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Mikayla Saravia is an American social media star and media personality known as Kkvsh. She is famous on Instagram as a model and is also known through Onlyfans. The most interesting fact that made her famous was her long attractive tongue. She was in 6th grade when she noticed her long tongue.

She had a personal website which is now redirected to her hubzter profile. Mikayla currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida.


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Kkvsh’s Early Life

Kkvsh was born on October 29, 1997, in the United States. She is of Jamaican and Salvadorian descent. Kkvsh holds an American nationality and her sign of birth is Scorpio. In an interview with No Jump, Kkvsh said that she has a brother and she went to art school.

However, Kkvsh usually play with her tongue by sticking it into her nose when she was a kid. If her mother noticed such an act from her, she pinches her. Moreover, there is no detailed information about her educational background and family yet.

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Kkvsh’s Career

Kkvsh is a Brand influencer, Instagram model, and the owner of Kkvsh’s store. She has invested in different businesses such as music production, and she holds an application in which she sells merchandise such as phone holders and sex toys.

Mikayla “KKVSH” Saravia bloomed and developed a stronger physique than the majority of her friends as soon as she reached adolescence. She entertained the thought of becoming a model after learning that she was blessed with a huge butt and a busty appearance.

She was encouraged to pursue her ambition by her mother and close friends. She made an Instagram account after taking their advice. She made the decision to call herself KKVSH.

She started snapping lovely pictures of her physique using the camera on her phone and started sharing them on Instagram. Since Mikayla’s photos went viral within a few weeks, it seemed as though the cosmos was waiting for her to initiate the conversation.

As her photos regularly went viral on the Internet, she started to receive a ton of attention and engagement. This gave her motivation to improve the caliber of the stuff she produced.

She has amassed more than six million active followers on her Facebook over the years, who are distributed across six different continents. Because she expresses sexuality in her images, the majority of people interact with her content.

She enjoys wearing no bra and adores wearing bikinis. She opened an OnlyFans Page to grant elite followers access to her exclusive content after receiving requests from a few of her most devoted fans. The uniqueness of the followers is that they pay to view the materials.

She has been engaged by numerous businesses to model for their brands and promote their works due to her popularity on the internet.

She is also commonly known for her long tongue which measures 6.5 inches long. In an interview, Kkvsh said when she was growing up, she noticed that her tongue was longer than others and she loved it that way.

However, her parents were ungrateful about it. She was bullied by her mates because of her tongue. Now her parents are appreciative of what she has achieved with her tongue, and people who bullied her want to be friends with her.

However, her first viral Video was on Instagram which she was dancing in the pool. The video went viral, particularly in Miami, and also she gained 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Kkvsh’s Personal Life

Kkvsh is bisexual. She is attracted to men and women. At first, she was attracted to men before she started as a strip dancer, but eventually discovered that she was also attracted to women. However Kkvsh thinks, she will end up settling with a man.

According to our research, Kkvsh is possibly not in any serious relationship with anyone. Although, In some of her interviews, she was asked, if she has expressed real love. Kkvsh replied “yes” and also stated she had been in relationships before.

In an interview, She told DJ Smallz Eyes that she is single, but even if she had a boyfriend, she wouldn’t post him on social media. Her reason is that there are people who would try to destroy her relationship. She said: “I wouldn’t put that on Instagram because if I tag him or anything… Girls are investigators. They gon investigate till they find him… go to his page and slide in his DM and be like just because this is Kkvsh’s boyfriend and significant other I want to break this up, I want to make her miserable. I wanna slide in his DM and fuck her nigga coz I’m proud of that shit.”

Kkvsh also feels that her career would come between her and any relationship she tries to start. She thinks that a potential partner wouldn’t be comfortable with some of the things she does in her career. Kkvsh told DJ Smallz Eyes that if a prospective partner is comfortable with her career, she would not mind posting him on social media. She said: “They see that this is my career. They are supposed to understand what’s going on. When it’s time and when it’s ready, where I’m at a certain point in my career I will be able to show you off.”

Furthermore, in our findings, we came across her pornographic videos released on Onlyfans in 2021. She had stated that people thought of her as being a pornstar because her friends are in the adult industry earlier in 2020.

She once sold photographs of her feet at some time in her career. She earned a respectable living from selling pictures of her feet, but that didn’t inspire her to take more explicit pictures. Kkvsh admitted to DJ Smallz Eyes that she doesn’t experience peer pressure to pursue a career in porn. She uttered:

“They like, ‘Do whatever makes you happy.’ Even their managers is like, ‘Focus on whatever you wanna do. If you wanna do porn, then jump into porn. If you don’t wanna do porn, then stay focused and do whatever it is you wanna do.’ You can be sexy and not do porn.”

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Kkvsh is accustomed to receiving strange inquiries regarding her tongue

Kkvsh had become accustomed to receiving strange inquiries about her tongue even before she became popular on social media. She believes that the way she initially promoted herself on social media contributed to the strange demands. In her original images, Kkvsh was shown licking objects in a sexually suggestive manner, giving the impression that she enjoyed using her tongue in disgusting ways.

Kkvsh discussed some of the requests she’s gotten with DJ Smallz Eyes: “With a long tongue, is anything really normal? They want a lot from me. They want me sticking it in their body parts, they want me put it in they butt. They want me to lick certain things in front of they face. It’s weird… If I feel uncomfortable in a certain area, too much people watching me, I’ma be like, ‘I’m not comfortable. I feel like I don’t wanna do that right now and you gotta give me a minute.’”

Everything about becoming a social media star is great, excluding the odd requests. She sells goods on her app and utilizes Instagram to monetize. She acknowledged her pride in her accomplishments at Complex. She uttered:

“I wish people understood that I’m very down to earth. Some people think people with a lot of followers are cocky and boujee but I’m pretty down to earth. My biggest inspiration is my mom. I love her she’s a very strong woman. I’m proud of my accomplishments, being so young and owning my own company.”

The Second Chance

In April 2019, Kkvsh was shot through her arm at a party during Easter. The bullet broke her scapula and fifth rib. She could have been paralyzed or dead. To own her perspective, she has been given a second chance. Kkvsh posted a youtube video explaining what actually happened to her.

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Net Worth

Kkvsh is among the richest Instagram models. She has an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars.

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Kkvsh is a public figure in the social media world. She has huge followers on Tik Tok. On her youtube, Kkvsh has 126k subscribers. She is one of the popular Instagram models with over 7 million active followers. You can follow her on Instagram @kkvsh.

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