11 Best Funny Weather Apps to Make the Forecast Entertaining

Think the weather is too monotonous? Consider using one of these humorous weather apps for Android, iOS, or the web to make the forecast more enjoyable. Even if the weather may not be the most interesting topic to discuss, we all check it every day.

We’ve compiled a collection of fantastic and humorous weather applications if you want to add additional humor to your morning weather habit. We want to show that weather doesn’t have to be dull, and these apps make it anything but. It will never be the same to check the weather each day again.

1. What The Forecast?!!

weather app

Check out What The Forecast?!! for humor that goes beyond simple and becomes annoying. This humorous weather app provides you with the current conditions along with one or two frank statements. You can also turn on the voice and change the profanity settings from Off to On or Some if a few swear words don’t bother you.

Receive your hourly and 10-day predictions, severe weather alerts, backdrops that reflect the time of year and the current weather, and settings including choices for the app’s color, weather station, and hot and cold thresholds. Get What The Forecast? if you want straightforward weather software that will probably make you chuckle a lot.

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2. CARROT Weather

weather app

CARROT Weather is coming at you with sarcasm, meat bag, so turn up the volume! You’ll be enticed to repeatedly poke the app’s ocular sensor as a result of the words you hear and the ones you see alongside the current situations. Change the Friendly to Overkill setting under Personality for some serious punishment.

This amusing app provides you with the current weather, hourly and daily forecasts, rain and snow predictions, severe weather notifications, unlockable achievements, and secret locations for added entertainment. Additionally, you may use Time Travel for past or future weather or tap your way into AR Mode for an ocular sensor on your desk.

3. Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather

weather app

The internet hit Grumpy Cat has its own weather app, and it is exactly what you would imagine it to be. Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather maintains the same ‘dry’ tone for which the cat is known by adding meme overlays to each weather report. Even your social media accounts can be used to disseminate amusing weather-related jokes.

4. Can I Wear Shorts Today?

weather app

Many people’s perceptions of the weather center on the decision of whether or not to wear shorts. Check out the appropriately called Can I Wear Shorts Today? if that describes you. To find out the solution to that pressing query, enable your location or enter it at the top.

A temperature for the area, cheerful and frowny faces on map locations, and a scrolling list of locations throughout the world indicating whether it is a good or poor day for wearing shorts are also displayed. And for in-depth information, check out some of the top weather websites.

5. FuWeather

weather app

FuWeather uses snarky, passive-aggressive, and even profanity-laced remarks to capture your feelings about the weather. You’ve met your match with FuWeather if you’re someone who always moans about the weather. The app provides precise two-week forecasts in addition to hourly updates. To ensure that you never miss an update, you can even pin the widget to your phone’s home screen.

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6. HumorCast


HumorCast, powered by Dark Sky, is a comedy show, so turn up the language and get ready to laugh. A line that will make you chuckle in response to the unpleasant weather outside your window will be there. Do you want to know whether it is chilly than a digger’s behind or hotter than Lucifer’s armpit?

You can find out using this app. The hourly and five-day forecasts, weather warnings, numerous weather locations, settings for temperature units, time format, and background type are all available in addition to your present circumstances.

7. The Funny Weather

weather app

This weather app is just as good as any other in amusingly presenting weather reports. You don’t trust me? Discover its tens of thousands of weather expressions to discover just how awesome it is. It contains variety and comic sense to keep you guessing, ranging from sarcastic to humorous words.

The program integrates weather data from Dark Sky, making it accurate to a reasonable degree. It delivers forecasts about the current conditions as well as a seven-day prognosis. You can add additional areas based on your need to easily keep track of the weather in your preferred regions. Be aware that although this app is free, you will need to pay money to access all the amazing terms, such as  “Star Wars,” “Game of Thrones,” etc.

8. Troll Weather

weather app

Don’t you get sick of weather forecasts being taken too seriously and professionally? All these dry facts, so many figures, and sometimes they don’t even tell you how you’re going to feel outside the house. Troll Weather, on the other hand, even though it’s only an app, has its own personality.

