Philip DeFranco Net Worth, Awards, Marriage and Estate

Philip DeFranco, whose full name is Philip James Franchini, Jr, is known as either “Sxe Phil” or “PhillyD” online. He is an Italian-American YouTuber and news host who focuses on ongoing incidents, celebrity saga, and politics. The next question that comes to mind is, how rich is Philip DeFranco? 

Philip DeFranco has a net worth of $12million after publishing 886 videos on his YouTube channel that has gathered over 6 million subscribers. He’s one of the highest-paid YouTubers with over 1 million followers on his Twitter account.

Keep reading to get more information about Philip DeFranco personal life and how he amassed such net worth.

Philip DeFranco Had A Rocky Start In Life

philip defranco net worth

Philip DeFranco was born on the 1st December 1985 in the Bronx, New York City. There isn’t any detail of his mum, but he has a stepmom that works at a car dealership, a stepdad who goes by the name Philip Franchini Sr. and a younger sister, named Sabrina.

Philip left home early because of family problems where his dad mistreated him, coupled with a mum that suffers from alcoholism, who beats him as well. 

The YouTuber engaged in odd jobs to survive when he left home. He sold bootleg DVDs on eBay, doubled as a waiter, and worked at a movie theatre.

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Where DeFranco’s Luck Began

Philip DeFranco enrolled in three different schools; Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, University of South Florida, and East Carolina University.

His success journey began when he was a student of East Carolina University, where he created his first YouTube channel on the 15th of September 2006.

His YouTube channel, “SxePhil,” was an avenue where he discussed things that mattered to him. In 2007, the YouTuber created another YouTube channel and gave it the name “Philip DeFranco“.

Above all, Philip DeFranco’s success started after he created a video titled “Big Boobs and You” in August 2007. This video captivated 1.8 million views and from there, he shifted his video creation focus to sex, news, and gossip.

Philip DeFranco Impressive Award List And Net Worth Source

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DeFranco’s YouTube channel recorded over 6 million subscribers with 2.9 billion views. His Twitter account of 1.2 million followers has 255.4 million viewers.

He launched “Totally Awesome” where he approved video reviews of technology, movies, and video games. This makes his “Sxephil” channel ranked number 5 among the most subscribed YouTube channels in 2010.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Philip DeFranco is an actor. In 2008, he starred in Hooking up, a popular movie series. In addition, this YouTuber and actor is the originator of the production company, Rogue Rocket. 

Furthermore, he served as a host of the Shark Week 25th anniversary and has a line of hair maintenance for men that he named Beautiful Bastard. 

Some of his best-selling products include Oxi Booster, Fabric Softener, Laundry Detergent, and Dish Detergent. 

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  • He came out on top among celebrities like Elijah Wood, Katy Perry, and Stan Lee at the Spore Creature Creator Competition. And donated his $15,000 prize to the Polycystic kidney disease Foundation (PKD Charity).
  • His “Philip DeFranco Show” won the IAWTV award in 2013 for the Best New Series.
  • Lastly, Philip DeFranco won the Shorty Award in 2015, for the Best Web Series for SourceFed.

See who DeFranco finally settled down with

philip defranco wife

In March 2013, Philip DeFranco proposed to his long-time sweetheart at his “DeFranco Loves Dat AZ” show in Tempe, Arizona and got married to her in March 2015. 

His wife is a travel blogger. She has over 90,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel that goes with the name “LinxLoves

The couple also has two lovely kids, Philip James “Trey” DeFranco ||| and Carter William DeFranco. They had lived in San Fernando and Sherman Oaks before they moved to their new Encino estate.

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See Where Philip DeFranco Spends His Net Worth

As of December 2019, Philip DeFranco purchased their estate in Encino, California for $4.1 million. He and His family lived in the Sherman Oaks house that he got for $1.7 million in 2013 before moving to their estate. DeFranco later put the house up for sale at a whopping price of $2.1 million in December 2020.

Sadly, he’s currently suffering from polycystic kidney disease. The same kidney condition his grandfather and father suffered from.

Apart from being an incredible YouTuber, Philip DeFranco is involved in lots of charity works. This shows he’s a kind-hearted and grateful man considering he had a rough beginning.

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