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Denetri Mixson was a rapper from the United States who went by the stage name Lil Nine. On June 8, 2020, Lil was 18 years old when he was shot and killed in Jackson, Florida due to gun violence. He was mocked in the TikTok video “Who I Smoke,” which went viral.

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Who is Lil Nine?

Lil Nine was an American rapper who was born in the city of Jacksonville. It isn’t much known about this upcoming rapper. Reginald Mixson is his father, and after his son’s death, he created a GoFundMe fundraising. He asked all of his friends and family to contribute a small sum to his burial ceremony, which would go a long way.

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Lil Nine’s Career

As a rapper, Lil’ Nine’s name was not yet well-known. He is credited with only a few tunes. On the Torrey Production YouTube account, he published “SouthSide,” one of his early songs, on February 20, 2018. MBO TJ appears in the song, which has 66K views on YouTube.

His song “Countryside Diss” was posted on YouTube the following year, on June 27, 2018. On the Bhood Productions YouTube account on January 4, 2019, he released an official video for the song “Pressure Givenchy Remix.” To date, 43K people have watched the video.

He later performed “Facts,” a song whose official video was released on the VickMont Films YouTube account on January 15, 2019. As of this writing, the video had received 223K views.

Similarly, on January 19, 2019, he released another single titled “Cappin.” Luh Chris and Moody Tay, among others, appear on the track. “Ready for Me,” his other song, was released to the VickMont Films channel in February 2019. On YouTube, the video has 113K views.

Lil N9ne’s musical career was brief, but his few tracks were remarkable. The song “Who I Smoke,” which mocks the deceased rappers Bibby, Teki, and Lil N9ne, has recently gone viral on the internet.

Spinabenz, Yungeen Ace, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, and FastMoney Goon, all from Florida, collaborated on a song based on the classic pop album A Thousand Miles. The song shows a lot of disrespect for the rappers that have died.

Lil Nine’s Personal Life

By the time he died, Lil N9ne was already a free man. He’s never made headlines because of a relationship. He has no known star actors or singers associated with his name. On June 8, 2020, while driving down Atlantic Boulevard, Lil was shot and died.

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Lil Nine’s Net Worth

At the time of his death, Lil Nine’s estimated net worth was $500,000. On the internet or on social media platforms, there is no accurate information on Lil Nine’s net worth. As a result, we’ve calculated his projected net worth by adding up all of his earnings over the years.

What was Lil Nine’s source of income?

Rapping was Lil Nine’s primary source of income. In addition, he had millions of friends and followers on the internet and social media platforms who were rooting for him.

If he were still alive, he’d make a fortune from Facebook advertisements, Instagram, TikTok, brand endorsements, and sponsorships, among other things.

Moneybagg Yo, Jack Harlow, and RZA are examples of rappers who have made a fortune in the music industry. If Lil Nine were alive, he could pull it off.

He did not, however, achieve the same level of celebrity as other rappers. However, for each song he sang, he was able to make roughly $5,000.

Lil Nine was well-known for his social media platforms, which he used to make money before his death. Although he died young, he made a reputation for himself by appearing in music videos.

Lil Nine released Southside in 2018, which is one of his best early songs. On YouTube, the song has received over 66 thousand views. He made about $1,000 from this.

Lil Nine made 32 tracks before his demise, according to our sources. He was also in a number of music videos. Lil Nine made roughly $50,000 as a result of his efforts. In any case, a new song titled Who I Smoke was recently released.

On the internet, this song has received over a million views. He made an average of $10,000 each year from this position.

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The Story Behind his death

Lil Nine was driving down Atlanta Boulevard on June 8, 2020, when he was stopped by the police. After that, he was shot by a gang of criminals. He smashed his automobile and died on the spot after a while. Lil Nine’s father requested that his son’s admirers donate money to help him finish his son’s funeral arrangements.

Who is PnB Rock?

Rapper and hip-hop recording artist PnB Rock is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he was only 3 years old, his father was killed. He was reared in the Germantown neighborhood, which was by no means thought to be the best place to live. Tupac Shakur and Biggie were among the “Gangsta Rappers” he grew up listening to and drawing inspiration from.

Financial difficulties forced him to drop out of high school, and after hanging out with small-time offenders for a while, he made the decision to pursue a career in music. Real N*gga Bangaz, his debut mixtape, was released in June 2014 and had a mediocre amount of success.

When Rock was signed to Atlantic Records, the local music-loving populace began to pay him a lot of attention. As a result, he was added to Rolling Stone’s list of the 10 new artists you need to know. His spectacular career continues with Wiz Khalifa’s soundtrack for the blockbuster movie Fate of the Furious. He was shot dead during a botched robbery attempt, ending his bright career.

Early Life

Rakim Hasheem Allen, better known as PnB Rock, was born on December 9, 1991, in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. While Rock and his four siblings were growing up, his family struggled with poverty. The family found it very challenging to maintain their way of life with four kids.

