Paul Qualley: Early Life, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

American Paul Qualley is a veteran of the entertainment business and a former model. Paul’s marriage to Andie MacDowell is what most people know about him, not his professional achievements. Paul’s connection to the Hollywood actress made him well-known worldwide. Despite the breakup of his partnership, Paul Qualley has managed to lead a happy life without encountering any significant issues.

Paul Qualley

Early Life

Paul Qualley was raised in the US by his parents, Patricia Ann Rondou and Lee James Qualley. Although he respects his parents’ privacy, nothing is known about his parents, who are thought to have been housewives and businessmen, respectively. Most of Paul’s admirers think he is an only child because he hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

Paul Qualley developed a wide range of interests as a child, but during his adolescence, he focused primarily on athletics. Paul played both football and soccer for the school teams while attending the local high school where he was a student and a member of the theatrical club.

Paul Qualley graduated sometime in the middle of the 1970s, and although he hasn’t discussed his subsequent schooling, some people think he went to college and earned a bachelor’s degree there around the year 1980.

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Since he was young, Paul Qualley has been drawn to the modeling business. He had the physique and appearance for a modeling career, so he made the decision to try it out with the support of his friends and family. He had the chance to appear in various commercials and runway shows as a model.

Paul Qualley never seemed to enjoy what he was doing, despite his success in the world of modeling. He rapidly came to the conclusion that the contracting industry would be a better fit for him, so he quit modeling to pursue a career in ranching. Paul Qualley’s property is situated in Montana. Paul Qualley is currently in charge of running the property.

Even though Paul Qualley is no longer modeling, he has made a name for himself in the industry. Additionally helping him advance professionally was his bond with Andie.

Paul Qualley Relationship and Marriage

Paul Qualley, who has been divorced, only had one marriage, to Andy McDowell, a well-known American model, and actress whom he met on the set of the television commercial “Gap Ages.” They started seeing each other after that and started dating soon after.

They both agreed to be married and establish a family because their relationship was going well, and as a result, they became a married pair in 1986.

They remained married for around 13 years until they experienced marital problems and decided that everyone should go their own ways. In 1999, they both got divorced, and everyone had to go on.

Paul Qualley Children

Sarah Margaret Qualley

Paul Qualley

On October 23, 1994, Sarah Margaret Qualley was born in Kalispell, Montana. When she was 16 years old, Qualley walked for Alberta Ferretti during New York Fashion Week in 2011. She walked the runway for Chanel and Valentino during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012. She performed another walk for Chanel at their 2012 Fall/Winter fashion show. For magazines like Vogue, W, Teen Vogue, Interview, Vanity Fair, and Nylon, Qualley has posed. Qualley made an appearance in the Steven Meisel-photographed Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2016 print advertisement. Qualley represents Chanel as a housing ambassador.

Sarah Margaret Qualley made her screen debut in 2013 in a supporting role in Gia Coppola’s movie Palo Alto.  She got the role because she was visiting Nat Wolff, her ex-boyfriend, who was working on the set.

Sarah Margaret Qualley joined the HBO television series The Leftovers in June 2013 as a series regular. For The Leftovers’ ensuing second and third seasons, which aired in 2015 and 2017, respectively, Qualley returned to the character of Jill Garvey.

In November 2019, Qualley was a New York resident.  Qualley previously shared a home with her sister Rainey in Los Angeles, where they also had a dog named Books. According to Qualley, her sister is “my idol and the world’s best friend.” After they appeared together in Rainey’s music video for “Love Me Like You Hate Me,” she started dating actor Shia LaBeouf.

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Following the controversy surrounding LaBeouf, including the lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfriend and singer FKA twigs accusing him of sexual abuse and assault, Qualley and LaBeouf’s relationship came to an end in January 2021. Qualley admitted to Harper’s Bazaar in September 2021 that she agreed with FKA twigs’ claims. Jack Antonoff, a musician, and Qualley are engaged.

