Tommy Zizzo: Amazing Facts About Erika Jayne’s Son

Tommy Zizzo, also known as Tommy Zizzo Jr., is a police officer by profession, although he first gained notoriety as the son of singer and seasoned reality TV personality Erika Jayne. Thomas Zizzo, his father, is a relatively low-key individual. Tommy has avoided any public attention, much like his super-secretive father. The “Xxpensive” singer previously explained Erika’s son’s preference for privacy by stating that it is due to his work as a law enforcement officer.

Furthermore, Zizzo is very quiet about his relationship with his father while having a close bond with his mother. Early in the 1990s, his parents were married, and when Tommy was a young child, they got divorced.

Early Life

At the age of 20, Erika Jayne and her first husband Thomas Zizzo welcomed their one and only child, Tommy. Although he was born in Manhattan, Erika, his single mother, reared him in Los Angeles. He will be 30 years old in 2022.

Back in September 2020, Jayne posted a picture of her kid as a little boy and commented, “I took this picture on New Year’s Day in Tanzania years ago. This trip was one of our favorites. Travel with your children, show them the world.”

Tommy Zizzo

Just a few years after his birth, his parents split up, moving on to their romantic lives. At a China Club in Manhattan, Erika met Thomas, her first husband. Before getting married, the former couple dated for more than a year after quickly starting a romantic relationship. In St. Patrick’s Cathedral in December 1991, they said “I do.”

But Jayne and Zizzo’s union didn’t last for very long, and after a few years of dating, they decided to call it quits. Since their divorce, Tommy’s father-son connection has remained a mystery. The father-and-son team has yet to make a single joint media appearance.

Tommy Zizzo graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy in late 2014. On November 10 of that year, the Jersey City Police Activity League posted on their Twitter account to congratulate him on finishing his LAPD graduation. They claimed, “Congrats go out to former JCPAL explorer Tommy Zizzo, he graduated from L.A.P.D. Academy #seetheman.”

Before joining the American Police Force, Zizzo worked as an explorer in Jersey City. Tommy is Caucasian and a citizen of the United States.


Tommy Zizzo works as a policeman. Currently based in Los Angeles, Zizzo. His mother Erika stated that her son was always intended to work in police enforcement in an interview with Romper. Additionally, she called the occupation “a dangerous profession.”

Tommy Zizzo

“It’s a dangerous profession. I’ve known my son was going to be in law enforcement from the time he could walk and talk. “That’s all he’s ever wanted and that’s kind of your role as a parent is to honor who your children really are.”

Tommy Zizzo’s Parents

Erika Jayne – Mother

Erika Girardi, also known as Erika Jayne, is an American singer, television host, and former actress who was born on July 10, 1971 and was reared in Atlanta, Georgia.

She relocated to New York City when she was 18 to pursue a career in singing and acting. She had a few cameo appearances on TV shows in the middle of the 1990s. In the end, she arrived in Los Angeles.

Tommy Zizzo

As a founding partner of Girardi & Keese, a litigation business in downtown Los Angeles that focuses on consumer malpractice cases, Tom Girardi amassed a sizeable fortune. Girardi rose to fame in 1970 as the first legal representative in the state of California to secure a settlement of over $1 million in a medical negligence lawsuit.

Tom took on claims against organizations including Lockheed Corp., the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. throughout the coming decades, winning billions of dollars in verdicts. Girardi also engaged in battle with Hollywood’s top seven studios. His well-known lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric, which resulted in a $333 million settlement for 650 Hinkley, California residents, served as the basis for the Erin Brockovich movie.


Around 2007, Erika made the decision to launch a music career. She released the song “Roller Coaster” in 2007. The song reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in the United States. In August 2009, she released her debut full-length album, “Pretty Mess.”

Erika’s music career received all the best resources thanks to Tom. Tom and Erika employed RuPaul’s costume designer, Michael Jackson’s choreographer, and songwriter/producer Andreas Carlsson, who wrote songs for a variety of artists, including Stevie Nicks, the Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Madonna.

Erika would go on to release nine singles, nine of which would peak at number one on the US Billboard Dance Chart. She has had songs utilized in movies like “The Watch.” The television programs “The Neighbor” and “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Erika began a tour of Asia and gained a semblance of a cult following.

Erika joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on the Bravo network in 2015. She advertised her music on the show and boasted about their fortune, claiming, among other things, that she spent $40,000 per month just on clothing.

Thomas Zizzo – Father

American and Italian professional DJ Thomas Zizzo is well-known for having been the ex-husband of American singer Erika Jayne. He was born in Italy in the 1960s. but resides in Los Angeles, California, right now. His actual age and date of birth are unknown. However, based on our analysis, as of 2022, he is most likely in his 60s and about 5 feet, 11 inches tall.

