Big Meech Net Worth, Son, Release Date & Relationship

Demetrius Edward Flenory is an American drug trafficker, and businessman popularly known as Big Meech. He became famous through an organization known as Black Mafia Family (BMF) for laundering money and drug trafficking. The Organization was founded by him and his brother, Terry Lee Flenory well known as Southwest T.

Big Meech

Who is Big Meech?

Big Meech was born on June 21, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised by his parents, Charles and Lucille Flenory with his younger brother, Terry, and his younger sister, Nicole. They were poor financially, so due to their conditions, Big Meech and his brother, Terry became a drug dealer. They were selling drugs in the street of Detroit during their high school days. In his teens, Big Meech has been involved in a lot of illegal acts. In an interview with All Hip Hop, Big Meech said “Neither of my parents had any type of drug or drinking habits,”  Charles and Lucille had nothing to do with the drug business and Prosecutors could not find any shreds of evidence.

Big Meech’s Occupations

However, during the later 80s, he became the owner of the organization called Black Mafia Family which transported drugs in cities across eleven states in America. Black Mafia Family had to make a massive connection with the L.A-based drug source and Mexican drug cartels and B.M.F was split into two centres, one in Atlanta, the other in Los Angeles. Big Meech was handling Atlanta and Southwest T was managing Los Angeles.

Furthermore, the brother widens their drug business with the B.M.F organization into the music industry, creating a record label called Black Mafia Family entertainment in 2000. They sign numerous artists into the label such as hip hop star, Young Jeezy and also includes Baby D, Fee Money, D Boi, Nu Money, Bleu Davinci, and Calico Donez.

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Big Meech’s Imprisonment

In 2005, The Drug Enforcement Agency had various wiretapping operations and witnesses to collect more than 900 pages of evidence. The brothers were arrested and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

In 2020, Southeast T made a contribution in ending the Covid-19 crisis and he was released.

In June 2021, Big Meech’s sentence was reduced by 3 years for good behaviour. He will be released in 2028. Although, his lawyer, Wade Fink has a relief that his client will be released soon. Presently, he is held in USP Lompoc in California.

big meech
Big Meech

Big Meech’s Relationship with Female Celebrities

He was interviewed in the prison where he talked about his personal life how he met many women including female celebrities. He had a relationship that was publicized by fans with Sabrina Peterson, so they became the best couple.

Big Meech’s son

However, he eventually married Tara Big Meech. They had a son named Demetrius Flenory Jr well known as Lil Meech. Lil Meech is a rapper and actor. He plays the role of his father in the documentary series of B.M.F that was produced on September 26, 2021, by Curtis Jackson known as 50 Cent.

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Big Meech’s Net Worth and Annual Income

Big Meech’s illegal business was the main source of his income and the drug empire was worth over $270 million in profit. During 2021, his annual income is more than 2 million dollars and he has an estimated net worth of 100,000 million dollars.


Big Meech is also known as Big herm in prison. In 2010, A book is known as “The rise and fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family” was written by a newspaper editor, Mara Shalhoup.

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