Best Wears To A Pool Party And How To Rock It

Someone finally extends an invitation to you for a hotel pool party after a protracted indoor hiatus. Or maybe to their brand-new backyard pool. Then, you search through your closet and hardly uncover anything to wear.

I’ll go over the A-B-Cs of choosing an outfit for a pool party in this article. You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to update your poolside appearance with new pieces or create new outfits using what is already in your closet.

The general “rules” of pool party attire planning will be covered in the first section, followed by a straightforward run-through of what not to wear and a variety of fashion trends to spark your imagination when creating your final appearance.

What To Wear To a Pool Party

1. Assume that your clothing will become wet

The first fundamental principle is to constantly anticipate that your clothing may become wet. Getting splashed with water, sitting on a wet chair, and being accidentally tipped into the pool are just a few of the potential mishaps that could occur at a pool party. Choose natural fibers that are light and quick to dry when wet when choosing your clothing.

2. Style your bottoms

The pool party will therefore be in HOURS! You’re panicking because the only clothes you have are your classic white one-piece suit and your timeless black bikini.

To give these old favorites a new spin, simply pair them with a bottom cover-up from your wardrobe. Choose anything with designs to create a new appearance, such as a floral scarf, an Aztec-printed sarong, or a pair of culottes with a boho flair. There are countless options.

In addition, here are some variations you might try with your shawl cover-up:

  • Short skirt
  • Halter dress
  • Shoulder dress
  • Side slit dress
  • Toga Dress
  • Jumpsuit

It’s also wonderful to add interesting bottoms because you’ll probably spend a lot of time in your bikini with only one piece of clothes on (a coverup or shorts), so it’s undoubtedly a fashion statement.

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3. Wear one coverup item but remove the others

A pool party is an exception to my advice not to do this at a club party or a formal event. There’s no reason to be afraid of taking off your pants or top and wearing just one garment if you’re feeling a little self-assured.

Over a bikini, we adore the way a cropped or knotted shirt looks. The assurance in wearing that outfit unlocks a carefree and entertaining persona. You can also enter the pool at any time.

4. Dress in overalls to cover

How else can you give your classic yet worn-out black bikini a twist? Put on overalls.

Before a swim, overalls are simple to put on and take off. When your pals decide to get drinks between pool sessions or decide on the spur of the moment to visit multiple resorts, these lifesavers are a perfect cover.

Of course, they are very difficult to dry out when wet, but overalls are kind of an exception unless you intend to soak them in water. Simply choose the shorter ones so you can get some air to dry yourself in between swimming sessions. To finish the look, add a straw hat and a pair of espadrilles.

5. Bring a lightweight jacket or sweater

A lightweight jacket with pockets is a necessity for both your pool bag and outfit. At a pool party, it shields you from unforeseen weather changes. (Can you picture a pool party during a sudden storm freezing?) I’ve attended numerous pool parties where the temperature dropped unexpectedly, and it’s never fun.

In addition, warming up with a jacket can be very beneficial, especially if you want to stay till late. When all of your clothing unintentionally gets wet, it functions as additional clothing.

6. Use jewelry

Back to the traditional, vintage black bikini. If you have one, I’m delighted you bought it since a piece that is adaptable simply only a few magical touches to change into a totally different bikini.

Even if layering in style may be impossible with only a few pieces of clothing, you may create a new look with your existing ones by adding some island-inspired accessories. Macrame earrings, medium-sized hoops, a net tote or a tote bag in the basketweave design, and big sunglasses should all be on your list of accessories.

7. Bring a functional white button-down shirt

With bright or printed bikinis, a white button-down almost always looks well in contrast. In addition, it may be worn in a variety of ways to create a chic and seductive coverup. You can stay warm by wearing long-sleeved clothing even in the chilly pool air.

Or, you might take advantage of the chance to spice things up with printed button-downs. Additionally, for a humorous appearance, you can color block or match your outfits.

8. Wear a hat

Your face is protected from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun’s rays by wearing a hat. If you wear sunscreen, the skin on the rest of your body may tolerate some sun exposure, but your face is more delicate than you may realize. So it’s best to protect it with a bucket hat or a straw hat with a wide brim.

It also goes well with your overall poolside attire. The current hat trend is huge.

9. Use sun protection

Sunburn does not look good. Please wear sunscreen, especially if you’re wearing only the barest minimum of clothing. This isn’t exactly a piece of fashion advice. Even though getting a little bit of a tan can appear great, spending too much time outside without protection can hurt your skin and cause it to peel.

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10. Take the heels off

Heels are the last thing you want to wear to a pool party. By avoiding them, you can avoid risks that may arise poolside, such as slipping on damp surfaces near the pool, making holes in muddy or grassy sections of the resort, and entering slippery restrooms.

Don’t forget to bring a pair of flip-flops to change into after the shots are taken if you’re participating in a photo shoot that calls for heels. Conversely, heels are simply not appropriate attire for a pool party. Choose comfortable yet stylish footwear.

What to avoid donning to a pool party

1. Oversize T-shirts

When it comes to beach or pool style, oversized tees are off-limits. It won’t look like you’re wearing anything and won’t be in the right mood if a shirt covers your entire bikini or falls to your knees.

Love wearing large t-shirts? It can be accomplished by knotting it, though! For a stylish and hotter look, cut your baggy t-shirt into a crop top. I’ll talk more about that later.

2. Hotel Bathrobes

Just in time for the pool party, are you spending the night in a hotel? Although hotel bathrobes with the hotel’s emblem on them may appear like an opulent alternative to a cover-up, these are the last thing you’d want to wear until you’re heading to the bathroom.

