Genesis Lopez: Amazing Facts About This Instagram Influencer

Genesis Genesis Lopez, born Mia Lopez, is a well-known American fitness model, influencer, entrepreneur, and social media celebrity. She is well recognized for having a voluptuous body and a stunning physique, which she frequently displays on Instagram. She is a native of Miami, Florida, where she was born.

genesis lopez

Who is Genesis Lopez?

Genesis Lopez was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she is a native. She was raised by her parents, along with her siblings.

Lopez is of Latino ethnicity, but she also has Brazilian and Japanese ancestors. Her parents are Lopez Mr. and Lopez Mrs.
Since she was a little child, she had always aspired to be a model. She is a really lovely woman, so her parents weren’t surprised.

She loves Italian food a lot, and Paris, France, is her ideal holiday destination. She also collects NFT, real estate, and cryptocurrency. Genesis Lopez received her primary and secondary studies at prestigious private schools in Miami.

After high school, she enrolled at Florida State University, where she studied for four years before receiving a bachelor’s degree.

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Genesis Lopez’s Career

genesis lopez
Genesis Lopez

Genesis Lopez began going to the gym when she was seventeen in order to exercise frequently and get her physique into the form she wanted.

She created an account on the social media platform Instagram in 2016 and began sharing photos of herself exercising at the gym. Her photographs quickly went viral and she racked up a sizable following on her page thanks to her good looks.

Following that, Genesis Lopez was contacted by Miami modeling agencies seeking to book her for jobs. In the US, she has served as a commercial model for many companies. She has also appeared on the covers of a number of popular fitness publications in the US.

She has been featured in numerous commercials and media campaigns over the past five years and is currently contracted to a prestigious modeling agency in the US.

Genesis Lopez maintains a stringent diet in order to keep her physique in shape. She avoids processed wheat and sugary foods. While the majority of her diet is made up of items like fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

She runs Haute Athletics Company as its CEO in addition to being an entrepreneur. Her company is renowned for providing clients with exercise schedules and specific dietary guidelines that enable them to maintain their target weights and body shapes.

Genesis Lopez’s Personal Life

genesis lopez
Genesis Lopez

Her careers in modeling and brand influence bring in a sizable sum of money. As a result, she is able to drive an exotic car and live in a luxurious apartment in Miami.

She ended a three-year romance with a charming young man a few months ago, leaving her single at the moment. Like her, her ex-lover is a fitness devotee. She has not yet found a new spouse.

Genesis Lopez hasn’t revealed a new partner or husband on social media, and she isn’t married. She is 5’6 inches tall (1.68 meters), 62 kilograms (136 pounds), and weighs 136 kilograms.

Genesis Lopez Social Media

Over 4.8 million people follow Genesis Lopez, one of the top American influencers. @genesislopezofficial is her official Instagram handle.

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Genesis Lopez’s Net Worth

Genesis Lopez reportedly has a $1 million net worth. Through her modeling career, the fitness model, brand influencer, and businesswoman has amassed a fortune.

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