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While many know him as Jose Trinidad Marin, the ex-husband of the late Jenni Rivera, he is popularly known as Trino Marin. Rivera is an American singer with a huge following till her unfortunate demise in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, in Monterrey, Mexico.

But, Trino Marin didn’t get to the limelight because of good deeds, far from it. Jose attracted public interest and scrutiny for sexually abusing his daughters. It didn’t even stop there; this man’s proclivities extended to his sister-in-law. Shocking, you would say, but this is not a movie, and it happened in real life. This article expounds further on who Trino Marin is.

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Jose Trinidad Marin was born to Mexican immigrants on February 15, 1964, in California, United States of America. His parents shuffled between Mexico and US. So, technically he was raised in Mexico before finally moving to the United States. His childhood information isn’t readily available, but we know he got a form of education. 

Trino Marin Worked At A Cafe

For Trino Marin, we are not sure he has the education to earn a decent job. So, he resorted to working in a Mexican-American Cafe as an administrator. He did other menial jobs while at it. 

How Did Jose Trinidad Marin Meet Rivera?

Jose and Rivera met in high school, only about 15 years old. They fell in love and married in 1984. The love blossomed as they had three children: Chiquis, Michael Rivera, and Jacquie Rivera. However, the relationship was short-lived, and they ended up divorcing in 1992 after eight years of marriage. The divorce wasn’t just because of infidelity, but incest was the reason why Jenni Rivera, who at the time was a global figure for her music and acting prowess. 

Trino Marin Sexually Assaulted His Daughters

A father must take care of his children. He is supposed to protect them from evil. But what happens when a father takes advantage of his daughters? Who knows, the perverted father may have abused his children for long before they finally came out. As kids, Trino forced himself on his two daughters, Chiquis and Jacquie. It even got worse; he also sexually assaulted his sister-in-law. After the case blew up, Trino Marin was charged with counts of sexual assault, and he received a sentence of 31 years in prison. 

Not only was he charged for assaulting his daughters and sister-in-law, he was also charged for domestic violence against his wife, Jenni Rivera. It is safe to say that Trino Marin is a serial sexual molester as news surfaced that the smugly-faced man had also assaulted his staff in the restaurant where he was an administrator. In fact, unknown to Jenni at the time, it was this reason he got the sack from the restaurant. 

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Trino Marin Pleaded Guilty To All The Charges

Knowing that pleading not guilty could mean that he gets more time in prison, Marin pled guilty to all the charges levelled against him. He also said that he couldn’t bear to look at his children because of his grievous acts.

Well, fortunately for him, his eldest daughter, Chiquis, recently said she had forgiven her father for the sexual assault from when she was eight to twelve years old. His second daughter, Jacquie, also has forgiven her father while also pleading with her aunt to forgive her brother-in-law. 

He May Be Getting Out Of Jail

There have been rumours that just wouldn’t go away. One of those rumours is Trino Marin is likely to be released from jail because of his good behaviour. However, some people do not like the idea that Trino may be getting out of jail, so they have signed a petition they intend to submit to the authorities that should keep Trino in jail till the expiration of his sentence. 

What Happened To Jenni Rivera?

Jenni Rivera was an American actress and musician who had risen to the top because of sheer hard work. However, she met her untimely death after boarding a plane on December 9, 2012, which later crashed. According to reports, the plane crashed because of an engine malfunction. Rivera was on her way to perform at a musical event. 

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Where is Trino Marin Now?

Marin still serves his jail sentence, and so far, he is still far from the end of his sentence. While his daughters have forgiven him for the assaults, we are sure he is hounded by the thoughts still. 

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Jose Trinidad Marin, also known as Trino Marin, married a second wife, but details about the union are not on the internet. 

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