10 Ways To Get Free Shipping When You Shop

free shipping

Although there are lots of benefits to online shopping, paying for shipping is probably not one of them. Fortunately, there are a few strategies to save on expensive shipping.

Free shipping is available on some of the top online shopping websites. When it comes to free delivery, it can vary depending on the day or whether you’re paying for a membership. However, sometimes, you might be lucky enough to find a coupon that offers it for free.

free shipping

1. Choose a store with free shipping.

You may search through tens of thousands of stores on FreeShipping.org that offer free shipping. By beginning your shopping on our website, you may be sure that anything you order will come with free shipping.

2. Chat it Up

The most frequent cause of online shopping cart abandonment is shipping costs. Retailers are aware of this, so if you proceed all the way to the checkout and hesitate before clicking “Buy,” they may offer you a discount to close the deal.

So, for once, keep those live chat help windows open and request free shipping with your purchase. Even if they reject your request, they might still have additional discounts available.

3. Use a Free Shipping Coupon Code

Your next order could be shipped for free with a good promo code. To encourage you to shop at their website, online retailers may provide you with a coupon code, often known as a promotional code. You might not be aware of the existence of these coupons if you are not on their email list or a particular client demographic.

Visit coupon websites like RetailMeNot and CouponCabin to discover a coupon code for the retailer you wish to purchase from. Enter the name of the store in the search bar, then look through the list of results to check if a free shipping code is available.

Using a browser add-on that can perform all the research for you is an even simpler approach to locate free shipping codes as you shop. One illustration is honey.

If you locate a free shipping coupon code, you may use it during the checkout process to receive your product without having to pay for postage. You may be able to automatically accept the offer by clicking a particular link on the website where you found the free shipping code, bypassing the need to copy the code, depending on the site.

4. Purchase in Bulk

Like most good things, free delivery frequently comes with a catch: Many retailers require a minimum purchase before providing the service. Even though it doesn’t make sense to spend more than you intended to in order to reach the minimum, you can organize your buying strategy properly. For instance, if you can find gifts for everyone at one or two stores, getting everything at once will probably result in shipping cost savings.

5. Subscribe today

If you shop online frequently, it might be worthwhile to pay a little charge to get free shipping on every purchase. Most significant retailers collaborate with services like ShopRunner to offer free two-day shipping. Although there is a $79 yearly fee, you may join up for a free 30-day trial to use the service over the holiday season. (Remember to cancel before the trial expires to avoid being registered and paying the annual fee automatically.)

Check out Amazon Prime similarly. The service offers free two-day shipping on Amazon orders, as well as access to streaming videos and electronic books.

6. Consider a Free Shipping Plan to Save

Websites are starting to provide free shipping plans an increasing number of them. You must pay a specific sum of money in order to receive free shipping for a predetermined period of time. If you use a website frequently, one of these options could help you save a lot of money.

An excellent example of a free shipping service is the Amazon Prime membership, which costs $119 for a year of unlimited free two-day shipping. Similar free 2-day shipping is offered by ShopRunner, which has agreements with more than 100 retailers.

7. Pick up personally

Site-to-store shipping has increased in popularity during the past few years. Major shops like Best Buy and Walmart provide the free option of having an online order delivered to a nearby location. Simply drop by and pick it up whenever it’s convenient for you. With the recent rollout of locker delivery in Staples stores, even Amazon is joining in.

8. Try Comparing

Although it’s great to offer free shipping with every order, there are occasions when paying for shipping is more advantageous. Since retailers are aware of how popular free shipping is, they occasionally raise product prices to make the promotion possible. Therefore, spend some time comparing a few various websites before making a purchase. You may wind up saving more money with low-cost flat-rate delivery and a lower overall cost than with free shipping alone.

Free shipping websites online and how to use them

Online retailers have to pay a high shipping cost. They must pay someone to locate the ordered things, package them safely, and mark the box. Additionally, there is the price of shipping goods like boxes, tape, and padded mailers. The postal service, UPS, or FedEx must then be paid by them in order to deliver a package to your door.