Relationship And Divorce Between Thomas Zizzo and Erika Jayne

Zizzo and Jayne were married from 1991 to 1996. Despite the fact that not much is known about Zizzo, it is said that he is a skilled DJ.

Over time, rumors have circulated that the former couple first connected while he was employed by a Manhattan nightclub. Despite having dated Jayne in the past, Zizzo has avoided the spotlight after the couple’s split because there isn’t much information on the celebrity’s ex-husband.

The couple welcomed Thomas Zizzo Jr., their only child, two years after being married. Before saying “I do,” the former couple only dated for six months.

Although at first, their love appeared to be ideal, after a few years the couple found it difficult to maintain their marriage and mutually agreed that they should obtain a divorce. Although the couple’s breakup is still under investigation, they have both since gone on to new relationships.

After Jayne and Zizzo divorced, she later wed Thomas Girardi, 82, a well-known former lawyer and the co-founder of the Los Angeles legal firm Girardi & Keese.

After six months of courtship, the two got married in 2000, and they were together ever since. However, Jayna startled fans by announcing she will be divorcing her husband in November 2020.

The actress told US Weekly that she had “After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi.”

“This is not a step taken lightly or easily. I have great love and respect for Tom and for our years and the lives we built together. It is my absolute wish to proceed through this process with respect and with the privacy that both Tom and I deserve. I request others give us that privacy as well.”

Although the reason for their breakup is still unknown, many fans believe it was due to her husband’s ongoing legal issues. As a result, they are now calling for the actress to be booted from RHOBH. Fans also criticized her for waiting 11 months to respond to the accusations.

Girardi is currently the target of numerous lawsuits, including one brought by the partners of his law firm, Robert Finnerty and Jill O’Callahan, who allege that Girardi failed to pay them $315,000 in income over the years and instead kept the money for himself, increasing their firm’s $101 million debt.

In addition to the $315,000 in missed revenue, his partners assert that they each lost $442,500 in equity, according to court documents acquired by People.

Additionally, Girardi and his wife are charged with allegedly embezzling money from multiple families who lost loved ones in a Boeing jet disaster in 2018.

Tommy Zizzo’s Personal Life

As we’ve already said, Tommy is a private person. The same could be said about his romantic life. The 30-year-old police officer has never disclosed his current romantic involvement. Therefore, it is unclear right now if Tommy is wed to a wife or not.

Tommy Zizzo wishes to live a quiet life despite being the son of Erika, a well-known media personality. His mother Erika, however, respects his privacy and supports her son’s decision to avoid the media. Once, she said, “It’s not weird [that people are interested in him]. I’m sure that they’re curious because the only thing that they see is this thing. But I am a mother. My son does live with me. He is a police officer and he will remain off camera.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress claimed that Tommy doesn’t want to appear on any TV series with her, including RHOBH, in an interview with Megyn Kelly back in 2018.

“Not everybody wants to be on TV — believe it or not. I know that sounds crazy. But, he’s in a dangerous line of work and he prefers his anonymity as much as possible and I agree with that.”

Tommy Zizzo has a close link with his mother in contrast to his enigmatic relationship with his father. Zizzo loves to spend more time at home when he is not working, according to his artist’s mother. Erika, his mother, is also grateful that her son finds time to spend with her family despite being a busy police officer.

She spoke to Bravo TV, “Tom’s very busy and travels all the time. I travel all the time, and my son is super busy. So it’s nice. We have a really big house, so it’s nice to have him there. I worry about my boy as I’m sure everyone whose family member is in law enforcement or in the military [is], OK? It’s nice to hear him come home. It’s nice to hear him come off duty and I can see his car in the driveway or I hear him walk up the steps.”

Tommy Zizzo Accident

In September 2021, while his mother’s divorce from her second spouse Thomas was still pending, Erika asserted that her ex-husband Girardi had been hurt during a break-in. She claimed that after Tom Girardi’s run-in with a burglar during their Pasadena house raid, he had eye surgery.

Erika went on to say that her son Tommy Zizzo hurried to their house as soon as he heard about the incident. Unfortunately, Tommy Zizzo was engaged in a car accident on the way home, flipping his vehicle five times. However, there are no updates on whether Tommy Zizzo was hurt or not.

Net Worth

In 2022, Tommy Zizzo will have a fortune of $500,000. According to reports, Tommy Zizzo earns between $51k and $68k annually as a police officer. His adoring mother Erika, meanwhile, is thought to be worth $5 million.

The mother and a youngster reportedly moved to a smaller home worth about $1.5 million in Los Angeles after their separation in late 2020 from Erika’s ex-husband Thomas Girardi’s Pasadena estate.

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