What To Wear For Paintballing

Many people frequently view paintballing as uncharted territory, particularly when it comes to selecting the appropriate clothes for this exciting and enjoyable pastime.

Choosing what to wear for various occasions is frequently simpler than selecting clothing for various activities. You might be thinking about what clothing would keep you from appearing like a total mess because paintball is such a messy activity.

However, there is no reason for concern. When deciding what to wear to paintball, there are several options available to you.

What Is Paintball?

In essence, the objective is to eliminate as many opponents as you can in order to reach the target before the players on the opposing team do.

Playing paintball with your pals is an exciting activity that enables you to forge solid relationships on the battlefield. Therefore, you and your buddies should go paintballing if you want to snap those #friendshipgoals images with your besties. But first, we’ll help you choose what to wear to paintball so you can start creating those memories.

How to Dress for Paintball

paintball wear

You are usually given complete equipment to wear before entering the playing area at most paintball stadiums. However, it’s crucial to think about what you should be wearing beneath that equipment to provide you with the ideal cover before you dive into this dirty sport.

To protect your head, ears, and eyes from the dangers of paint getting in these delicate places, you’ll probably be given a paintball mask, an air-powered pistol, and paintballs.

You must take care of protecting your body from the mess and stings of paintballing as some arenas don’t have coveralls.

Consider layers while choosing your paintball attire so that you can shield your skin from paint stains. Additionally, you should wear layers of clothing because getting hit by a paintball while wearing exposed skin can occasionally result in minor bruising.

Remember that having fun with your pals is the most important part, therefore you wouldn’t want to be the first to pass out due to wearing the wrong protective apparel.

You should dress in layers and appropriate footwear when entering the arena. With the right footwear, you can move freely throughout the arena and walk, jog, or run to paintball your next opponent. Since some of the playing areas can be slippery, go for shoe selections that offer both comfort and traction.

Also, keep in mind that you need to wear close-toed footwear so you can run comfortably in them and prevent paintball dares from ruining your perfectly manicured toenails. For the upcoming less daring activity, leave your high heels and strappy sandals at home.


What to Wear to Protect Your Face and Head

paintball helmet

Starting with the head and face, let’s work our way down, starting with protection. Masks, often known as goggles or helmets, are made to completely enclose your face, from chin to forehead and from ear to ear. Masks must adhere to ASTM standards for eye protection and use a polycarbonate lens certified to stop paintballs.

There are certain masks that cover the entire head, although the majority of masks only go from the face back to the ears. You shouldn’t get hit on the top of the head very frequently because these don’t happen very regularly.

The only way you typically get stuck on top of the head is if you look down as a paintball is headed your way. People aren’t typically shooting down at you from above.

Most players only want to keep the paint out of their hair, despite the fact that it can sting a little if shot in the top of the head.

Baseball caps are typically worn backward by athletes who are concerned about covering their full heads. This provides a layer of protection for the top of the head and keeps the cap’s bill away from the mask. A sandana is another choice that is highly well-liked, particularly among paintball players who engage in tournaments.

A headband with some netting attached is called a sandana. As shown in the image, tying or velcro attachments create a padded headband with netting that covers the top of your head. Most internet paintball stores have them. They are also sold in the pro shop at our friends’ Fun On the Run paintball site in Fort Worth.

What to wear to protect the upper body


Paintballs of various sizes strike with varying energies. GatSplat is solely a.50 calibers low-impact facility. You don’t need to pay yourself as much as you would when using standard.68 caliber paintballs because.50 caliber paintballs have one-third the mass of a conventional paintball and less sting. Full-body coverage is still advised since a bullet that strikes bare skin hurts more than one that strikes clothing.

Many of our clients dress in long-sleeved t-shirts as they play. Many of our consumers are younger because birthday parties account for a large portion of our company. Players who are younger or more sensitive to discomfort may prefer to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath a sweatshirt or hoodie.

A player can choose whether they require the additional protection or wish to peel off a layer after taking a few blows. You can wear sweatshirts even in August because our Fort Worth paintball field and both Dallas paintball grounds are air-conditioned.

A sweatshirt would not be the best choice during the summer if you are playing on an outdoor field because you need to be careful of overheating, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. You may buy jerseys that have some cushioning but also have panels that allow air to pass through so that you receive some padding and airflow.

What to wear for protection of the lower body


Both inside and outside, long pants should be worn. A layer of clothing is vital not only in case you get struck by a paintball, as mentioned above, but also because we want to shield ourselves from the elements.

Playing outside could involve going through brush, which could cause you to easily scrape your legs, get bitten by insects, twitch, etc. Put on clothing that will keep you safe from any potential hazards at an outdoor field. Our indoor fields are covered in AstroTurf, so if you’re a player who likes to crawl, slide, or dive, burrowing under a bunker could result in turf burn if your skin isn’t protected.

Camo coveralls

Another choice is to throw full body coveralls over whatever you are wearing to ensure that you are covered from your neck to your ankles. At our shop, you may hire coveralls alone for about $5 or a full protective set for $10. Along with the coveralls, the protection kit includes a chest and back protector to provide you with some body armor. We’ll talk about a pair of gloves for hand protection that are part of that package next.

Keep your hands safe.


In actuality, one of the parts of your body most prone to sustain damage is your hands. In order to locate and shoot your enemy, you will typically be hiding behind an object and popping your face and rifle around a corner. If they fire back, you’ll probably get shot in the mask, the gun, or the hand holding the pistol.

Since there is no meat there, hand shots can be some of the most excruciating! So a shot to the knuckle may sting! Many paintball players decide to wear gloves for this reason. You want to use a glove that still allows you to feel and pull the trigger, unlike cold gloves.

Players use fingerless gloves when playing paintball. Paintball gloves contain a rubber backing to protect the back of the hand up through the first knuckle, unlike weightlifters’ gloves, which have padding on the palm to cushion a weight bar.

Paintball footwear

paintball wear

Most folks simply don whatever footwear they would for any other outside activity. Simple sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes whatever you choose to call them are usually OK. Hiking boots that will provide you with extra ankle support when walking on uneven surfaces may be preferable if you’re in a challenging outdoor environment.

Since our AstroTurf-covered indoor pitches are level, regular running shoes usually work nicely. Some people prefer to wear cleats, but if they do, only plastic turf cleats are permitted. The AstroTurf and carpet in the foyer will be destroyed by metal cleats.

Remember that most fields won’t let you play in open-toe shoes, so don’t wear sandals when playing paintball.




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