Xbox Series X|S: The Best Controller Stands and Holders

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With the price of games rising with each generation and the development of new peripherals to go with your next-generation consoles, gaming can be a costly hobby. Not only is the cost concern, but also where do you store all of these games and accessories? How do you keep them from clogging up your house?

The well-designed Xbox Series X|S stands and holders can aid you in this situation by conserving space by keeping your controllers and frequently other accessories in one handy location.

Depending on your preferences, certain Xbox Series X|S controller stands also have additional useful space-saving features, like a headphone mount, space to keep a few of your favorite games, and in some cases, additional cooling to make sure your device runs as efficiently as ever.

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These Xbox Series X|S controller stands and holders are the best ones on the market right now.

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1. Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand

xbox series x/s

With the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand, there are times when less is more. Simply plug in through USB-C to start charging your Xbox Series X|S controllers thanks to its svelte design and straightforward setup.

It’s now simpler than ever to maintain your console theme and match the design of your controllers, headset, and even the console itself thanks to the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand’s variety of colors and patterns. Your gaming console may stand out with vivid colors, game-themed designs, and other elements.

You won’t ever have to worry about buying disposable batteries again thanks to the complimentary battery pack that comes with the device; just set your controller down on the stand when you’re done playing, and it will be charged and prepared for your next session.

As a result, you will not only receive a handy location to store your Xbox controllers but also save time when playing your favorite games.

photo 159

Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox Series X|S: Magnetic Secure Charging – Perfectly Matches Xbox Wireless Controllers – USB Powered – Carbon Black

  • Connector Type: Wireless, USB
  • Compatible Devices: Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One

2. FYOUNG Vertical Cooling Stand

xbox series x/s FYOUNG

It does more than just hold an Xbox controller, according to the FYOUNG Vertical Cooling Stand. It has many features that make it a more comprehensive gaming accessory solution and enable you to keep all of your Xbox accessories in one location.

The FYOUNG Vertical Cooling Stand eliminates the need for disposable batteries by including two rechargeable batteries. You can play more games and spend less time shopping for batteries because the dock can simultaneously charge up to two controllers.

The FYOUNG Vertical Cooling Stand’s fan, which has an adjustable speed, will keep your console running at cooler temperatures without the distracting noises you would hear with other stands, keeping your system working better without interfering with your gaming experience.

photo 160

Vertical Stand for Xbox Series X/S with Cooling Fan, Charging Station for Xbox Series X/S with Controller Charger Dock and Game Rack Storage Organizer 3 USB Ports

  • Multi-Functional Charging Dock
  • No Overheating Stand
  • Storage for Xbox Series Accessories

3. OIVO Vertical Stand

xbox series controller stands

An all-in-one Xbox controller and accessory holder, the OIVO Vertical Stand enables you to keep your games and accessories in one location while charging your controllers with the supplied battery packs.

With the dual-LED charging status lights, the stand not only has a small design but also a nice aesthetic. Your gaming area has never been more efficient; it not only looks amazing but also notifies you when your controllers are ready.

In order to make it both backward compatible and future-proof, depending on whether you’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a next-gen console, and to cover you when you finally do, the rechargeable batteries included with the OIVO Vertical Stand include battery covers for both the older Xbox One and the next-gen Xbox Series X|S.

photo 161

Vertical Stand Compatible Xbox Series X Console, OIVO Controller Charging Station with 2x1300mAh Rechargeable Battery for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One S|X, Xbox Controller Charger with 14 Slots

  • All-In-One Xbox Vertical Stand
  • Fast Charge & LED Indicators
  • 2 Packs of Long-term Rechargeable Battery

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4. OAPRIRE Universal Controller Stand

xbox series controller stand

The OAPRIRE Universal Controller Stand, which comes in a stylish design and works with every gaming controller on the market, provides a cost-effective method to keep your controllers organized.

This controller stand can handle not just your Xbox Series X|S controllers but also those for your other consoles, and it also doubles as a handy stand for your Nintendo Switch.

You might easily invest in an OAPRIRE Universal Controller Stand for each of your controllers given its modest cost and universal compatibility with all contemporary and vintage controllers.

photo 162

OAPRIRE Universal Dual Controller Stand for PS5 PS4 Xbox One Switch, Controller Holder Gaming Accessories, Build Game Fortresses

  • Professional design
  • Durable and Stability
  • Easy to use

5. NBCP Universal Controller Holder

xbox series

A simple yet stylish must-have item for those wishing to conserve space in their gaming spaces is the NBCP Universal Controller Holder. What more could you want with support for both contemporary and vintage controllers and space for a headset?

The NBCP Universal Controller Holder is a flexible addition to any gaming setup if you are fortunate enough to possess more than one console because it works with PS5 controllers, Xbox Series X|S controllers, and the majority of vintage controllers as well. To ensure that you have everything you need for your console, you can even purchase them in packs of two.

