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The American film industry has seen several star relationships. Some of them last long, leading them down the aisle, and others are short flings that have no future. The relationship between Alexis Knapp and Ryan Philippe was the latter. It was a summer fling that would never have had much significance if Kai Knapp did not come into the picture.

Kai Knapp is the ten-year-old daughter of Ryan Phillippe and Alexis Knapp. The two American actors dated in the mid-2010 and went different paths that year. After the split-up, Alexis discovered she was pregnant for Ryan and eventually gave birth to Kai.

With the breakup of both parties, Kai grew up without the presence of her father. However, during the birth of Kai, Philippe was present at the hospital to welcome his little girl.

About Kai Knapp

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As a little child, one can say that Kai didn’t choose the life of fame she has. But, with her father and mother being top movie stars, she was born into it. 

The sudden conception of Kai came as a surprise to her mother and father as neither planned for it. At some point, Alexis wanted to give her up for adoption after refusing abortion but ended up raising her. Even worse, the father was absent during the nine-month course of her pregnancy.

After going through struggles on her own, Alexis finally had her child Kailani Merizalde Phillipe-Knapp on July 1, 2011, in the United States. Her birth date places her in the Cancer zodiac sign. However, the exact location of her birthplace is not precise as neither party sheds light on it.

Alexis has decided to keep her little gem out of the spotlight for the time being. As a result, there are only few details about Kai. To make things more interesting, the child is being home-schooled, which makes getting more information about her somewhat tricky. However, pictures of the child have been popping up on her mother’s page to keep the public satisfied.

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Kai KnappOther Information on The Child Star

Kai’s hair colour is blonde, and she has bright blue eyes. She lives with her mother, who brought her up to date. 

As an Instagram sensation, her mother updates the internet with her photos once in a while. Though she has no personal Instagram account, she is now an online figure and has her fans growing.

From the videos and pictures, Kai is a lively and friendly girl. She is seen several times cracking jokes and playing pranks. Her composure with the camera shows she can also make a good actress, and she’s on her way to stardom.

She shares a beautiful bond with her mother from the looks of things. However, there is no concrete information on her relationship with her father. From rumours, Philippe possibly never contributed to the upkeep of Kai.

Meet the Ex-couples who birthed Kai Knapp

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Alexis Knapp

Alexis Merizalde Knapp was born on July 31, 1989, in Avonmore, Pennsylvania but grew in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Her parents are Marjorie and Bradford Elwood Knapp.

She later moved to Los Angeles when she was 18. At this age, she hosted a popular internet video called ‘Project Lore’ in 2008. She also began a career in modelling but soon moved to the acting sector to develop her acting skills.

The star played her first major role as Alexis in Project X. She debuted as a sex-crazed Barden Bella, Stacie Conrad in Pitch Perfect. She reprised this role in 2015 and appeared briefly in the 2017 sequel.

Alexis also appeared in the short-lived series Super Fun Night. She also starred in So Undercover, a movie Tom Vaughan directed. Alexis continues to be a sensation in the movie industry.

Despite being a mother, she still storms the internet and impresses her followers with whom she has become.

Ryan Phillippe

Matthew Ryan Phillippe, born on September 10, 1974, is an award-winning American actor. He rose to fame with his excellent role in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. He also played roles in Cruel Intentions and 54.

Phillippe was born in New Castle, Delaware, to Susan and Richard Phillippe. The superstar began an early filming career and excelled in it. He has also won the Critics Choice Awards, Gotham Awards, and many others.

Lawsuits have been brought against Phillippe by his ex-girlfriends for violence and brutality, but he has served terms for none. He was married to Reese Witherspoon but divorced her after having a daughter and son.

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