10 Best Websites for Creating Avatars for Profile Pictures

Avatars are necessary for an influential online presence. You will require a strong avatar if you want to have an online presence. You shouldn’t use a real photo of yourself online since you need to preserve your privacy.

For those who are unaware, an avatar and a profile photo are the same things. However, you produce a miniature representation of a person who best embodies you rather than a real photo. You can experiment with a variety of avatars, including banners and cartoons.

None of these require artistic ability to create, either. You can make cool avatars that you can personalize, download, and use on a ton of free websites. So, here are some of the simplest methods to make a fantastic avatar profile picture, whether it’s for Steam or some other community.

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1. The Character Creator



Another fun avatar maker is The Character Creator. You can use the website to build an avatar by starting from the bottom and working your way up, modifying various aspects of your avatar. You begin by choosing a male or female character, and then you gradually add more attributes to give your avatar the exact appearance you want.

Once finished, the avatar is available for download as an SVG or PNG file. You can download an avatar’s entire body, only the upper body, or a close-up for avatar profile images using Character Creator. After that, you can use your creation wherever you choose.

You can access your avatar in the future by making an account. Additionally, you are able to create several ones and store them all in your account.

2. DoppelMe


Would it surprise you if this website differed from all the others? It’s not actually, though. Starting with a naked avatar, you can then choose and choose from a number of looks, styles, and embellishments.

Unfortunately, you may access all the choices only after creating an account with the website. But after you sign up, you have a lot of interesting things to choose from, save for a cool posture.

3. Avataaars Generator


Standards and guidelines for web design evolve throughout time. Today’s avatars must appear as though they belong online. This service allows you to create an avatar that resembles an emoji because they are currently a popular style.

Select the color of your skin, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, accessories, and clothing. Play around with them to make an avatar of yourself (or the one you want to show people online). Download it to your hard disk after you’re done.

Avataaars Generator is offered without charge. Your avatar is available for download as a PNG or SVG vector picture. It is readable as HTML or React code.

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4. Face.co


Although Avataaars Generator is lovely and simple, there aren’t many things you may change. Face.co is all about giving you options on how to create your online profile avatar in every way.

Your mouth, nose, ears, eyes, brows, and hair can all be changed. There are different color options for the skin, hair, and iris. You can also alter your appearance and add a stunning background image.

This website has various online variations, such as Avatar Maker. The sole reason we chose Face.co is because it provides an HTTPS safe connection.

5. 8BitIcon


Retro 8-bit pixel art is making a strong comeback. On the internet, nostalgia for vintage games and animations is very common. Naturally, this also applies to creating your own avatar. Similar to Face.co, but using pixel art, is 8BitIcon. Select a face, clothes, mouth, hair, eyes, and background. as well as your gender.

Unusual for its time, 8BitIcon now promotes itself as a means of producing avatars that double as non-fungible tokens. You must pay with the Ethereum cryptocurrency in order to obtain yours. Or you could simply right-click the image and use your browser to get a PNG file for nothing.

Although the selection at 8BitIcon isn’t particularly wide, it’s adequate. Additionally, the entire NFT aspect may be a strong justification for using it.

6. Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)


You can simply design unique avatars with Adobe Creative Cloud Express, formerly known as Adobe Spark. Utilizing tens of thousands of exquisite templates as well as tools for creating social media posts, logos, and other things, you can start working right away. You can look through the free images, backdrops, icons, and design materials available from Adobe Stock.

Even if you lack artistic talent or are not a designer, it is still feasible to make a lovely avatar. Even beginners will enjoy the process because of the user-friendly tools and capabilities of this well-known avatar generator. You may rapidly add top-notch Photoshop effects and resize the content for any website or social networking platform for photographers with only a few touches.

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7. Avatar Maker

avatar maker

One of the best and simplest tools for people who wish to make a cartoon version of themselves is Avatar Maker. Numerous variations of faces, eyes, mouths, noses, hairstyles and other features are available, allowing you to customize your avatar to look like you.

The website is simple to use and loads all options rapidly. The fact that Avatar Maker is free is the best feature. On the screen, there are all the options you need. You may rapidly create your avatar in 4 different styles without looking for additional features.

8. Avachara

avatar maker

You can design your own anime-style avatar using Avachara. You can select from a variety of facial shapes, eyes, noses, lips, brows, and hair in addition to skin tone and gender.

You can choose from a large selection of clothing, which includes everything but footwear. Choose from everyday attire as well as more unique options like a Santa dress and a construction helmet.

You have a huge selection to choose from if you wish to add more goods. Along with cats, glasses, and flag icons, there are things like swords and guitars. Lastly, you can select a backdrop color or pattern.

When you’re done, you may download your avatar in two different sizes—one showing the head and shoulders only and the other the whole body as a PNG file or a JPEG.

9. Ready Player Me

avatar maker


You are able to create your own 3D-style avatar using Ready Player Me. If you’d like, you can upload a picture and have the website make a great avatar for you. Alternatively, you can choose out by hand the pieces you want to customize. You have the option to select either a head and shoulders-only avatar or a full-body avatar.

You can click and drag to rotate your avatar as you’re making it. The only face attributes you can change in Ready Player Me are your avatar’s brows and eye color. However, you can alter the hair color, hairdo, and facial hair. Additionally, you can include cosmetics, eyeglasses, clothing, masks, and tattoos.

When your design is complete, you must wait while the website renders your avatar. You can download your avatar in a 3D file format in addition to a flat PNG image because these avatars are made for 3D apps and VR. Here’s how to make a virtual reality avatar for the metaverse using Ready Player Me.

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10. Powerpuff Yourself

avatar creator

The Powerpuff Girls, one of Cartoon Network’s most well-known animated series, may be used to create an avatar. Decide to “Powerpuff Yourself” now.

Choose your skin tone, eye color, mouth color, hair color, and optional beard in the Self section. Then, select your clothing, spectacles, item in your hand, companion (such as a dog), and accessory (such as a football) by going to Gear. As soon as you’re finished, Powerpuff Yourself will attempt to design an amusing background for the avatar.

Here is a personality test to find out more about you. The software will create a background based on your response to a brief question. This is available as a static backdrop, an animated background, or a blank background for download or sharing.



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