This controller stand is a reliable alternative that won’t topple over or endanger your pricey gaming devices, all while looking fantastic. This is due to the strong base.

photo 163

Controller Holder Pink, Headset Stand, Headphone Holder Hanger Mount Universal Gaming PC Accessories Organiser for Xbox

  • Universal Controller Stand 
  • Unique Artistic and Stability Design
  • Get Organize for Controller & Headset

6. MENEEA Dust Cover Controller Holder

xbox series

You are probably looking for an Xbox Series X controller stand for one of two reasons: to charge your controllers or to conserve space. Look no further than the MENEEA Dust Cover Controller Holder if you’re after the latter.

The Xbox Series X’s top-mounted fan is shielded from dust, which keeps the console clean and operating more effectively for longer. Second, you can hang all of your attachments from your Xbox Series X thanks to built-in mounting holes where you can insert several clips. In order to save space, the MENEEA Dust Cover Controller Holder stores accessories vertically rather than using a bulky console stand.

It should be noted that the MENEEA Dust Cover Controller Holder is only compatible with the Xbox Series X and will not function with the Xbox Series S owing to its design. Despite this, if you own numerous Xbox Series X controllers and a gaming headset, it’s a fantastic buy at a reasonable cost.

photo 164

Controller Holder Top Dust Cover for Xbox Series X Console, MENEEA 16 in 1 Accessories Bundle for Xbox Series X, 2 Sets Dust Proof Filter Cover, 2 Pack Controller Cradle Bracket/Headsets Stand Mount

  • Durable and Stability Design

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7. PowerA Charging Stand For Xbox

xbox series

Two Xbox controllers can be displayed and charged simultaneously with the PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox. Thankfully, the PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox includes two rechargeable battery packs as well as a battery door for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One if you’re still using disposable batteries with your Xbox controller.

You can quickly and easily replace your dead batteries with freshly charged ones thanks to the PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox’s LED light, which lets you know when your batteries are fully charged. This eliminates the need for guesswork and guarantees that you can maximize their charge as well.

The 1,100 mAh supplied batteries for the PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox provide approximately 20 hours of playtime. This is ideal for making sure you can always stay in the game.

photo 165

PowerA Duo Charging Station for Xbox Series X|S – Black, Wireless Controller charging, Charge, rechargeable battery, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

  • Includes 4 charge-thru battery doors (2 for Xbox X|S, 2 for Xbox One)
  • Charges using an AC adapter keeps USB ports free
  • LED lights indicate charge status

8. WEGASTU Headphone And Controller Stand

controller stands

The most customizable stand for your game console accessories is the WEGASTU Headphone and Controller Stand. It comes with adjustable clips and is simple to put together, making it the ideal arrangement for all of your accessory needs.

It offers space for your headset as well as your games and is universal, fitting controllers for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Not only is it a controller stand, but it also includes room for your Nintendo Switch, making it a true all-in-one console storage solution.

The WEGASTU Headphone and Controller Stand has a solid construction that is made to retain your accessories and stand up over time; it is a durable accessory that still manages to appear stylish. Its pricing, which is high in comparison to other Xbox controller stands that provide more functionality, maybe the only deterrent.

photo 166

WEGASTU Headphone Stand,PS5 Controller Holder,Gaming Accessories Holder,CD Holder, ipad stand for Headset,Phone,Ipad,PS5,Xbox,Switch Game controller.Vertical desktop stereo stand.Removable combination

  • Designed storage
  • Strong and stable
  • High space utilization

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9. Cable Guy Darth Vader Controller And Device Holder

controller stand

Let’s start by acknowledging that this may not be the most sensible position to take. It can only store one controller, to begin with. Darth Vader, however, is the best person to turn to if you want a fashionable stand for your Xbox controller.

Additionally, the Cable Guy Darth Vader Controller and Device Holder include a three-in-one charger that enables you to charge your phone or your controller (if you have a rechargeable battery pack installed on your controller).

You can purchase a matching Storm Trooper in addition to the Cable Guy Darth Vader Controller and Device Holder, which can only handle one device at once. This implies that you can use a different gadget. Owners do not need to use force to charge their devices because batteries are included.

photo 167

Cable Guy – Darth Vader – Controller and Device Holder

  • Styled on the Switch lord Darth Vader!
  • Holds PlayStation and Xbox game Controllers.
  • Works with all models of cell phones.
  • Officially Licensed star Wars merchandise.

10. OAPRIRE Universal 3-Tier Controller Holder

controller stand

For gamers that use several controllers, the OAPRIRE Universal 3-Tier Controller Holder is ideal. It’s the ideal stand for a multi-console home because it can accommodate both Xbox and PlayStation controllers. With three colors to pick from, it also looks quite fashionable.

The OAPRIRE Universal 3-Tier Controller Holder has space for three controllers and a headset. Even while you are unable to neatly route your headset’s cords like some stands can, it does make a difference in putting all of your gaming equipment in one organized location.

This controller stand stays firmly in place and won’t move even if you place several controllers or accessories on it because of its weight.

photo 168

OAPRIRE Universal 3 Tier Controller Holder and Headset Stand for PS4 PS5 Xbox ONE Switch, Controller Stand Gaming Accessories, Build Your Game Fortresses (Black)

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