XXXTentacion Net Worth: Bio, Girlfriend, Death

XXXTentacion Net Worth

XXXTentacion net worth is estimated at $5 million at the time of his passing. The late mega-star artist wrote songs, sold records, and went on tours to support his lifestyle.

American rapper XXXTentacion was renowned for his unfiltered and risky musical taste. Although he had a natural musical talent from a young age, he detested following notes and patterns. He was influenced as a youngster by the music of groups like Papa Roach and rappers like Tupac Shakur. By posting excerpts and whole versions of his songs on SoundCloud, XXXTentacion became well-known.

He had collaborated with rapper Ski Mask “the Slump God”, with whom he had numerous albums issued under the name Members Only. His music was noted to be violent with a heavy mix of distorted beats and did not follow any beat or notes. Unknown Temptation is the abbreviation for the moniker he chose, XXXTentacion.


XXXTentacion’s Bio

On January 23, 1998, XXXTentacion was born in Florida, He was raised in a lower-middle-class Christian family in Plantation, Florida, where he was born and raised. He has American citizenship and practices Christianity.

The father of XXXTentacion, Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, is incarcerated on RICO-related charges, while the mother of the rapper, Cleopatra Bernard, is a stay-at-home mom.

His other siblings included his brother Aiden Onfroy and his sister Arianna Drew Onfroy. He started his studies there before being expelled for his aggressive actions. Margate Middle School is located in Margate, Florida. In Piper, Florida, in the United States, he later enrolled at Piper High School.

Prior to his passing, XXXTentacion was about to begin community college to earn his GED. When he was younger, he had always shown a greater interest in music and athletics. He was usually in good physical shape and was combative. He spent a lot of time listening to music as a child, especially during his dark times.

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XXXTentacion’s Career

XXXTentacion spent a year in jail in his early adolescence as a result of some actions in which he became involved. He met rapper Ski Mask the Slump God while incarcerated. They established a group called Members Only when they were released.

He debuted as a musician in 2013 with the release of his single News/Flock. Vice City, his debut song, was posted to his SoundCloud account in 2014. Additionally, he uploaded complete or teaser versions of songs that were either never released or were shortly to be.

In 2015, he collaborated with rap artist Ski Mask “the Slump God” to release two albums, Members Only Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. The song Willy Wonka Was a Child Murderer was released by him in 2016. (2016) saw success with his song Look at Me. After being re-released in 2017, the song made it onto the US Billboard chart hit list.

He put three songs online in April 2017 on SoundCloud. His debut album, Revenge, which included eight previously released mixtape tracks, was released in May 2017. In 2019, the posthumous release of XXXTentacion’s final studio album, Bad Vibes Forever. Members Only, Vol. 4 was also made available that year.

XXXTentacion’s Girlfriend

Geneva Ayala

Geneva Ayala and XXXTentacion were romantically involved from 2013 to 2018. Additionally, in 2018 he had a sexual connection with Jenesis Sanchez.

When he passed away, they were expecting a child, and three days later her mother told her. The Son of XXXTentacion is known as Gekyume Onfroy. Moreover, he dated Taylor White. XXXTentacion has additionally been connected to Indyamarie Jean Pelton and Billie Eilish in the past.

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Legal Problems

XXX Tentacion had a number of legal troubles. He used to pick confrontations with people who he thought were a threat to his mother when he was a young adolescent, which led to his becoming engaged in multiple cases. He had already served a year in prison for a number of unlawful crimes, including the possession of firearms, larceny, armed robbery, and oxycodone possession.

He was detained three times in 2016, the first time on suspicion of robbery and aggravated violence with a deadly weapon. He was taken into custody once more later that year for aggravated violence on a pregnant victim. For breaking his pre-trial agreement a third time, XXX Tentacion was detained. He was freed sometime in April 2017.

