks, and an outline for the main story missions in open-world games like Assassin’s Creed. The degree of detail here is frequently mind-boggling given how much content a game like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey provides.

You can find it on GamePressure, whether you need assistance moving through a particular chapter or want a convenient list to make sure you’ve finished all the sidequests. It’s restricted to well-known contemporary games, though. As a result, you won’t find any guides for independent or small-scale retro games here.

3. GameFAQs

video game strategy guides

Video game enthusiasts have long used GameFAQs as a resource. The website also offers walkthroughs for virtually any game imaginable, along with user reviews, cheat code lists, and discussion forums. To find the game page for a title, simply use the search box at the top. The tab labeled “FAQs” is one of many that you’ll see along the top. You’re likely to come across at least one walkthrough for the game.

The majority of walkthroughs on the website are text-based comprehensive directions for beating the game. Many of them also include lists of secrets, recommendations, and explanations of fundamental mechanics. This makes them helpful even if you aren’t stuck in a certain gaming area. They frequently have a table of contents for quick navigation, allowing you to skip to any point in the game by pressing Ctrl + F.

The most-recommended guides are shown by a star next to their name for titles that include numerous FAQs. Many games feature specialist FAQs in addition to basic walkthroughs. For instance, there are detailed strategies for getting a good score in Star Fox 64. You’ll understand why GameFAQs is one of the most dependable sites for gaming guides if you don’t mind the traditional text-based guides.

4. Neoseeker

video game strategy guides

It’s possible that Neoseeker has gaming guides if you can’t locate them on other websites. Although they have a large number of game guides overall, they have a lot of instructions for some of the less well-known titles available. Their user-created guides are likewise extremely detailed and packed with useful information.

On this website, you can also find game hacks and FAQs, as well as a vibrant community with forums where you can talk about games and post any queries you might have. Overall, it’s an excellent resource for guides with a straightforward design that makes solving video games a lot simpler.

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5. IGN Wikis

video game strategy guides

Give IGN’s Wikis resource a try if you enjoy the wiki format provided by StrategyWiki but can’t seem to find your game there. The most well-known video games like the Grand Theft Auto series, Minecraft, Skyrim, etc. feature a ton of content to discover. Along with interactive maps, a list of weapons and vehicles, and quest walkthroughs, there are also starting point suggestions.

The information available at IGN Wikis should be helpful, whether you’re looking for assistance with a specific quest or want to use the map to gather all the collectibles.

6. Gamepedia

video game strategy guides

If you like using wikis to uncover information about video games, Gamepedia contains a ton of game-specific wikis that are jam-packed with data. Each wiki on the site, which has more than a million contributors, is extremely extensive and will provide you with all the information you need to complete a game, get achievements, or attempt a 100% completion.

Many of these guides are for online MMO and multiplayer games, and as most of them are quite non-linear, they would benefit from a wiki format. You may also find a lot of other games or game series on this site, though. The wikis themselves are extremely nicely laid up and have a theme that corresponds to the game they are about. Basically, it’s a fantastic book that is really beneficial for your gaming needs.

7. StrategyWiki

video game strategy guides

StrategyWiki uses a wiki format as opposed to user-submitted or ones offered by website personnel. This makes it possible for anyone with knowledge of a subject to provide content, which is ideal for gaming manuals. Over 6,000 games from various genres and platforms are covered in the guides. There are video game guidelines for other platforms as well, but they tend to favor Nintendo games.

Every guide is not entirely comprehensive due to its open nature. Why not finish a page for a game you like if you run upon an unfinished one? This website is great for walkthroughs of visual novel games like Danganronpa and Ace Attorney. These games make the directions crystal plain, making it simple to see what to do next without giving away too much.

8. Steam Guides

video game strategy guides

While you may use Steam to purchase video games, did you realize that there are also a ton of user-made tutorials available? The Steam Guides section likely has guides for the game you’re playing if it’s available there.

The majority of the time, these tips are more focused on particular game mechanics, but they are still quite beneficial. Users can rank guides, allowing you to locate the ones that are the most beneficial.

The nicest thing about Steam guides, though, is that you can use the Steam overlay while you’re playing a game to access them. Because of this, it’s easy to check on what has to be done straight away and resume playing.

9. GamerGuides

video game strategy guides

If you’re having problems finding a game, GamerGuides is an excellent place to look because it offers a huge selection of game instructions available in many various genres. You can be sure that you are getting accurate information because the guides themselves are frequently updated.

Each guide has a wealth of details, illustrations, and graphs that make it simple to understand what is discussed in each chapter. If you upgrade to a premium subscription on the site, you may also choose to download guides if you wish to have an offline copy of any given guide. The guides all provide the most correct information because they were all created by verified authors.

10. JayIsGames

video game strategy guides

Look at JayIsGames if you can’t find the games you like on any of the aforementioned websites. This resource focuses more on independent, mobile, and Flash games than the resources above that are more mainstream.

You can search for them on its page to get hundreds of walkthroughs. The guides’ level of quality and depth differs because of the nature of these titles. But if you’re having trouble with a free online game, JayIsGames may be able to give you the boost you need.

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You shouldn’t ever get too stuck in a game again if you keep these websites in mind. They’re a terrific resource for finding secrets and side stuff you might have missed during your initial playthrough in addition to that.

Game walkthroughs can assist you when you run into trouble when used sparingly. They maintain a fluid tempo throughout your game. But you shouldn’t depend on them exclusively. Try to only use a guide when you are truly stuck because looking up everything will ruin the experience of playing the game for yourself.

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