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Perhaps if David Nehdar didn’t marry Lacey Chabert, we most likely would not have heard from him. If you think that his marriage to Chabert meant that he would be more out there, then you probably don’t know the man. If there were a non-grammatical synonym for private, David Nehdar would be the best fit. This is the life David has chosen to live. On the other hand, David’s wife is a famous actress, and she also is not too interested in showing off her husband. It must be a joint agreement. 

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This article examines some unknown facts you probably never heard of David Nehdar. Some of these facts would come as a surprise to you, and it is because we have done our research so that we give you never-heard-before points. If you want to know more about Lacey Chabert’s husband, you should read through these facts.

1. Nobody Knows What He Does

He is indeed a successful businessman, according to the media. But nobody knows what he does. What kind of business is he involved in? This is the question many people want to know. As it stands, there is no information on what he does. Only the couple can reveal the truth if any of the couple decides to talk about it. Till then, we will only continue to guess, and we might not get the truth. 

2. David Nehdar is Not On Social Media

One of the ways people can decipher what celebrities or famous personalities do is through their social media interactions. For Nehdar, there is no trace of him on social media. He is almost nonexistent on social media platforms. There is no trace of him from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok among the popular social media platforms. He may be using a burner account, but we can not tell again. 

3. He is Not In ShowBiz

Of course, if he were heavy in showbiz, we would probably have heard or seen him at the very least in photos. But, David’s business has nothing to do with showbiz, at least from all the information we have now. So, what does he do? This is a question we are hoping to answer shortly. Lacey also has mentioned that her husband is not in the entertainment industry. 

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4. He and Lacey Chabert Married in 2013

While the couple is extremely private, we are sure of one thing; they married on December 22, 2013. The wedding ceremony was not entirely public, but it had friends and families around to see David and Lacey walk down the aisle. In an interview with People, Lacey mentioned that they used six weeks to plan their wedding. Interestingly, Lacey shared her wedding photos, and none contained a picture of her husband. Now, that’s some insane privacy policy. 

5. David Nehdar is American

David is an American. He may have his origins from anywhere else, but he was born in the United States and grew up there too. There is no specific information on where Nehdar is from, but it is also fair to say it is a name that is American and has a couple of families bearing it. 

6. They Have A Daughter

Three years after their marriage, Nehdar and Lacey had a baby on September 1, 2016. They named her Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. Again, Lacey posted the picture of her baby on social media, and guess who again was missing? Your guess is as good as ours. This privacy level has been raised, and Nehdar is undoubtedly on top. 

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7. David is Wealthy

Nobody knows his professional background, but their home purchase in 2019 showed that Nehdar is boxed up financially. David Nehdar bought the two-story building for $1.9 million. Surely, there is more from where that came from. Whatever David is involved in as a career is paying his bills and taking care of his family, and that’s all that matters. 

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8. David Nehdar Cooks For His Family

If we go by what Lacey told Thrive Global in an interview, David loves cooking. She said David cooks breakfast for her and the kid, which helps her focus on other things. In addition, the couple shares the responsibility of taking care of their daughter, who will be six in a few months. 


David prefers to live behind the camera and this is good for him as this doesn’t bring attention to him. There are people who prefer to remain behind the scenes and definitely, David Nehdar is one of them. He also doesn’t come with his wife for the red carpet. What a man!

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