3. Leather Purses

As heels go with leather bags, leather bags go with heels: they don’t belong in the pool. The last thing you want to bring to a pool party is what may appear to be the most dramatic statement piece for a poolside ensemble. When exposed to damp surroundings, both expensive and fake bags are readily damaged. Choose a knit or canvas bag if possible.

4. Excessive Perfume

A little perfume won’t hurt when you’re meeting new folks to make a good impression. Once you get wet, expensive perfume can be wasted, and adding extra chemicals to the pool could endanger people. Don’t overdress even if you’re not swimming. Mosquito bites are a quick way to depress yourself, and perfumes might attract them.

5. Stilettos

As previously said, wearing heels to a pool party is not a good idea if you want to make yourself appear taller. Keep the stilettos for formal occasions only. In addition, if you’re swimming, you’ll spend most of the time standing.

6. Wool Hats

Additionally, wool hats are not your greatest friend by the pool. If you’re not swimming, a hot day will likely make you sweat, ruining your hairstyle. The last thing you want to do after taking a shower is put on a wet hat.

Pick alternatives that are more airy and youthful-looking, like straw or canvas caps. On a scorching day, a shawl might also serve as a lovely face mask.

7. Too many gold or silver accessories

Numerous body chains appear attractive in photographs but are inappropriate for a poolside party. Body chains are best left for club or rave events. Layered jewelry has a tendency to loop on its own, which causes you unnecessary trouble.

The likelihood of losing expensive jewelry, like necklaces and earrings, is very high and it is best to avoid wearing it. When left unattended, it may disappear down the poolside drain, become lost in the murky water, or be stolen by a stranger. Do you recall Kim K. losing her $75,000 earring at the beach? Don’t let it be you, I say.

Best Dresses for Pool Parties

The best techniques to dress in various types of clothing are listed below. This is the section to look at if you’re unsure of what to wear to a pool party that fits your personal style.

Modest Style

Conservative people and people whose religion or beliefs require full-body covering should dress modestly. If you fall into this category, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to arrive dressed in unattractive or excessively constricting attire like jeans. In fact, there are a ton of adorable, quite modest pool party attire options!

If you’re wearing in accordance with your personal religious convictions, you can use a long maxi skirt or printed sarong as a cover-up and a long-sleeved rashguard as a top. Some rashguard suits, like this fashionable one from Lyra Swimwear, come with skirts. If you’d like, combine it with a Nike Dri-fit Hijab.

If you’re not swimming, wear a maxi dress with prints or vivid colors and a cardigan to match.

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English Country Style

Country Chic is influenced by the English countryside. Therefore, boots are not part of the design here; rather, this is a peasant-inspired, Victorian-era look.

Try to stick with earthy colors, bow-tie shirts, and tunics if you want to channel the country chic poolside look. Your greatest option for a cover-up is a tunic! For hints of the beach, wear it with a straw or rattan hat. Don’t be scared to experiment with the silhouette when wearing this look.

Plus-Size Style

This look is more of an added bonus to the previously stated looks. This holds true for all women, not simply those who stress their curves or are plus sizes. because you want to feel at ease while wearing your pool party attire and flaunting your curves.

The decision of what to wear to a pool party can be really difficult. For many of us, wearing fitted clothing, little clothing, and being exposed to the elements is daunting. But don’t turn down the invitation just yet. There are numerous stylish possibilities.

Choose high-waisted bikini bottoms to accentuate your curves and give your look depth (think Marilyn Monroe). Select swimsuits with tiny to medium-sized patterns if your stomach gives you particular self-consciousness (we understand the feeling).

Wearing printed apparel can draw attention to your best and most attractive contours. When in doubt, go with what makes you feel good.

We advise selecting swimsuits that highlight your greatest features. Discover your body type, and then work with it. There are so many different swimsuit designs available now, from wrap one-pieces to high-waisted ones, that you don’t need to feel self-conscious.

In the same way, your coverup. The regions of your body that you worry about the most should be covered by your clothing so that you won’t feel anxious while at the party.

Sophisticated Style

An elegant poolside look is ideal for refined mums and women who are nicely mature. Choose a linen jumpsuit or long dress in a single hue.

Wrap a long shawl, if you happen to have one, around a toga or long dress. To finish the ensemble, add espadrille sandals and a straw hat.

Floral Style

A floral dress, button-down, or bikini are surefire looks for a pool party. For whatever reason, this look is also sometimes referred to as gypsy or boho. Wear a floral-printed kimono over your simple bikini for a beachy or island-inspired twist, or use a floral wrap as a bottom coverup. You may complete your look by adding a silk anklet and a pair of circular sunglasses.

All-Knot Style

Knotted tees, button-downs, anything knotted! Any ordinary clothing becomes a holiday essential when done in an all-knot style. You shouldn’t be hesitant to wear your collection of big tees to the pool party.

Fold the shirt in the rear before tying it in the front. Don’t worry if it isn’t folded perfectly; this isn’t the time to be picky. The remaining fabric should be gathered in the front and spiraled once again.

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The cloth is inserted from the back and pulled to the front after being wrapped around until it forms a ball. Hold on firmly. The same steps can also be used to create a back-knotted shirt with a pal.

You can fold the back of a shirt higher than usual so that it touches the bottom of your bikini top or bra if you want it to resemble a bikini top. To balance the look, wear this with a long skirt or a maxi dress.

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