Aaron McGruder Net Worth, Career, Education and Life

Many youths of our times are familiar with the eye-catching comic and animated series – The Boondocks. If you are as well, you’re about to meet Aaron McGruder, the fantastic face behind the production, learn about his net worth, life, and success.

Aaron Mcgruder net worth is $10 million. This stems from the success of his Universal Press syndicate comic book strips, which were later converted into a TV show. 

Aaron is also a writer, producer, lecturer, and screenwriter. He was the creator, executive producer, and writer of The Boondocks. 

Aaron McGruder Net worth

Early Life And Education

Aaron McGruder was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 29, 1974. At six, Aaron’s father got a job with the National Transportation Safety Board. This led to Aaron and his older brother moving with their parents to Columbia, Maryland.

McGruder attended a religious school (Jesuit) known as Loyola Blakefield when he was still a young child. After two years of leaving school, he moved to a public school. He attended Oakland Mills High School before moving to the University of Maryland

McGruder graduated from the university with a degree in African American Studies. 

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How Aaron Mcgruder Started His Career

McGruder established a contract with the Universal Press Syndicate and his strips showed up in 160 newspapers in 1996. His comic strips featured two African-American brothers named Huey and Riley. According to the story, both brothers lived with their grandfather in a sedate suburb.

Six months after the comic book went viral, it was distributed to over 200 publications. There were five successful collections of the Boondocks comic books. The episode titles were A Right To Be Hostile, All The Rage, Fresh for ‘01: You Suckaz, Public Enemy, and Because I Know You Don’t Read.

McGruder showed his interest in turning the comic strips into an animated series. Gary Anthony Williams played the role of Uncle Ruckus.

McGruder organized a crowdfunding plan to raise money for the project. He set up the project at uncleruckusmovie.com between January 30 to March 1 in 2014. The campaign didn’t turn out so successful and he raised $129,963 from 2,667 backers instead of the targeted $200,000.

The Bondocks

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim adopted the strip for television series successfully. In 2014, The Boondocks was brought back for another season, though McGruder did not take part. However, the fifth season looked forward to bringing back McGruder.

McGruder worked on more projects in-between. He worked on the Super Deluxe variety comedy series known as The Super Rumble Mix Show. He contributed to Black Jesus, another comedy series broadcast on Adult Swim.

McGruder co-authored a graphic novel with Reginald Hudlin titled Birth of a Nation: A Comic Novel in 2004. Cartoonist Kyle Baker illustrated the book. It discussed African-Americans in East St. Louis during an election.

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Public Speaking Career

McGruder also developed a passion for public speaking. He is known to be blunt about the truth and to face issues squarely and fairly. In no time, he grew into a public speaker on cultural and political matters.

During a reception held by The Nation, McGruder had bluntly expressed his support for Ralph Nader’s 2000 presidential bid. This had provoked his audience and led to people walking out on him. Other complications with his modes of addressing arose after this clash

In 2009, an Indiana newspaper Palladium-Item reported McGruder told a Martin Luther King Day audience that President Barack Obama was not black. McGruder had denied these claims and considered himself misquoted. In his statement, he maintained his notion of considering Barack Obama’s presidency “cautiously pessimistic”.

In 2005, he was called upon to provide a lecture at Miami University in Ohio during the celebration of Black History Month.

Aaron McGruder

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Other Endeavors Of Aaron Mcgruder

McGruder also worked as a screenwriter during the feature film Red Tails released in 2012. The story pictured the Tuskegee Airmen, African-American combat pilots, during World War II.

He worked with producer Will Parker in a movie called Black America. The film depicted the Black American story in an alternate history where they created three Southern States.

What You Should Know About His Personal Life

McGruder is presently single. As of 2013, he lived in Los Angeles with his dogs – Retro, Remix, and Hooligan.

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