Alex Cooper: Fascinating Facts About This Podcaster Of Call Her Daddy

The well-known founder, host, and executive producer of the immensely successful and popular podcast Call Her Daddy is Alexandra Cooper. Call Her Daddy was ranked second on the list of the world’s top podcasts in 2021 and fifth on Spotify’s list of most popular podcasts in 2020.

She and her friend Sofia Franklyn founded the podcast in 2018, but she now serves as its host. With more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram, she is also incredibly well-liked. She also regularly posts on Twitter and YouTube.

alex cooper
Alex Cooper

Early Life

The United States Newtown, Pennsylvania, is where Alexandra “Alex” Cooper, her brother, and her sister were all born and reared. On August 21, 1994, she was born.

The parents of Alexandra “Alex” Cooper are Laurie Cooper, a cashier, and Bryan Cooper, a hockey player. She has a sister named Kathryn Cooper and a brother named Grant Cooper.

She excelled in soccer while attending Pennington High School, where she received her diploma. Her squad excelled and won the “Patriot League” soccer championship in 2014 as a result of her decision to earn a bachelor’s degree at Boston University.

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Alex Cooper’s Career

Alexandra “Alex” Cooper was motivated to pursue modeling as a career while obtaining her bachelor’s degree from her friends and teachers. After giving it some thought, she decided to pursue a career in modeling and started posting gorgeous, alluring, and fascinating pictures and videos on Instagram.

She quickly racked up thousands of followers on the platform as a result of her viral photos and videos. As her celebrity spread, she was signed by regional modeling agencies and appeared in advertisements for various clothing and cosmetic companies.

On Instagram, Alexandra Cooper has marketed a range of apparel, sporting goods, and beauty products, including those from Chloe, Rolla’s Jeans, Schutz U.S., Dundas, Aya Muse, Chrome Hearts, and other brands. In the future, she’ll be featured on innumerable fashion publications’ covers.

As an Instagram star and fashion model, Alexandra Cooper became well-known online. She started the Call Her Daddy podcast in 2018 with her best friend and roommate, Sofia Franklyn, and they began airing it on Barstool Sports. A wide range of social and personal themes are covered in the podcast, including sex, stories, anecdotes, relationship guidance, embarrassing circumstances, and more.

In 2020, Barstool Sports canceled the distribution agreement for the podcast hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper due to reservations. The program is now only streamed on Spotify after being purchased by the service in 2021. Sofia Franklyn, on the other hand, left the program due to personal issues.

The only host of the podcast on Spotify, for now, is Alexandra “Alex” Cooper. Miley Cyrus took part in the podcast’s debut episode on Spotify, talking with Chris Hemsworth’s brother Liam Hemsworth about her life experiences and breakup tales. Millions of people all over the world tune in to her program.

On September 30, 2016, Alexandra Cooper started her own YouTube channel. Her first video, GIRLS TRIP TO LA, was published on February 21, 2018. (ft. guys). She quickly built a reputation on the platform as her films went viral, getting thousands of views and followers. She has a video on her channel called The Truth About Call Her Daddy that has received millions of views as of 2021.

Alex Cooper’s Personal Life

The well-known baseball star Noah Syndergaard once dated Alexandra “Alex” Cooper. After several months of dating, they called it quits, citing personal issues.

According to numerous reports, Matt Kaplan is a well-known director who is allegedly seeing Alexandra Cooper right now. She isn’t married and doesn’t have kids.

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Who is Matt Kaplan?

alex cooper
Alex And Matt

American businessman, director, and producer Matt Kaplan also makes movies. He is most recognized for his work as a producer on a number of movies and TV shows, with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Irreplaceable You standing out. In addition to these jobs, Matt is well-known for being the spouse of Alexandra Cooper, a well-known podcaster, blogger, and radio personality.

The movie producer was born in California, the United States, on April 14, 1984. As of 2022, he will be 38 years old. Kaplan enrolled in Columbia University soon after graduating from high school and earned a bachelor’s degree in film studies there. His successful career as a producer of movies and television shows began with this.

In the late 1990s, Matt made a foray into the entertainment sector. At the United Talent Agency and the Todd Phillips Company, he started out by working as an intern. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2013 when he established the One Films business. He was then given the presidency of Awesomeness TV in 2017.

A few months later, he established ACE Entertainment and started making movies and television shows there. With the 2003 release of the short film Birth of the Vampire, the producer started acting as an executive producer.

Later, he served as executive producer for a number of additional films and television shows, including BBQ Bill, They Came Together, Jessabelle, and Eye Candy. Heroine, White Smoke, and Loveboat Taipei are among the projects he is currently working on.

It appears that Matt has had Henry as a pet for some time because his ex-wife, Claire, used to post images of themselves together with the dog when they were still married. Additionally, it’s said that the dog appeared in at least one of the films Matt directed.

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The Controversy Between Alex Cooper And Sofia Franklyn

alex cooper
Sofia And Alex

While Sofia Franklyn says she’s open to sorting things out between them, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. Sofia Franklyn is talking about her falling out with Alex Cooper.

While they were co-hosting “Call Her Daddy,” Sofia sat down on the “TMZ Verified” podcast and discussed her side of her extremely public breakup with Alex.

Sofia admits that looking back, there are some things she wishes they could have done better, such as being less hot-headed and headstrong, but even then, she believes Alex would have been willing to “stomp” on Sofia in order to get a $60 million paycheck.

In the midst of the drama, in the year 2020, Alex publicly disclosed her side of the tale, garnering a lot of attention, but Sofia choose to remain silent. After some reflection and evaluation, Sofia believes she would be willing to collaborate with Alex in the future on a project, as long as AC approached her with the intention of making things right.

Not to be misunderstood Sofia explains why any possible patching up and collaboration with Alex wouldn’t be a “Kumbaya” affair. In the end, Sofia and Alex both moved on with their lives and jobs, but she doesn’t harbor any animosity toward her former podcast co-host.

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Alex Cooper’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Alexandra “Alex” Cooper exceeds $2 million USD. Her revenue comes from blogging, presenting podcasts, brand advertising, sponsorships, and numerous business endeavors.

In 2022, Kaplan will have a $10 million net worth. This is mostly derived from his revenue as a producer of movies and television shows as well as from his business endeavors. This is not, however, a verified estimate of net worth.

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