Rainey Qualley

Paul Qualley

Rainey Qualley was raised in North Carolina, she was born in New York City on March 11, 1989, or 1990. 2012 marked Qualley’s first year as Miss Golden Globe. She appeared in the Debbie Goodstein-directed film Mighty Fine the same year, costarring with her mother Andie MacDowell. Qualley starred in the Jason Corgan Brown-directed film Falcon Song in 2014. Qualley appeared as a guest star in an episode of Mad Men in 2015. Eddie Alcazar’s 2018 film Perfect, which starred Qualley, was released. In Ocean’s 8, she appeared in a cameo as herself. Qualley’s upcoming film role is in Emrhys Cooper’s The Shuroo Process.

Qualley performs and records songs as Rainsford. She released the song “Too Close” in 2016. She released the song “Rendezvous” in 2017. 2018 saw the release of Rainsford’s first extended play, Emotional Support Animal. “Passionate” and “Open Open,” two tracks by Rainsford, were released in 2019. Two tracks by Rainsford, “2 Cents” and “Crying in the Mirror,” were released in 2020. Twin Shadow and Rainsford worked together on two songs for his fourth studio album.

Justin Qualley

Paul Qualley

Justin Qualley was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, on a ranch, but his parents—Paul Qualley, his father, and Andie MacDowell, his mother—moved the family to Asheville, North Carolina. Justin is a secretive individual who has not shared anything about his background or education. However, he is educated since, according to information, he is his parents’ smartest child.

Justin Qualley does not pursue a well-known vocation like acting, modeling, playing football, or music. He also lacks a social personality, therefore we don’t know what he does for a living. He supposedly does work for a real estate firm in Montana, where his father owns a ranch.

What Does Paul Qualley Do Now?

Paul Qualley was a successful model, yet he never seemed to like what he was doing. He rapidly came to the conclusion that contracting would be a better fit for him, so he quit modeling to pursue a career in ranching. Paul Qualley’s property is situated in Montana. Paul Qualley is currently in charge of running the property.

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Paul Qualley Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Paul Qualley is $100,000. Modeling and being married to Andie MacDowell are Paul Qualley’s two most well-known roles, both of which he no longer holds after quitting modeling and divorcing Andie.

Who is Andy McDowell?

On April 21st, 1958, Rosalie Anderson MacDowell was born in Gaffney, South Carolina. Andie’s early years were difficult because she was raised by a music teacher and a lumber executive in a family of British ancestry. Andie’s mother suffered from drinking when she was young. As a result, there was a slight shift in the traditional roles within the family, with Andie frequently taking care of her mother.

In Arden, North Carolina, her family possessed a historic home that was later converted into a bed & breakfast. Andie’s parents eventually got a divorce when she was just six years old. Andie’s father got remarried when she was eight. Following his graduation from college, MacDowell enrolled at Winthrop University before moving to Columbia, South Carolina. While in Los Angeles, she was noticed by a scout for modeling, and in 1978 she immediately signed a contract with Elite Model Management. After living a clean lifestyle for a year previous to passing away, her mother later died of a heart attack.

Modeling and Commercial Career

Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, and Calvin Klein were some of the companies that MacDowell modeled for in her early career. The latter brand garnered her the most interest, particularly as a result of several television advertisements that were broadcast across the country. She was able to land her first film part in 1984 thanks to these commercials. Due to her strong Southern accent, her lines had to be dubbed, hence this part wasn’t exactly a hit.

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Movie Career

Andie took acting classes and studied the method approach at the Actors Studio from veterans like Harold Guskin because she was determined to excel in the film industry. She was able to secure a part in the independent film “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” after four years of training. This turned out to be her breakout role, and she received numerous nominations and prizes for it. She then appeared in other films, including “Short Cuts,” “The Object of Beauty,” and “Green Card.”

Many of her movies from the 1990s, like “Groundhog Day” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” were blockbuster successes. She continued to appear in many L’Oreal commercials during this time. She started to lean more toward independent films and television work in the 2010s. These include programs like “Cedar Cove” and “Jane by Design.” Andie secured a part in the 2019 comedy-horror movie “Ready or Not.”

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