15 Cool Widow’s Peak Hairstyles For Men

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You’re essentially stuck with your widow’s peak hairstyle, whether you like it or would prefer it to vanish. So why not make the most of your hairline and choose a killer hairstyle that goes with it? There are many fashionable solutions to make your widow’s peak into a winning style, and finding the ideal one couldn’t be easier.

Choices range from short and easy cuts to tough long locks, and even on-trend pompadours. Simply choose your favorite from the top widow’s peak hairstyles on our list. We assure you that once you do, your hair or at the very least, your appearance will soon resemble Chris Hemsworth.

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1. Crew Cut

widow's peak hairstyle

The term “widow peak” describes a V-shaped hairline that forms a point in the middle of the forehead. Depending on your choice of hairdo, you can achieve either goal: some guys want to flaunt it, while others try to hide it. The crew cut gives you the best of both worlds because it allows you to flaunt it more subtly. The hair is kept the longest near the hairline and has some height at the crown. Because of the way the crew cut is designed, the front of the head becomes the focal point, making the widow’s peak apparent but less so because it blends in with the rest of the cut.

2. Buzz Cut

widow's peak hairstyle

Buzz cuts are so cute, what’s not to like? It is a tidy, manly hairstyle that requires little upkeep. Men who want short hair will find this cut excellent because it is chopped close to the head. This men’s hairstyle will hide your widow’s peak and hide your hair texture, making it ideal for anyone who prefers to hide their widow’s peak to flaunt it. Take your face and head form into consideration before getting a buzz cut.

A buzz cut will bring attention to any uneven or imperfection-filled areas, so you should check yourself for these before getting one. If you want the cut to more accurately represent your style, you can customize it with elements like a line up and hair design.

3. Slick Back

widow's peak hairline

Look no further than the slick back if you’re looking for a style that will offer you a polished and sophisticated appearance and is perfect for professional settings. As the name suggests, hair is slicked back and held in place with the use of a styling product like gel or pomade.

It frequently looks damp. It can enhance your hairline and is great for guys of all ages. For someone who wishes to display their widow’s peak but in a dapper fashion, this is a great choice. Finally, when styling the slick back, be careful not to apply too much style gel, which will make your hair look stiff and unyielding.

4. Faux hawk

widow's peak

While less dramatic and more wearable, the fake hawk is just as amazing as the mohawk. The faux hawk is shorter, with the top and back of the head’s hair only marginally longer than the sides, as opposed to having the sides shaved and the middle left long and spiky. There is a much more subtle contrast.

If you choose to keep the hair at the front of the head longer, this is a great men’s hairstyle for hiding a widow’s peak. Hair of different textures can be shaped into a fake hawk by blending the V-shape of your widow’s peak into the rest of the hair.

5. Comb over

widows peak haircut

Similar to the comb back, the comb over is a style that adds volume and fullness, but it is styled to the side rather than brushed back. The look can be modified to accommodate different hair lengths and textures, and it can be given a contemporary update with a fade or line-up, which will offer contrast and structure.

In addition, it will give the top of the head’s hair the appearance of being fuller. It will flatten the hairline and produce a much more subdued appearance while still highlighting your widow’s peak.

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6. Ivy League


Since it was founded by Ivy League schools, the league is known as the Ivy League. It has a clean shape that contributes to a polished appearance that is ideal for everyday wear. The style is straightforward, with the top of the hair having a little more length and being clipped close to the head on the back and sides.

The crest of the wave has loudness. It is a low-maintenance choice that takes little effort to style and is desirable due to its adaptability. The Ivy League will flatter your widow’s peak and can be worn with hair of any texture. It will also soften your hairline even though it will still be noticeable.

7. Brushed Back Hair


Hair that has been brushed back looks sleek and polished, which is appealing. The style, which can be particularly attractive for people with a widow’s peak, is created by combing the hair backward and toward the scalp. The forehead will be more noticeable with this haircut because it will highlight rather than hide it. All hair textures can be styled with brushed-back hair, and you can experiment with different lengths; however, keeping the hair shorter will give you a more polished appearance.

8. Hard Part


The hard part is men’s haircut that appears sharp and fashionable. Any cut is better off with the hard section added since it gives it a more structured appearance and a more traditionally manly feel. Depending on your desire, it can match a variety of hair types and styles, like the pompadour or slick back.

It has a line cut with a razor or trimmer to one side. Your widow’s peak won’t be hidden by the hard part, but it can be by the hairdo you choose to wear with it. Or it might be a fantastic way to celebrate it and flaunt it.

9. Short Natural Curls


Curls look fantastic at any length but choosing to keep them shorter is frequently a sensible choice. Short hair will be easier to style and is less likely to tangle. It’s completely up to you how you want to wear it; you could go for a mop cut that accentuates your natural texture or you could shorten the sides and back to create contrast and showcase the top of your head. If you want to hide your widow’s peak, you might also want to try a curling fringe.

Curly hair generally hides a widow’s peak because of the way it drapes against your face. Additionally, it can create a more integrated appearance by enabling the widow’s peak to seamlessly flow into the curls.

10. French Crop


Another classic short hairstyle with a short fringe is the French crop. The fringe is often blunt-cut, and the lengths between the top, back, and sides are usually maintained at the same level. Having said that, you can experiment with other cut lengths and enhancements, like fade. Additionally, it can be used with hair of any texture. The fringe conceals your widow’s peak, so you can wear this haircut to hide it rather than flaunt it.

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11. Curly Fringe

hair cut

A fringe is a stylish and trendy way to style naturally curly hair. This will emphasize your hair’s texture, draw attention to the front of it, and enhance the features of your face. Given that the curls are inherently uneven, a curly fringe can add structure to your appearance and help your hair become more manageable when worn with a short haircut. This is the hot haircut you want if you want to conceal your widow’s peak.

12. Butch Cut

hair cut

A classic short hairstyle for guys is the butch cut. It is straightforward and manly, making it ideal for those who value simplicity and short preparation times. The sides and back are the same lengths, and the cut is short, measuring about a quarter inch all the way around the head.

The cut can be customized to your taste and given a contemporary edge, but it also works well to hide a widow’s peak. Keeping your hair short makes the widow’s peak less obvious because it integrates better into the cut, but the style does not hide the forehead.

13. Shag


The shag haircut, a style from the 1970s, gives hair structure and volume. Multiple choppy layers are used in the cutting process, giving the appearance of bigger hair and relieving heavier hair. Additionally, it has a fringe, which will hide your widow’s peak.

The shag is appealing because it can be worn on a variety of hair textures and is adaptable. Additionally, it is chaotic and expressive, allowing you to enjoy your styling without worrying about accuracy. If you want to put highlights all over your hair to give it even more depth and texture, do so.

14. Quiff

hairstyle chris hemsworth hairline

For individuals who wish to embrace their widow’s peak and add volume to their hair, the quiff is a terrific haircut. Your widow’s peak will be prominent because the volume is concentrated on the forelock, and the rest of your hair can be styled any way you like. This could be accomplished by experimenting with various lengths or by keeping the front and back short and adding a fade for structure. The quiff will enhance your image and give you a classic, dapper vibe.

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15. Long-Parted Hair


Men who want to cover their widow’s peak should have long hair because it is great for hiding the hairline. Using a hair part to balance your face or cover up asymmetry may be quite appealing. Long hair can be styled in a wide variety of ways, both up and down.

Additionally, it is a fantastic way to showcase your hair texture and to combat sexist stereotypes about what defines a man. Keep it smooth and straight for a more professional look, or style it unkempt for a sensual, laid-back look.

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