When a shop provides free shipping, it appeals even more given how expensive shipping is. Even better is when a shop provides free shipping on all orders, regardless of size. You can avoid paying extra by getting free shipping at some of the most well-known online retailers. Without charging you an additional penny, they can deliver your things to you.

1. Amazon

free shipping

You can probably find everything you’re looking for on Amazon. Although the store started out with the sales of books, it currently carries a wide range of items, including apparel, home furnishings, vinyl records, and luggage. If you can’t locate it on Amazon, it might not be a real thing.

There are several ways to acquire free shipping from Amazon. Signing up for Amazon Prime, the company’s subscription program is option one. Prime costs money. Either an annual or monthly subscription fee is required.

Although the $119 yearly fee works out to be less expensive than the $12.99 monthly subscription, you must pay it all at once. That can make it prohibitive if you have a limited budget, especially if you’re unsure that you’ll stick with it during the entire year. But if you’re enrolled in school, have Medicaid, or an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card, you can earn a discount on your Prime membership.

Free two-day or even same-day delivery is available to Prime subscribers. Streaming music and video are also included with Prime. You can also get free grocery delivery if Whole Foods is close to where you live.

You can still obtain free shipping from Amazon if you don’t want to pay for a Prime subscription. With a minimum purchase of $25, many goods ship for free. In order to receive free shipping and savings of up to 15%, you can also set up a subscription for goods you use frequently, such as laundry detergent and cat litter. These products are delivered to you via the Subscribe & Save program on a predetermined timetable, like every four or eight weeks.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the majority of Amazon products qualify for free Prime shipping or free shipping on orders of $25 or more, not all of them do. Some online merchants have their own delivery policies. Additionally, shipping for some minor items, like pens, is only possible if your order is worth at least $25. When conducting a search on the website, select the “Prime Eligible” option if you only want to see items that qualify for free shipping.

2. Target

free shipping target

On purchases of $35 or more, Target offers free two-day shipping. But there are a few limitations. A bottle of lotion or a flashlight, for instance, are inexpensive items that won’t ship unless your order totals more than $25. If not, you must pick them up from the nearby Target. Some products are also “discontinued for shipment,” which means they can’t be delivered and may have a limited supply at your nearby store.

Despite the fact that many Target stores sell groceries, fresh food like fruits and vegetables cannot be ordered online for free standard shipping. You must use Target’s delivery service, Shipt, to order perishables like fresh produce. Unlimited same-day delivery on orders above $35 is available in return for a $99 annual charge (or $9.99 each month).

Applying for the Target RedCard is another way to receive free shipping on any order from the retailer. The RedCard is a shop credit card that offers an extended return time and a 5% discount on each order. However, since it’s a credit card, not everyone will find it to be the finest choice. For more information, read our Target RedCard review.

Target stores frequently have a large amount of inventory, yet they occasionally run out. Online ordering increases the likelihood that you’ll receive your order exactly when you need it. You spend less time driving, browsing, and standing in line as a result.

3. Walmart

free shipping walmart

If Walmart is more your thing than Amazon or Target, this retailer also has you covered. Orders over $35 qualify for free next-day delivery, and there are no monthly or yearly membership fees.

Additionally, the business offers Walmart+, which offers free next-day or two-day shipping as well as free delivery from a nearby store. The program’s annual membership fee of $98 or $12.95 per month is comparable to that of Target and Amazon Prime.

In accordance with Walmart’s next-day delivery policy, toys, household goods, health care items, and food can all be delivered the following day. Walmart prominently labels the products on its website that qualify for next-day delivery, making it simple to determine which items are eligible.

Keep in mind that nothing in your cart qualifies for next-day delivery if you order both eligible and ineligible products at the same time.

For individuals who adore Walmart’s savings but dislike the frequently crowded in-store circumstances and lengthy register lines, the retailer’s next-day delivery service is excellent.



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