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XXXTentacion’s Death

At the age of 20, XXXTentacion was shot multiple times while leaving a motorcycle dealership in Florida during a heist. Despite being contentious and plagued by personal troubles, XXXTentacion created music that tackles serious subjects like despair, loneliness, and suicide. He gathered a large following and admirers who lamented his untimely departure in 2018.

As soon as his passing was made public, tributes started to flow, with several followers expressing their sorrow in a variety of ways. Even though XXXTentacion had a violent past, those who are mourning his passing still saw him as a tormented genius.

Take a closer look at XXXTentacion’s life and career, some of the significant occasions that led up to his passing, and what the future holds for the late rapper’s admirers.

XXXTentacion went to the bank to get some cash on June 18 before going to RIVA Motorsports. He was followed after making a withdrawal by Robert Allen, 22, Dedrick Williams, 22, Michael Boatwright, 22, Trayvon Newsome, 20, and others in a dark SUV.

Williams remembered the rapper’s car on the day of the assassination, therefore according to the authorities, the attack was not accidental but rather targeted and intentional. In fact, the rapper’s sister, Ariana Onfroy, asserted that the murder was an “inside job” orchestrated by someone in his inner circle in her first interview following the rapper’s passing.

“There’s somebody on the inside that knew where he was going to be and the exact time he was leaving for the murderers to know when to come and to do what they did. It definitely was set up,” she reported to The Sun

XXXTentacion and his uncle arrived at the motorcycle dealership that day around 3:30 p.m. On the day of the rapper’s death, when suspect Williams saw the rapper’s car, he called the other suspects and asked them to go into the store to make sure it was indeed Onfry before committing the murder.

Allen and Williams were caught on camera entering the store after the rapper and his uncle and previously purchasing black masks. The county sheriff’s office claims that on June 18, 2018, just before 4 p.m., the 20-year-old rapper exited the motorcycle shop and was proceeding out of the parking lot in his car when the SUV pulled out in front of him and obstructed his path.

After then, suspects Newsome and Boatwright got out of the car and yelled at the rapper for “property.” They shot Onfroy in the neck multiple times after a brief fight. After that, the rapper was brought to a hospital. Due to the damage from the numerous shots to his neck, he was declared dead an hour and a half after going into a serious condition.

Fans began paying respect to the late rapper as soon as word of his sudden death hit the news. Many even shared a scary Instagram Live video he had recorded just a few days prior to his murder, in which he explained how he wanted to be remembered if he passed away.

In the video, the rapper is heard saying, “If I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy or that they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life.”

There is a sizable mausoleum built in XXXTentacion’s honor in the Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery in Florida, where he is interred. His admirers and family members came to the gravesite to pay tribute to him on the anniversary of his passing.

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Who was responsible for XXXTentacion’s death?

Dedrick Williams, 22, Michael Boatwright, 22, Trayvon Newsome, 20, and Robert Allen, 22, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder with a firearm and armed robbery in connection with the rapper’s death around a month after he passed away.

The four suspects instantly fled the crime site, thus it took the police close to two months to capture them. Boatwright was detained on unrelated drug charges on July 5; Williams was detained two days after the murder, and Allen was detained on July 27. At the beginning of August, Newsome turned himself into the police.

All of the alleged murderers have since entered not-guilty pleas, with the exception of Williams, who stated during his interrogation that he delayed confessing earlier out of fear of being called a “snitch.”

During the trial, which started in September 2021, they are being detained at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale.


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Celebrities and artists all over the world expressed their sorrow upon the rapper’s passing. According to a tweet from Kanye West, “Rest in peace, I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here, thank you for existing.”

In a statement posted online, Big Sean also voiced his sorrow over the rapper’s passing: “My heart dropped when I heard about @xxxtentacion, I feel like we only got to see a glimpse of his artistry. I didn’t know him personally but I respect how passionate he was about his music and message. Nobody deserves this kind of ending. gone too soon, damn! RIP.”

Contrarily, J Cole stated: “This got me f**ked up. RIP X. Enormous talent and limitless potential and a strong desire to be a better person. God bless his family, friends, and fans.”

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