Erin Odenkirk: Early Life, Career And Net Worth Of Bob Odenkirk’s Daughter

Erin Odenkirk is a famous child. Bob Odenkirk, a well-known American actor, comedian, director, producer, and writer, is the father of Erin Odenkirk. Additionally, her father is well-known for his roles in the drama series Better Call Saul and the crime drama series Breaking Bad.

Erin Odenkirk

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Early Life

Erin Odenkirk

On November 24, 2000, Erin Odenkirk was born in her native Los Angeles, California. The daughter of Bob is a Sagittarius, and as of 2022, she will be 22 years old.

Also, Bob’s daughter is of mixed German, Irish, Russian, and Scottish ancestry and is an American citizen. American actor, writer, director, comedian, and producer Bob Odenkirk is her father.

Naomi Odenkirk, her mother, is a native Russian who works as a producer and screenwriter in the motion picture industry. She also has a brother who is older than her, Nate Odenkirk.

Furthermore, Bill Odenkirk, a comedy writer who produced numerous episodes of the animated series The Simpsons, is her uncle. Other than that, little else is known about Bob’s daughter’s early years.

Regarding her educational background, there isn’t a lot of specific information available. Furthermore, based on her success, we can infer that Bob’s daughter is a high school student in her hometown.

Body Measurements

Erin Odenkirk is 5 feet 4 inches tall, with dark brown hair and black eyes. There is no additional information regarding the rest of Bob’s daughter’s physical characteristics.

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Erin Odenkirk might get into the movie business like her parents Naomi and Bob did. Despite the lack of information regarding Bob’s daughter’s current occupation, we might assume that she is a high school student.

She is also well known for being the daughter of Bob Odenkirk, an American actor, writer, producer, director, and comedian, and Naomi Odenkirk.

Her father gained notoriety for his portrayal of corrupt attorney Saul Goodman in the crime drama series Better Call Saul and its spinoff on AMC.

Personal Life

Erin Odenkirk is single and has never been married, according to public records. In addition, there are no specifics regarding Bob’s daughter’s relationship. Other than that, nothing else is known about Bob’s daughter’s prior relationships.

She hasn’t been involved in any of her controversies or speculations up until now. Bob’s daughter is also concentrating on her personal and professional lives.

Additionally, Bob’s daughter prefers to avoid gossip and conflicts.

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Erin’s Father: Who is Bob Odenkirk?

bob odenkirk

On October 22, 1962, Robert John Odenkirk was born in Berwyn, Illinois. His parents quickly split as a result of his father’s alcoholism. He was raised in a Catholic home in Naperville with six other siblings. As Bob grew older, he came to the conclusion that Naperville was a boring town and he couldn’t wait to leave for a place where there was more to do.

He was able to realize this desire earlier than most because, at the age of 16, he earned enough credits to pass the high school graduation exam. Later, he attended several colleges in Illinois, where he worked on their radio stations and honed his humorous wit. His own late-night comedy program was eventually produced for Southern Illinois University.

Just before receiving his SIU degree, he finally moved to Chicago, the huge metropolis of his dreams. Nevertheless, he managed to finish his final three credits while residing in Chicago, and in 1984 he received his bachelor’s degree from the institution.

Odenkirk joined many comedy organizations when he was in Chicago and began attending various courses. This led to him meeting Robert Smigel, with whom he worked on numerous upcoming projects, including “Saturday Night Live.” Odenkirk was heavily influenced by Monty Python during this time.

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His Career

bob odenkirk

In 1987, Bob was hired as a comedy writer for “Saturday Night Live,” working on several skits with writers like Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel. Odenkirk worked there for the following three years, but he never felt fully at ease with his writing during this time. He participated in a handful of the show’s skits as well.

Bob eventually quit SNL to concentrate more on acting. Together with Smile and O’Brien, he achieved success with the “Happy Happy Good Show,” a comedy theatrical production that was performed in Chicago. He performed in additional theatrical comedies and a one-man play during the course of the next time.

Early in the 1990s, Odenkirk started writing again and contributed to programs like “Get a Life” and “The Dennis Miller Show.”

Odenkirk was hired by Ben Stiller to write for “The Ben Stiller Show” in 1992 after previously working with him on Saturday Night Live. Even though he and the other writers of the show shared an Emmy Award for writing, a second season of the show was not given the green light.

Along with writing for “The Late Show with Conan O’Brien,” Odenkirk also began working with David Cross around this time, and the two of them began performing live sketch shows. In the 1990s, Bob also made appearances on shows like “The Jackie Thomas Show,” “Roseanne,” and “The Larry Sanders Show.”

David Cross and Odenkirk later turned their stage sketch shows into an HBO sketch show called “Mr. Show” during the 1990s. The program earned positive reviews from reviewers and rapidly gained a cult following, but it was never successful in breaking into the mainstream.

Odenkirk contributed to the creation of animated comedy series including “Tom Goes to the Mayor” and “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job” in the early 2000s. Later, he made contributions to several other animated comedies.

He appeared in numerous television programs throughout the ensuing years, including “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Seinfeld,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Arrested Development,” and many more. Additionally, he came very close to landing Michael Scott’s part in “The Office.”

After landing the part of Saul Goodman in the AMC series “Breaking Bad,” Bob Odenkirk fully entered the mainstream. Although he only had a brief guest appearance in three episodes of the second season, he swiftly rose to the position of series regular and remained a vital member of the group until the 2013 series finale.

Following the conclusion of this program, Bob made several appearances on sketch shows and portrayed Police Chief Oswalt in the miniseries “Fargo.”

Bob returned to the “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul” in 2015 to play Saul Goodman. Many critics have praised the show, and some others think it’s even better than “Breaking Bad.” Six seasons of the show were authorized, and Bob is listed as one of the show’s producers.

Odenkirk founded Cal-Gold Pictures, his own production firm, in the year 2020. Bob collaborated on the script, produced, and appeared in the 2017 Netflix movie “Girlfriend’s Day.”

Bob began to make appearances in films including “Little Women,” “The Disaster Artist,” “The Post,” and many others after becoming popular with “Breaking Bad.”

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His Personal Life

Bob Odenkirk wed producer Naomi Yomtov in 1997. They later collaborated on several projects together and have two kids together.

Net Worth

American actor, comedian, writer, director, and producer Bob Odenkirk has a $16 million fortune. Odenkirk is most recognized for his work on the television series “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” in which he portrayed the corrupt attorney Saul Goodman.

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