What Are PopSockets? 8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying One

Have you ever noticed one of those odd circular discs stuck to the rear of a phone? That most likely is a PopSocket. They’re incredibly well-liked right now, especially among younger people.

What, though, is a PopSocket? And perhaps more significantly, can PopSockets be removed? All of your burning questions will be addressed right away.


What Is a PopSocket?

A firm makes a series of accessories designed to hold your phone by the name of PopSockets. PopGrip, sometimes known as a PopSocket, is the collapsible disk that attaches to the rear of your device and makes it simpler to hold your phone in one hand.

The PopSockets website allows you to create your own personalized PopGrip design in addition to the enormous selection already available. PopSockets might be your best option if you’re seeking ways to hold your device firmly as you scroll.

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Can PopSockets be reused?

Do not be concerned if the thought of your phone always having a small bulge on the rear disturbs you. PopSockets can always be easily taken out, put in, or moved.

You’ll see that PopSockets are divided into two components: the PopGrip, an adhesive disc that attaches to your phone, and the PopTop, the decorative part. In order to swap to another style when you tire of the PopTop’s appearance, it is simply removed. The PopSocket can be collapsed, and the PopTop can be taken off with just a press and a twist. In order to secure it, twist another PopTop into place over the PopGrip.

Ensure that your PopSocket is flattened before slowly peeling it up from the case in order to remove the base. To remove and separate the adhesive if you are having trouble removing the PopSocket, slip a piece of dental floss or a credit card below the PopGrip.

The adhesive gel may dry out over time, so keep that in mind. Simply rinse it with warm water if it seems dry, then let it air dry. Make sure that it dries in no more than 10 minutes. apply it once more.

What Sorts of PopSockets Are Available?

It is possible to utilize any PopSocket for any purpose because they all operate in the exact same way. But this accessory is distinct because it comes in various varieties.

Among the various PopSocket varieties are:

PopSocket Grip Stand

Being the most typical type you’ll encounter, this kind of PopSocket is a classic. Along with several designs and patterns, it is accessible in pretty much any hue you can think of. This design is ideal to start with if you’re trying to decide whether a PopSocket is a correct choice for you.

61b19bunBKL. SL1500
  • Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops
  • Functions as a convenient stand so you can watch videos on the fly
  • Allows for hands-free use with the PopSockets mount
  • Available in a broad range of styles and materials
  • Advanced reusable adhesive

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PopSocket with Mount

You should constantly take the appropriate precautions to maintain both hands on the wheel since driving safely is very vital. The PopSocket with a mount enters! Your PopSocket can be put into the mount, which is attached to your dashboard, to keep it in place while you’re driving.

51Yymk4l2UL. AC SL1269
  • Pairs with PopSockets grip
  • Allows for hands-free use of phone
  • Provides viewability in portrait and landscape modes
  • Removes without leaving any residue

Diamond PopSocket

One diamond anyone looking to give their smartphone some personality should try PopSocket! This design functions the same as any other but features accents that resemble diamonds, which elevates it to the status of a trendy option.

61aztHMt L. AC SL1000
  • Our durable Pop Socket compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and any other devices
  • A little life-changer people like to call
  • PopSockets are compatible with all Popsocket phone accessories including wallets, cases, mounts, slides, and non-Popsocket cases for phones
  • Change up your PopGrip style without replacing the whole grip and swap out the top for one of our PopTops
  • Stick on with the adhesive and reposition as needed

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PopSocket with Smart Wallet

The PopSocket with the smart wallet will be a hit with anyone who frequently attends concerts, festivals, or amusement parks. Put your credit cards, identification, and wallet bag inside, then pull out the PopSocket for the ideal selfie hold.

41 aDiahgaL. AC SL1002
  • PopSockets PopWallet+ sleek and secure way to carry your cards on your phone
  • Integrated PopSockets PopWallet and PopGrip, swappable PopSockets PopTop lets you change your style through quick removal of the PopTop
  • Removable
  • Can hold up to 3 credit cards or 6 business cards, depending on the card thickness
  • Sticks best to smooth hard plastic cases

Mini PopSocket

A variety of phone accessories are available in the form of these small PopSockets. In any pattern, you can add all three or simply one or two of them on the back of your case. For wrapping headphones cords, they are also useful.

61dKnngLOGL. AC SL1000
  • PopMinis, a 3 pack of tiny grips for your phone, tablet, or video gaming device
  • Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and watch videos hands-free
  • Position as you like, great for smaller hands, and provide the perfect hold for gamers
  • Improved gel on all PopSockets products, that even works on glass-backed phones
  • Sticks best to smooth hard plastic cases

Wood PopSocket

A fun option to give your phone a rustic look is with PopSockets which include a woodgrain pattern. With a matching case or alone by itself, this style of PopSocket looks fantastic. Wood PopSockets are able to survive wear from frequent use and are robust.

61aUChXWkL. AC SL1000
  • PopGrip with swappable top
  • Expandable stand to watch videos, take group photos, FaceTime, and Skype hands-free.
  • Advanced adhesive allows you to remove and reposition most devices and cases.

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Aluminum PopSocket

Aluminum PopSockets will give your smartphone an industrial look. A range of colors of brushed aluminum is used to create this design. They are strong enough to endure regular use for longer periods of time without wearing out or becoming scratched.

