Yanet Garcia: Amazing Facts About The Mexican Weather Girl

Popular Mexican TV host Yanet Garcia is also a model, social media influencer, businesswoman, and actress. Since she was 15, Garcia has worked as a professional model, but she rose to fame as a weather reporter on Las Noticias for Televisa Monterrey. Soon enough, these weather predictions established a YouTube channel.

Garcia’s social media accounts instantly became well-known when she was dubbed the “sexiest weathergirl” on Reddit. She is now one of the most popular figures in Mexico. Her own YouTube channel, which she also manages, has vlogs on her daily activities and workouts. She also just unveiled a line of beach suits and directs a modeling school by the name of Yanet Garcia Models.

She has accumulated more than 7 million Instagram followers and 500k YouTube subscribers. She appeared in “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming” in 2017. She presently splits her time between Mexico and New York in order to concentrate on her work. Ink Entourage and Pepe Rincon are her legal representatives.

yanet gracia
Yanet Gracia

Who is Yanet Gracia?

Yanet Garcia was born to Anny Sanmiguel on November 14, 1990 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Because she was born to a single mother, little is known about her father. She was raised in Santiago, together with her sister Alondra Garcia.

Her zodiac sign is Aries, and after graduating from a local high school in South Florida, she went on to the University of Central Florida in the United States to complete her education.

Yanet Cristal Garcia San Miguel attended a community high school in South Florida, the US, before enrolling in the elite University of Central Florida, where she completed her undergraduate studies.

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Yanet Gracia’s Career

When Yanet Garcia was 15 years old, she began working as a model professionally. She has a public accounting degree with honors, but she chose to work in the fashion and entertainment industry since she was passionate about it.

She was spotted at a national modeling competition in Nuevo Leon, but the renowned magazine “Playboy” nominated her as the “Hottest Weather Girl,” which catapulted her to fame as a model. Because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a weather reporter, Garcia almost missed the chance to work for Televisa Monterrey.

She ultimately took the decision to pursue this, and it has only helped her succeed. Due to her stunning appearance, her position as the weather reporter for the news channel quickly became the talk of the town.

The number of viewers grew over time, and many Reddit users created a thread to talk just about her. She eventually gained notoriety on television after being dubbed the “sexiest weathergirl.” Following this, Yanet received numerous invitations to local TV shows and appeared on the covers of illustrious publications. She is frequently contrasted with Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Yanet has expanded into acting in addition to hosting weather predictions and balancing modeling jobs. In 2017, she appeared in the film “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.” Yanet has a business side to her as well.

Yanet Garcia Models is the name of the modeling school she owns and operates. She founded the modeling school when she was 20 to provide a platform for other women who want to succeed in the industry. She aided numerous models in the academy with her ties in the media and television industries.

In 2016, she also unveiled a range of swimwear. She became a social media influencer as a result of her hard work ethic and attractive appearance. She attributes her drive and commitment to her accomplishment. Over 500,000 people currently subscribe to her active YouTube account. She frequently uploads vlogs about her travels, daily life, and workouts on her channel.

Along with working together, she appeared on Douglas Censor Martin’s channel. The two videos “Yanet Garcia in Mexico!” and “Yanet Garcia RUNWAY YANET GARCIA COLLECTION” are the most watched of hers. With more than 7 million followers, she has some popularity on Instagram. She follows almost 745k people on Twitter.

She was a vocal supporter of the Mexican team throughout the 2018 Football World Cup on her social media platforms. Currently, she spends time in both Mexico and New York. She hopes to succeed as a Hollywood actor in the future.

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Yanet Gracia’s Personal Life

Before their breakup in July 2018, she had been in a three-year relationship with professional Call of Duty player Douglas Censor Martin. On each of their channels, the couple recorded a number of vlogs together. Martin, however, made the decision to end things because he wanted to concentrate on his job.

Her fans were really surprised by this. She enjoys going to the movies, working out at the gym, and reading inspirational literature. She enjoys toying with makeup, therefore she wants to take a course to become a professional beautician. Both Mexico and New York are now home to her.

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Yanet Gracia’s Social Media

Yanet Garcia is making waves on Instagram when she isn’t providing weather forecasts. Everyone would be interested in learning more about Yanet Garcia’s Instagram account given the attention she receives as a result of her work as a weather forecaster.

Yanet Garcia had more than 13 million followers. Considering that she only follows fewer than 900 individuals, this figure is extremely odd.

Additionally, Yanet Garcia would not miss the opportunity to publish it because she is one of the sexiest Instagram models in the world. She has more than 1000 postings, many of which have received numerous “likes” and “comments” from fans eager to thank her for keeping them in the loop.

yanet garcia
Yanet Garcia

Yanet Gracia’s Reddit

Become one of the newest members of the Yanet Garcia Reddit group, which has more than 44.1k followers. She has more than a hundred images and movies that showcase her brilliance to her viewers.

She has recordings of herself exercising, doing yoga positions, and even getting massaged. You’ll thank us later if you follow her Reddit account for additional excitement.

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Yanet Gracia’s Net Worth

Over $3 million is in Yanet Garcia’s net worth. This “Hottest Mexican Weather gal” makes a big profit. Yanet Garcia earns a respectable living in addition to her job as a weather forecaster thanks to her modeling skills and successful Youtube channel.

This young celebrity also hopes to work as a supermodel in Mexico. In addition to earning a respectable living, Yanet’s cover appearance in Maxim Fashion Magazine helped her establish herself as a well-known name in the modeling world.

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