Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau? Children, Divorce and Marriage

Elizabeth Huberdeau is also known as Liz Cena. Does that ring a bell yet? It should by now, and if it doesn’t. Here we go. Elizabeth Huberdeau is the ex-wife of popular professional wrestler and actor John Cena. Elizabeth is also a successful estate developer and has other business endeavors. She was married to John Cena for three years before the marriage hit a snag. It was John Cena that filed for divorce. So, what went wrong with the former power couple? Could it be a case of infidelity or cessation of ideals? Find out as you read on.

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Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

On September 28, 1979, the brunette was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, there is no substantial information on who her parents are. Details about her siblings and where she had her education also is missing on the internet. However, we know she graduated from Springfield College in Massachusetts. It is also the same college John Cena attended. Unfortunately, there is confusion on what Elizabeth studied in school. Some media outlets say she studied Real Estate management; others say she studied business management.

How Did John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau Meet?

Elizabeth and John were high school sweethearts. However, we cannot tell what school the couple began their relationship with. The lovers tied the knot on July 11, 2009, in Boston. Before the marriage, they had dated for a long time. You wouldn’t catch Cena talking about his relationship till his interview with Seattle Post-Intelligencer, where he revealed he would be getting married in 2009. The marriage didn’t last long, unfortunately.

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What Led to The Divorce Between Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena?

Many divorce cases have resulted from the infidelity of one of the partners or both partners. But in the case of Cena and Huberdeau, it was a case of disagreement over the remodeling of their home. It is common that a woman file for divorce in a dysfunctional relationship, but for Huberdeau and Cena, the latter filed for divorce, which was finalized in the same year.

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The media reported that Elizabeth probably thought John Cena was involved with another woman, and that was why he filed for divorce. However, their prenuptial agreement was that if ever there was a divorce based on allegations of cheating proven to be true, then she may take a portion of Cena’s wealth. We found out that both parties chose to resolve the case quietly.

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Did The Union of John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau Produce Children?

Even though the lovebirds had been together since high school, they did not have children. The rumors are John Cena doesn’t want to have children. Well, the rumors aren’t true until they are proven to be true.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Received a Huge Divorce Settlement From John Cena

John Cena is said to be worth $55 million. He is an award-winning actor and is usually classified among the A-list actors. He is also one of the biggest wrestlers in the world. After the divorce, it is rumored that Huberdeau received a huge payout. Although, one cannot say that this helped to boost her wealth as she is quite a successful businesswoman. It is believed that Elizabeth’s net worth is in the millions too. Has Elizabeth Huberdeau married again? This information is not revealed yet.

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While the relationship between Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena didn’t work out, it is believed that the ex-lovers are on good terms. Cena is making more blockbusters movies, and Huberdeau is doing fine in her estate developer business – win-win.

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