Traci Lords Net Worth, Career, Interests, and Pornography

Nora Louise Kuzma, popularly known as Traci Lords is an American singer, actress, and former pornographic actress. She gained her reputation in the acting industry as a pornographic actress at a very tender age. Traci Lords made the papers of her times with the risk she took to play illicit roles as a minor which also played impacted her net worth

Traci Lords net worth is a brilliant sum of $7 million. This stems from her roles in adult content, which introduced her to the industry instantly. She later works also contributed massively to this sum.

Traci Lords net worth is largely influenced by her early beginning as an actress. At 15, she had falsified documents to play a role in a pornographic movie. When this came to the limelight, the FBI arrested and prosecuted those in charge of production. Many of Traci’s movies were also marked as child pornography because of this.

Traci Lords

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Traci’s Beginnings

Traci Lords was born in Steubenville, Ohio on May 7, 1968. She grew up with an elder sister, Lorraine, and two younger sisters – Rachel and Grace. Their father was Ukrainian, while their mother was of Irish descent. 

She had a rough childhood growing up, especially after her parent’s divorce at seven. She moved in with her mother and sisters at their great-grandmother’s house while her abusive father visited. 

Traci admitted the fact that she never wanted to be like her mother or make the mistakes she made. She explained that her mother had experienced one failed relationship after another. At a point, Traci also faced her share of molestation from one of her mother’s boyfriends and in no time, she stopped living with her.

Traci worked as a steelworker during her childhood. She also developed a rebellious attitude because of her experiences. She schooled at Redondo Union High School but dropped out at 15 to begin her porn career.

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Career in Pornography

At age 15, Traci got pregnant but aborted the child with the help of Roger Hayes, her mother’s boyfriend. To earn more money, she began working as a babysitter. Her employee then introduced her to falsifying documents for more employment opportunities.

Soon, Traci began using the alias Kristie Elizabeth Nussman, where she adjusted details like her age to suit her purpose. She began working as a nude model during this time and got featured by several modeling agencies. It was around this time she came up with the stage name ‘Traci Lords’, combining a name she loves with her favorite actor Jack Lord.

Her first appearance in a pornographic movie was in 1984, playing a role alongside Tom Byron in What Gets Me Hot. She also acted in Those Young Girls and alas in Talk Dirty To Me III. The latter movie earned her the name “Princess of Porn”.

At first, Traci was given non-sex roles to play but was later introduced to major roles. Soon, she became the most sought-after actress and one of the highest-paid porn actresses earning over $1,000 a day.

As she advanced in this, the authorities found out her true identity. This led to the rigorous persecution of all in charge of her productions. Distributors also brought down content relating to her to avoid persecution. This was the genesis of her switch from pornography to the mainstream.

Traci Lords

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Mainstream Career

After some months of therapy, Traci became serious about pursuing a career as a normal actress. It was difficult to start up at first but she finally got a guest role in Wiseguy. The sci-fi classic – Not of This Earth – became her first movie to debut after quitting the adult film industry.

As she worked with more industries, Traci finally met her breakthrough. She starred in films like Cry-baby, 1000 fires, Melrose Place, Profiler, Blade, and so on. Other of her films that debuted include classics such as Macgyver, Tales from the Crypt, Roseanne, and others.

Today, she is a winner of several awards, including the Film Discovery Jury Award, Fright Meter Award, and the Indie Series Award

Traci’s Interests

Traci also engages in fashion and music. Her music career, which she dropped for a long time, was finally restored in 2010 with a new album “Pretty”. She also has a book that chronicles her time as an actress in the adult film industry.

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