51DAEYDmsSL. AC SX300 SY300 QL70 FMwebp
  • Our durable Pop Socket compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and any other devices
  • A little life-changer people like to call
  • PopSockets are compatible with all Popsocket phone accessories including wallets, cases, mounts, slides, and non-Popsocket cases for phones
  • Change up your PopGrip style without replacing the whole grip and swap out the top for one of our PopTops
  • Stick on with the adhesive and reposition as needed

Leather PopSocket

Can mobile accessories be used professionally? Yes, without a doubt. Soft to the touch, the material used to make this PopSocket resembles leather. It has a polished appearance and can be used with a leather case. Use care when using a leather PopSocket as it may be more vulnerable to scuffs and wear than other materials.

Even while PopSockets all function, in the same way, there are various sorts that add to their fashionable and usefulness. The nice aspect is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one kind. You can gather several types and mix them up.

61pwbFgXliL. AC SL1000
  • PopGrip with swappable top
  • Expandable stand to watch videos
  • Advanced adhesive allows you to remove and reposition most devices and cases.
  • Will not stick to some silicone, waterproof

The Purpose of a PopSocket

PopSockets have a lot of functions, despite the fact that you might think they serve just one purpose. Then what do PopSockets do? Overall, they greatly simplify using your smartphone for basic tasks. You may master the use of a PopSocket by applying the following hints and techniques.

1. Take Better Hold of Things

The primary purpose of a PopSocket is to provide an extra grip, which is particularly helpful for larger smartphones. A PopSocket solves problems like frequent phone drops and the inability to hold a large phone comfortably.

Regardless of how big your phone is, you can hold it with one hand with a PopSocket. You can hold your phone securely in place without having to worry about dropping it by simply slipping two fingers onto the grip. Using a phone’s PopSocket allows you to hold on to your device more firmly if you hold your phone while performing your daily running routine.

Using a PopSocket to casually browse your phone is more like holding a book. Your fingers are no longer forced to hold onto your phone the entire time. Additionally, you may reach your phone more quickly in this manner, ensuring that you are always prepared to take pictures.

2. Take attractive selfies

The PopSocket not only gives you a much stronger grip on your iPhone, but it also works well for capturing selfies.

Why is that so? With the PopSocket, you can hold your phone with one hand while easily reaching the shutter button. Additionally, you have more freedom to choose the angle, and the firm grip eliminates the need to fumble around looking for the most appealing angle.

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3. Make use of it as a phone stand

The PopSocket may be used to prop up your smartphone or tablet while watching videos or playing games. Two PopSockets connected to your phone or tablet (especially the latter) work best when used as a stand, but one does the trick as well.

Simply pop out a PopSocket twice to position your device in landscape mode. The PopSocket must be centered on your phone for this to work properly; otherwise, it will topple over.

Use two PopSockets at the top and bottom, slightly off-center, for larger devices like your tablet. This makes it simple to support your tablet on a table.

4. Mount your phone safely wherever with it

Any vertical surface may be used to hang your gadget with the PopSockets Multi-Purpose Mount, enabling you to use it without holding it in your hands wherever you are. Find the ideal location in your room, for instance, and use your phone’s mount to take your TikTok videos there.

If you’re looking for a car phone holder, the PopSockets Car Mount for your vent, dashboard, or windshield is another excellent choice. If you frequently use your phone for navigation, this may come in quite handy.

5. Control Your Wired Headphones

You might still want to utilize your phone’s headphone jack, if it has one, as not everyone wants to use Bluetooth headphones. But tangled messes are a problem with wired earbuds. PopSockets, fortunately, fix this bothersome problem.

Attach one PopSocket to the top of your phone and the other to the bottom to do this. For tangle-free cord storage when not in use, you can utilize this configuration to wrap your wired earphones around the PopSockets. Although it may seem foolish, it is simpler than constantly trying to untangle those earbuds when you take them out of your pocket.

6. Use It as a Form of Self-Expression

The PopSockets website allows you to personalize your own PopSocket. You can import content from your Instagram account or add photographs from your smartphone from this point. The base and accordion part of the grip can then be customized in terms of color.

Perhaps you want to know how much-personalized PopSockets cost. Starting at $20, personalized PopSockets are available. It’s fairly priced and gives your smartphone a distinctive personality boost that’s challenging to match.

Additionally, PopSockets come in a broad variety of styles, textures, grips, and finishes, allowing you to select one that matches your preferences and state of mind. If you want a greener lifestyle, there are plant-based grips available. You can also support your favorite teams with a variety of officially licensed entertainment and sports grips.

7. They Make Great Fidgeting Devices

PopSockets are excellent toys for fidgeting. They may easily be inserted and removed while holding your phone. They don’t create much noise, so they won’t annoy anyone around you, which is a plus. Backspin grips are another option; they resemble optical illusions and function like spinning tops.

8. PopSockets Provide Phone Protection

Even when fully deflated, the PopSocket protrudes slightly in addition to preventing drops. Although some people find this ugly, it prevents your phone’s back from sitting flat on a surface, which may help lower the chance of damaging your rear camera lenses.

Where to Buy Cheap PopSockets

You can always find PopSockets on Amazon or eBay for less money if you don’t want to spend the extra money on customization. PopSockets can be easily found on eBay by conducting a quick search. While metallic or textured PopSockets cost about $15, standard PopSockets are only about $8.

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Do PopSockets Make Sense?

PopSockets may appear absurd at first, but there are many wonderful applications for them. The PopSocket on your phone takes some getting used to, but after some time it becomes a necessity. You won’t want to use a phone or tablet again without one.

Even better, once you have a PopSocket and its corresponding car mount, you can affix your phone to your automobile with ease. The grasp is now even more practical as a result.

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