Lacey Hester: Early Life, Career, Husband, Net Worth

Terry Bradshaw and Tammy Bradshaw’s daughter, Lacey Hester Bradshaw, is an NFL legend. Because she changed her last name after marrying Noah, she is better known by her stage name, Lacey Hester. Lacey Hester Lutrull was born in 1989, making her 33 years old as of right now. She gained notoriety for her performance in “The Bradshaw Bunch,” a reality television series.

The stepdaughter of Bradshaw, Lacey Hester-Luttrull, has drawn much attention from viewers. Despite growing up with Bradshaw and his large group of NFL friends, she leads a modest existence.

Lacey Hester

Early Life

In the United States, Lacey Hester was born in 1989. She is 33 years old right now. She was conceived by David Luttrull, her biological father, and her mother Tammy Bradshaw. Her mother later wed Terry Bradshaw, an American former professional football quarterback, after her parents separated. Terry adopted Lacey, and the two of them are pretty close.

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Lacey Hester also had an older brother named David Cody Luttrull, who died in 2009 after overdosing on drugs. Similarly, she had unpleasant memories of her childhood. Additionally, she is related to his third ex-wife Charla Hopkins, also known as Charlotte Hopkins, and his two half-sisters Rachel and Erin Bradshaw from his father’s side. Erin, her half-sister, is a world-class rider.

Lacey Hester is an American citizen as well. Her racial origin is unknown. Her schooling is not well known, yet she is a high school basketball coach.


Her professional life and career are not well-documented. Lacey Hester has made an effort to avoid participating in the media hoopla. Whatever the case, Lacey Hester gained public attention and became well-known for being the stepdaughter of a former American professional football quarterback named Terry Bradshaw. She also coaches basketball at a high school. She enjoys doing sports. Her social media accounts include the biography “basketball fanatic,” which we may find there.

Who is Her Husband?

On March 3, 1982, Noah Hester was born. He was raised in Hawaii after being born in Austin, Texas. His mother’s name is unknown, and his father, Ron Hester, is a furniture designer. The chef is of American descent. His early life and schooling are not now the subject of any public material. As soon as it appears in the media, we will update it.

With a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 174 pounds, Noah is a tall man. He is more handsome since he has dark brown eyes, keeps his hair short, and grows out his beard.

One of America’s greatest chefs, Noah Hester also helped establish the culinary arts. The chef has experience managing various American restaurants as a general manager. He developed an early taste for the cuisines of the Pacific Rim while growing up on the Kohala Coast. He was influenced by Alan Wong, one of Hawaii’s first chefs to specialize in Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, Noah spent his formative years working in restaurants on the Big Island. This move allowed him to rediscover his southern origins. He went back to his hometown to embrace both the spirit of aloha and his love of southern hospitality.


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On August 7, 2016, Lacey Bradshaw and Noah Hester got hitched. Her husband works as a chef for a living. After her wedding, she also changed her last name from Lacey Bradshaw to Lacey Hester Bradshaw. Both can be found in “The Bradshaw Bunch.”

Zurie and Jeb are the two children Lacey is expecting. Jeb, a boy, was born in June 2017, while Zuri, a girl, was born in April 2013. Zuri Bradshaw’s stepfather and Jeb Hester’s father is Noah Hester. Both are well-known for being Terry Bradshaw’s grandchildren. On the set, they may be seen interacting with one another.

Today, Jeb is a 5-year-old toddler, and Zuri is a 9-year-old schoolgirl, both of whom are rocking at the Bradshaw home on the Texas ranch.

Her Parents

Her Father – Terry Paxton Bradshaw

Terry Paxton Bradshaw, an American retired football player who played quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League, was born on September 2, 1948. (NFL). He has worked as a sports analyst for television and the co-host of Fox NFL Sunday since 1994. Bradshaw has been in numerous television shows and movies, most notably as the hero of Failure to Launch.

He has also released a number of country music CDs. He played for 14 seasons with Pittsburgh, helped the Steelers win eight AFC Central titles, and became the first quarterback to win three and four Super Bowls. He won four Super Bowl wins in a six-year span (1974, 1975, 1978, and 1979). In 1989, the year he first became eligible, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1996 was Bradshaw.

Lacey Hester

In addition to having one of the strongest arms in NFL history, Bradshaw is renowned for being a fierce competitor. His athletic prowess and leadership on the field made a lasting impact on the Steelers’ history. Only seven times in his career did he pass for more than 300 yards in a game, but three of those efforts occurred in the postseason (two of which were in Super Bowls). His passing totals of 932 yards and 9 touchdowns in his four Super Bowl appearances set both Super Bowl records at the time of his retirement. He completed 261 passes for 3,833 yards in 19 postseason games over his career.

Her Mother – Tammy Bradshaw

Tammy has gained recognition for her beautiful and charitable activities. Tamera Alice, better known as Tammy Bradshaw, was born on October 5, 1961, under the star sign of Libra in the United States of America. Tammy Bradshaw is 60 years old right now. The former model was Tammy Bradshaw’s girlfriend when they subsequently got married in July 2014, which helped her earn greater notoriety.

Tammy Bradshaw was previously wed to David Luttrull in 1983, but they unhappily split. Information about him is not yet known.

Tammy Bradshaw is well known for her involvement with and support of numerous charitable organizations. There isn’t much information accessible regarding Tammy’s family and childhood because she has kept her family’s details private.

Regarding her education, there is no information available. Aside from that, she began her modeling career when she was fairly young. She performed for numerous organizations to aid them in promoting their services. She eventually began to appear on TV shows as a result of all these opportunities.

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Tammy Bradshaw had a son who tragically passed away in 2009, as well as one daughter, Lacey Hester, from her ex-husband. Tammy Bradshaw has two stepdaughters from Terry Bradshaw in addition to Lacey: Rachel and Erin Bradshaw.

She has shown Terry Bradshaw’s daughters that she is not only a real mother but also an amazing and kind stepmother. The fact that Terry’s daughters claim that Tammy saved their father from going insane without her says a lot about their relationship. Zuri and Jeb are two more grandchildren and a son that Tammy Bradshaw is blessed with.

Relationship Between Terry Bradshaw and Tammy Bradshaw

Lacey Hester

Terry and Tammy (also known as Tamera Alice) have been together for decades even though they have only been married for a few years (they got hitched in 2014). Prior to being married, they were together for about 15 years. “I went to counseling and found that all my [ex-]wives were the same, and it wasn’t good,” Terry admitted to Closer Weekly in 2019, “and it wasn’t good! This time I married my best friend. Everyone should!”

“We dated 13 years, never lived together,” Terry admitted to Closer Weekly in 2019. When I was becoming close to her [we were both] coming out of awful divorces, I’d leave and hide for six weeks, then come running back. There’s no one putting their hands on my heart once more, I declared. She and I battled for 13 years, and to her credit, she never once asked, “Where’s this going?”

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are two social media sites that Lacey Hester uses. She also has a few friends on Facebook and over 31.3K Instagram followers.

Height, Weight, Hair Color

Lacey Hester is a stunning woman who is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her exact weight is unknown. Similar to Lacey, who has a lovely curved physique and a body measurement. She also has lovely blonde hair, hazel green eyes, and a light skin tone.

Lacey Hester Bradshaw’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lacey is $5 million. This pertains to her house, her finances, and her earnings. Her work as a basketball coach is her primary source of income. Lacey has worked multiple jobs and has amassed a sizable sum of money, but she wants to live simply.

Everyone knows a lot about her personal life because she is a Bradshaw. Although Lacey may be involved in some commercial endeavors, she hasn’t provided enough evidence to support her assertions.

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