What Is A Woman? Documentary And Where To Watch It

What Is a Woman? is a 2022 American documentary about gender and transgender issues that was produced and released by The Daily Wire and was directed by Justin Folk.

It was presented by conservative political analyst Matt Walsh. Political pundits and critics of the film had differing opinions of it.

How about learning more about What Is a Woman? where you may watch this film.

What is a woman?

What is a Woman?

In the documentary, Walsh interviews a variety of people, including a pediatrician, a gender studies professor, a psychiatrist, a gender-affirming family and marriage therapist, a transgender person who opposes medical transitions for minors, a surgeon who specializes in sex reassignment surgery, and psychologist Jordan Peterson, asking them “What is a woman?” and other related questions.

Along with talking with the Maasai tribe in Kenya on the phrases “non-binary” and “transgender,” Walsh also spoke with a gay man who was exposed in public in San Francisco. Transgender athletes in women’s sports are discussed, as well as sex reassignment surgery.

In the documentary, Walsh makes a speech before a Loudoun County School Board gathering that was held to hear input on Policy 8040, which would permit transgender students to use their preferred names and pronouns as well as restrooms and locker facilities that correspond to their gender identification.

In his remarks, Walsh stated: “You are all child abusers. You prey upon impressionable children and indoctrinate them into your insane ideological cult, a cult which holds many fanatical views but none so deranged as the idea that boys are girls and girls are boys.”

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Production of What is a Woman?

What Is a Woman? was created, according to Walsh. because he didn’t believe anyone had been able to respond to the tweet’s title, which he had posted four years before.

“Most of the people we talked to either didn’t want to talk about it or they appeared to be confused about something as simple as what a woman is.”  Walsh claims of the audience members during the show.

Walsh said, “An adult human female,” when asked how he would define a woman, adding, “I would have given an answer that is biological because that is 100% the answer.”

Walsh intended the documentary to stand apart from other movies, saying, “We’re not interested in bringing a bunch of people I agree with into a room, asking them questions just so they can give me an answer that I could have said myself, and then slap a bunch of narration on top of it”.

Instead, Walsh preferred to speak with others who held different opinions in order to learn the answers he needed: “If we were going to get answers, it was the only way to get them.”

Eli Erlick, a transgender activist, claimed that Walsh had extended invitations to numerous people to take part in the documentary under false pretenses in February 2022.

Fallon Fox, Kataluna Enriquez, a model, and other transgender public people backed up the story. The activists said that Walsh’s organization, the Gender Unity Project, was “trying to lure them into participating in an anti-trans documentary.”

The Gender Unity Project’s website and Twitter account were deleted shortly after the claims became widely known. A 14-year-old transgender girl was among the at least 50 other recruited interviewers, according to Erlick.

When Was What is a Woman? Released

On June 1, 2022, the beginning of pride month, What Is a Woman? was made available to subscribers of The Daily Wire website.

During the documentary’s premiere, according to The Daily Wire, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was launched against the website. The Daily Dot’s post questioned the DDoS assertion by pointing out the website’s prior technical issues.

What Is a Woman?: One Man’s Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation, written by Walsh and self-narrated as an audiobook, was released on June 14 by DW Books, the publishing arm of The Daily Wire.

Reactions After The Release Of What is a Woman?

A transgender man claimed Walsh used a photograph from his Instagram account without his consent in the documentary in May 2022. A request for Twitter to remove a trailer that used the image was denied.

After the publication of What Is a Woman? Walsh claimed to have received death threats and called the police on June 6, 2022.

Republican state representative Matt Schaefer from Texas urged his Twitter followers to “Ask your Senator or Representative if they have watched” in order to promote the film.

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What is a Woman Documentary Where to Watch?

Exclusively available on The Daily Wire, the website for conservative news, where Matt hosts his own podcast called The Matt Walsh Show. Only subscribers can see the movie on streaming.

Therefore, you must purchase a monthly subscription to The Daily Wire, which costs about $14 per month, if you want to watch the movie that answers the generation’s query.

Or you may sign up for the yearlong plan, which costs about $144 ($12 per month), and save $24 overall.

In addition, new users can take advantage of a special promotion. If you choose an annual plan, it will only cost you $9 each month, or $108 annually.

Only users visiting for the first time can take advantage of this 25% discount.

So, if you haven’t tried TDW’s premium plan before, this might be the ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with it.

Is What is a Woman Documentary on Netflix?

Due to the fact that it is a TDW original and only streams on the network where Matt Walsh presents his podcasts, Matt Walsh’s documentary film is currently not available on Netflix and is not anticipated to be added there any time soon.

But you can see a variety of films on the lives of women on the same network, including Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screens, Pieces of Her, Enola Holmes, 365 Days, The Power of the Dog, The Unforgivable, Bruised, The Half of It, That 90s Show, etc.

What is a Woman Documentary is it Available on Amazon Prime?

The documentary movie is not a part of the standard Amazon Prime Video subscription, which will frustrate Prime Video members.

The movie is not available for streaming in the extensive Amazon Prime collection nor is it offered in the VOD section where you can rent or buy it for a fee.

To watch the eye-opening movie, go to the original news network where Matt broadcasts his podcasts.

However, you may stream a number of other movies like Wonder Woman, The Iron Lady, Promising Young Woman, Sicario, Annette, Suspiria, etc. that are comparable to this documentation.

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How can I Watch the Documentary What is a Woman for Free?

The original Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman documentary is only available to TDW website subscribers, however, a comparable short video with the same name is also available to stream on Kanopy for FREE.

Additionally, this network of free streaming content is only available to academics. For the free service, you must have a library card or a university email address.

The movie is free to watch if you are a student or a professor at an academic institution. However, because the library system is charged a modest price each time a movie is checked out, you are only able to stream 10 movies every month.


The shocking film tackles transgenderism, a problem that is becoming more and more prevalent. It demonstrates Walsh’s difficulty in locating a resource that can provide a straightforward response.

By considering Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown’s comments, you can see the significance of this issue.

The identical subject was avoided by her throughout her hearings, and she made it obvious that since she is not a biologist, she cannot properly respond to it. No woman wants to respond to a simple inquiry.

Acceptance Of The Documentary What Is A Woman?

What Is a Woman? “has been widely advertised by pundits, traditional media, and social media platforms opposed to gender-affirming care and especially the use of pronouns, restrooms, and locker rooms by trans people that align with the [sic] gender identities,” claims AJ Eckert of Science-Based Medicine.

Walsh might develop into the Michael Moore of the American Right, according to Dimitrije Vojnov of Radio Television of Serbia, and be just as biased.

The documentary, according to Sasha Stone of Awards Daily, is “more or less a profile of Matt Walsh” and “reflects his past year of asking the question to activists, ‘what is a woman’ since apparently this is a difficult thing to explain.”

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Because of the position Walsh takes, according to Jack Wolfsohn of National Assess, “most critics have refused to review What Is a Woman? ” Walsh shared “some of the responses from critics who were invited to critique the film” but declined to do so.

According to Stone, the reason why reviewers have declined to write about the documentary is that Walsh “is considered [to be] at the very top of the enemies list on Twitter, alongside Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump (when he was on Twitter).” also stating that “Even associating with [Walsh] at all could probably get someone fired if they reviewed the film.”

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