10 Best Wine Apps of 2023

More than just keeping track of your Cabernet and Shiraz bottles is possible with a smart wine app. You may compare wine suppliers and pricing, read reviews written by other wine enthusiasts, pair wines with foods, and upload your comments and pictures of your most recent glass to share with friends using a wine app that is worth downloading. Here are some of the top iOS and Android wine applications that are worth your time.

1. CellarTracker Wine App

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The finest free wine app for keeping track of cellar collections is CellarTracker. Users of food and wine apps seek out apps that make managing collections simple, and CellarTracker does this with the UPCs placed on each bottle. If the bottles don’t have UPCs, you can also use this app’s search engine.

In their database, you may find reviews and tasting notes that have been compiled by experts and members to assist you in choosing the best brand. Similar to Vivino monitoring, CellarTracker assists users in keeping track of each bottle’s pricing if they intend to sell their wine.

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2. Vivino Wine Scanner

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There are many apps that enable you to scan a wine label to obtain details about the wine, but we discovered that the Vivino Wine Scanner app offers the most helpful data. Additionally, it has more users than any other app (11.3 million according to the website), so even for some rather obscure bottles, you may receive quite valuable crowd-sourced ratings and reviews.

You can tell if you are holding a good wine at a good price by looking at the average rating and price after taking a snapshot of the label. Should you become lost in a restaurant, you can also quickly check the text of a wine list. Vivino offers details about the type of grapes used in the wine, information about the winery that produced the wine, and a range of extra rankings for that wine within its winery, region, country, and the world, in addition to a rating and a price.

The App connects to Twitter and Facebook, which makes it very simple and quick to add people to your Vivino friends list. Additionally, featured users with sizable followings who frequently post about new wines are recommended.

You can use Vivino to your advantage while purchasing wine from a physical retailer. The software makes it much simpler to make a purchase by bringing up a collection of data and user evaluations simply by snapping a photo of a bottle of wine.

3. Delectable Wine App

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One of the top smartphone applications for scanning wine bottles to retrieve user reviews, ratings, and background data is Delectable. Delectable can quickly retrieve information about a bottle by taking a snapshot of it with your phone’s camera.

The majority of well-known wines are appropriately registered in the app, however, certain niche brands are absent and require manual entry. However, once a bottle has been registered in the Delectable system, it will show up the following time a user scans it and shouldn’t cause any issues after that.

4. Wine Events

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The LocalWineEvents.com-powered Wine Events app is, as its name implies, a tool for finding wine-related events. You can search through the very comprehensive calendar of events by region or discover last-minute tastings or excursions taking place this weekend.

The area of Wine Events specifically devoted to wine and food vacations is noteworthy. This section feeds your wanderlust by providing information and pictures about travels through breathtaking countries like France, Italy, and Argentina.

5. Wine-Searcher

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You may quickly locate and evaluate wines with Wine-Searcher based on a variety of criteria. By reading the label or researching the name, users can get more information about a wine bottle. When you search for a bottle, you’ll discover expert evaluations, reviews, and retail costs. Users of the app can contrast wine prices from various years. To see how the MRP of a bottle has changed over time, you can view a price graph.

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6. Hello Vino

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Although Hello Vino is one of many applications that allow you to store your wine bottles or glasses, its tool for wine and food pairings stands out. The app offers quick ingredient or occasion breakdowns for food. At a dinner party with Chinese food with Moo Shu pork, you may easily find a wine to go with your sausage pizza or to present as a gift.

7. Wine Ring

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Based on your wine ratings and personal preferences, Wine Ring is a top app that gives users personalized recommendations. If you’re a tech enthusiast, this software will amaze you. Based on their usage of the app, machine learning will assist users to curate wine recommendations. As an added advantage, you may check the content of the wine by scanning the bottle in a store.

8. Decanter Know Your Wine

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For seasoned wine enthusiasts looking to expand their wine collections and discover new wines, many of the apps in this review are perfect. Decanter- Know Your Wine, however, is the ideal option for beginners to increase their wine knowledge. Ten learning modules are available in the free edition, and users may access more ones by making in-app purchases or subscribing on a monthly basis.

9. Living Wine Labels

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We’re still talking about the finest wine apps. This app enables you to learn the history of wine from your mobile device and helps to bring wine labels to life. Start by scanning an AR-enabled label to see its tale come to life. You can share the program with your friends and update it as frequently as you like to try out new things.

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10. Pocket Wine Pairing

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You can use the extensive meal pairing capabilities of this application, which is free. It features a variety of different wine types, grape varieties, and blends. Along with extensive information that helps you find unusual wine pairings, there is also a Dos and Don’ts section that you may arm yourself with. You can upload pictures or descriptions of the wines you love and even have them added to your cellar in the “My Wines” feature, which is included in the program.

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