His father got involved in illicit operations to make a living, and in 1994, he was assassinated in a gang conflict. The entire task of caring for the impoverished family fell on his mother. She routinely checked her kids into shelters, where Rock spent the majority of his early years.

Rock started school and doing well. In addition to having strong academics, he was a very well-liked youngster. He was followed by numerous students. He received bad marks as a result of his popularity, which also contributed to his expulsion from the school.

Rock’s life was flipped upside down when the family’s caregiver, his uncle, perished in a gang conflict at the time. He began living a life of drug dealing and minor crimes. At the age of nineteen, he was sentenced to three years in prison after being charged with robberies and drug sales.

Rock began creating songs when he was incarcerated, inspired by his personal struggles. When he got out of jail, he was determined to rebuild his life. When he was released from prison, he immediately began posting videos on Instagram with the hashtag #tbh, a popular fad that enables people to sing about other people’s photographs. He made the decision to create his own songs at this point as his popularity continued to grow.

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PnB Rock’s Career

PnB Rock worked with a nearby neighbor who was also a music lover to create the song Weekend Baby at the beginning of 2014. Instead of emphasizing lyrics or melody, the song mostly concentrated on chaotic sounds. However, the song was a huge hit in the Philadelphia club scene and gave Rock confidence in his musical abilities.

Rock began work on his debut mixtape, which was based on the poetry and song lyrics he penned while he was imprisoned, after the single’s local success. Real Ngga Bangaz, the mixtape’s title, was released in June 2014 to positive reviews.

This helped him gain the attention of well-known record labels, including Atlantic Records. They tracked Rock down and made him an offer, which he enthusiastically accepted. In 2015, he released a mixtape called RnB 3 as his first work with Atlantic. By the time of this, his third mixtape, he was well-known in the “Gangsta Rap” subculture.

His genuine fusion of rap and R&B music succeeded in making him stand out as one of the very few new performers who defied convention. Both love and respect were shown for his music. Selfish was the name of a single that Rock released in June 2016. The song debuted at number 51 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and quickly became a hit. This was his first foray into national success, and in October 2016, the magazine “Rolling Stone” recognized him. He was listed among the magazine’s top 10 up-and-coming artists.

Money, Hoes & Flows is a mixtape that PnB Rock and Fetty Wap created together. Like many other performers, Rock has worked with Kodak Black and Kevin Hart. Empire Distribution and Atlantic Records published his album GTTM: Going Thru the Motions in 2017. Although it was first billed as his debut studio album, mixtape reviews referred to it instead. Within a week of its release, the album sold more than one million copies and peaked at number 28 on the Billboard 200.

His ability to combine upbeat R&B music with heartfelt and profound love stories made his fans go absolutely crazy for his songs. The directors of Fate of the Furious then hired him to make music for them. Along with 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and Wiz Khalifa, Rock worked on the song Gang Up.

Together with A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Kodak Black, he released another track, Horses. He was mentioned on XXL’s yearly list of the “Freshman Class” for 2017. After years of laboring on mixtapes, PnB Rock finally released his full-fledged debut album, Catch These Vibes, in November 2017. On his Twitter account, Rock revealed the album’s title and cover art in September 2017. It contained 18 songs. The album continues to fare well in the market despite the fact that many of the tracks were written in conjunction with other musicians.

TrapStar Turnt PopStar, the second studio album by PnB Rock, was released in May 2019. He released a song titled Ordinary in January 2020 that included the late rapper Pop Smoke. He included the late rapper King Von in a song titled Rose Gold in January 2021. PnB Rock released a brand-new mixtape in February 2022 that included songs by many different musicians, including Pasto Flocco, Yung Fazo, and others.

PnB Rock’s Personal Life

In his songs, PnB Rock never shied away from discussing his challenging past. He used to declare that he is here simply because of his background and that he would not change a thing even if he could. Most of his songs were autobiographical in character.

Rock had four siblings, one of whom was autistic and the other perished in a gang war. He routinely gave money to support humanitarian causes and research into autism. Although Rock preferred to keep his love relationships private, it is believed that he began dating a female when he was fifteen. When he was imprisoned in 2009, their relationship ended.

After that, he did have a few relationships, and one of them resulted in the birth of Milan, a girl, in October 2013. In 2020, he and his partner Stephanie Sibounheuang had their second child, Xuri. They split up at the start of 2022.

PnB Rock’s Death

lil nine

PnB Rock was shot and killed on September 12, 2022, when he attempted to rob Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles in Los Angeles. At 1:15 pm in the afternoon, the eatery called LA police enforcement to let them know about a shooting that had occurred at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles. Shortly after the incident, the singer for the band Selfish was declared deceased at a hospital in the LA region. He was 30 years old at the time.

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PnB Rock’s Net Worth

PnB Rock was regarded as one of the greatest rappers in the nation, and his $3 million net worth was mostly due to a number of multi-million dollar projects and collaborations.

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