You and others will be made fun of, the weather will be mocked, and it will be quite humorous to say. However, be wary because Troll Weather will suddenly appear in front of you. The weather forecast that you receive as part of the service is remarkably accurate. It establishes your location and, using this information, displays both the present and predicted weather outside your window.

Troll Weather’s background and, thus, the remarks might change depending on the current temperature and weather. You can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on the area and what’s more convenient for you. You can track the weather seven days in advance, and the complete prediction is calculated hourly. Additionally, each watch may come with a unique joke, so consider them all and stay alert at all times.

9. Weather Duck

weather app

Weather Duck will probably stick out a lot against the backdrop of other applications featuring offensive language. In actuality, it’s less genuinely funny and more charming and funny. Before you leave the house, an adorable duck always reminds you what to wear and whether to pack an umbrella.

The creators of this program are also a distinguishing feature. Yuma Soerianto, the duckling’s creator, is a very young programmer; she was just 10 years old when the duckling was created. One of the most gifted and youthful Apple WWDC17 scholars is this one.

We believe that’s why your kids or younger siblings will find the application appealing. You just need to download it to your Weather Duck smartphone, which is most likely how they’ll monitor the weather.

You can ask the duck about how the weather varies during the day. For instance, you might stop by every morning to see how the duck is doing and to see if it’s warm enough to wear shorts or if it’s snowing and becoming warmer. You won’t be surprised by any weather whims or other surprises any longer. Additionally, the appealing aesthetic element will encourage frequent weather checks.

10. Weather Kitty

weather app

Man is cruel and irrational when he doesn’t feel compassion for kittens! We provide you with a dose of tranquillity and peace each morning so that we won’t be so wicked and depressing. Can’t acquire a kitten in the real world? Get him on your smartphone, and he’ll be useful as well!

You won’t be able to help but smile whenever you check the forecast on Weather Kitty. Even in the free edition, there are a limited number of photographs available with the kittens that come along with every shift in the weather. The Premium versions of the app are undoubtedly the funniest and loveliest, but all kittens are lovely, right?

You can get a forecast for the next 10 days in Weather Kitty that is reasonably accurate. You can learn information about other parts of the world in addition to your own country or area. The backdrop image varies along with variations in temperature, humidity, wind speed, and heat index. The barometric pressure, UV index, exact sunset time, moon phase, and much more can all be found in addition to the normal data.

People who want several pets but are unable to do so should particularly consider Weather Kitty. This way, you can enjoy your daily serving of sweetness without having to deal with loud noises, shredded clothing, or Whiskas food purchases.

11. Weather Cows

weather app

The belief that cows could predict the weather dates back to the days when people still worked in agriculture and came into contact with cows every second. Of course, it’s not just cows that can predict changes in the weather and climate; many people also claim that cats, dogs, frogs, and other animals are excellent at doing so.

What if the cows used as the foundation for this application’s development were actually forecasters and meteorologists? Indeed, there is a proverb that reads, “If you walk by a pasture of cows and they sit down, it rains.” Isn’t it magic?

Evidently not, However, you can’t help but smile when cows keep the weather forecast company. There is also a tiny Biscuit in the app that you may play around with and have fun with. You can see a cow on the screen, and it has a personality of its own. Simply click on it to learn more about it. You can put it as well.

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It is crucial to be knowledgeable about the weather. For instance, when you travel and are unfamiliar with the environment, in a new place, or even just as you are leaving for work in the morning. Knowing if you need to bring an umbrella for a walk is still important in rainy places like London where the weather can change in a matter of minutes.

To stay healthy and avoid sabotaging your plans, simply keep an eye on the weather. Every time you activate your smartphone, you’ll be drawn to cute pets, memes, artwork, and other app add-ons. So that you can always make preparations regardless of rain or snow, amusing widgets and utilities will assist to keep you informed.

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