Lola Burr: Bill Burr’s Daughter The Untold Story You Didn’t Know

Celebrity children, such as Lola Burr, are born and raised in the public spotlight. However, most of these youngsters are unaware of the attention they receive as children, and their parents go to great lengths to protect their anonymity until they reach adulthood.

Fans are continuously searching for their favorite celebrities’ offspring in today’s digital environment. From an early age, some of these children have been exposed to their parents’ celebrity lives. Others, such as Lola Burr, become famous almost immediately once their parents mention them in the media.

Lola Burr


Who is Lola Burr?

Lola Burr is the daughter of Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill, the famous Bill Burr, and Nia Renee Hill. Her mother is a well-known actress, while her father is a popular American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and podcaster.

Lola, who was born into a wealthy family, has already amassed enough celebrity at the age of five. In fact, her life has piqued people’s interest, and many of her parents’ followers are eager to learn more about her.

Lola was born on January 20, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is of mixed heritage and holds an American passport. Lola has become well-known as a result of her father’s podcast, in which he discusses his personal life and his children.

Lola has already had the opportunity to walk on stages where some of the world’s most famous bands and individuals, such as Led Zeppelin and Bonham, have performed.

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Lola Burr Education

This year marks Lola Burr’s fifth birthday, and she has begun her academic career. She attends a local school near her family’s home, according to some accounts.

Lola has already performed on stages where many well-known bands such as Led Zeppelin and Bonham have appeared, despite the fact that she is only four years old. There’s a chance she’ll follow in his parent’s footsteps in the film industry.

Lola Burr


Lola Burr Parents

Bill Burr is an American comedian, actor, and writer who was born on June 10, 1968. Why Do I Do This?, Let It Go, You People Are All the Same, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, Walk Your Way Out, and Paper Tiger are just a few of his stand-up comedy presentations. The latter was nominated for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards for Best Comedy Album.

In the Netflix animated sitcom F Is for Family, Bill Burr developed, co-wrote, and voiced the primary character. Patrick Kuby from AMC’s Breaking Bad, Migs Mayfeld from Disney+’s The Mandalorian, and Ray Bishop from the film The King of Staten Island are among his other prominent acting appearances. Since 2007, he’s hosted the Monday Morning Podcast twice a week, and in 2012, he co-founded the All Things Comedy network.

Observers of the American stand-up comedy circuit have referred to Burr as a “comedian’s comedian.” Bill Burr has been dubbed “the undisputed heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor” by Rolling Stone magazine. Bill Burr is known for portraying himself as “that loud guy in the bar” with “uninformed logic.”

“I’m the ‘dude, bro’ guy,” Burr told The Boston Globe in an interview. Burr is “a cynic and a contrarian who has never paid any attention to political correctness,” according to the Montreal Gazette. Burr was dubbed “one of the funniest, most distinctive voices in the country for years” by the New York Times in 2013. Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Sam Kinison, and Patrice O’Neal are Burr’s top five stand-up comedians.

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Nia Hill, Lola’s mother, was born on June 2, 1978. She is an actor, writer, producer, and director who has appeared in films such as “Lila, Long Distance,” “Did You Look for Work This Week?” and, most recently, “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix. Nia Hill is a regular guest on Burr’s podcast, “Monday Morning Podcast,” and it appears that listeners enjoy hearing the duo communicate.

Nia Hill has also done voiceover work for Burr’s animated adult sitcom F is for Family, where she has played Georgia Roosevelt on a recurring basis since 2017. The Netflix series is likely to return for a fifth and final season, but no debut date has been announced. Hill and comedian Marcella Arguello co-created the YouTube series You Welcome.

Nia Hill is a writer and former blogger who has written about feminism and racism issues outside of television and humor. Nia Hill wrote “I Never Thought I Would End Up Here But Here I Am: My Life As A ‘Kept Woman” on the now-defunct site, in which she discussed dealing with her husband as the family’s breadwinner and how she hopes to change that one day.

Nia Hill also wrote an article called “I’m A Black Woman Who Dates White Guys,” in which she advised people in interracial relationships on what to say and what not to say.

bill burr wife 1568217517634

Nia Hill and Bill Burr met, fell in love, and lived together briefly at Emerson College in Boston before heading to Los Angeles for better possibilities in the television and film industries.

Bill Burr and Nia Hill married in September 2013 after dating for a long time, yet the details of their wedding aren’t widely known. In some of his early 2000s stand-up performances, he questions why people marry and complains about not being compatible with the women he encounters. “The day I see a married guy who truly seems pleased,” he claimed, he’ll get married.

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Burr and Hill are parents to two children: Lola, who was born in January 2017, and a second child due in the summer of 2020. Hill announced her second pregnancy in May 2020 with a photo of her baby bulge and the statement, “In other news…”

She posted a selfie of herself cradling her newborn boy in June 2020, with the comment, “Mama’s here.  Always.” “She gave me a beautiful baby boy, so I got a daughter and a son now, and it’s awesome,” Burr told Jimmy Kimmel in 2020 of his wife and his children.

Burr claimed he worried when he was 48 that he was too old to make his wife pregnant. “I was worried I’d be too old to undertake it, so the fact that the plumbing was still functional was reassuring.“I was worried that I was too old to do it, so the fact that the plumbing still worked was a relief. I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to do the whole Westworld thing where I was going to have to go into a lab and they were going to have to milk some sort of life out of me. I was very excited. Believe it or not, I always wanted to be a dad,” he remarked.

The couple is still together. Hill is a huge supporter of Burr and his work, frequently posting about his accomplishments on social media and expressing her pride. She also has a YouTube channel dedicated solely to clips of her husband performing.

Lola Burr Siblings

Lola is the younger sister of a younger brother. Nia announced the arrival of the newest member of the family on her Instagram account in June 2020. The parents have yet to give the child a name, but they are loving their time with both children.

Even if Bill Burr professes to have been unaffected by motherhood, there is something fresh about him now that he is the father of a girl. Bill stated in an interview that he now realizes that he must live long enough to ensure that his daughter does not marry the wrong man.

Bill expressed his delight at seeing children around his home during a Monday Morning Podcast. He also promised his fans that he would prepare birthday cakes for Lola Burr every year on her birthday.

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Lola Burr On Social Media

Although Lola does not have her own social media accounts, her mother has a handful of her daughter’s images on her Instagram account. The parents, on the other hand, have decided not to reveal the child’s identity.


Lola Burr Net Worth

Lola’s net worth cannot be revealed because she is still a child. There is, however, information about her parents’ net worth. Bill Burr’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $10 million as of 2021, while Nia Hill’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million, according to sources.

As a result, it is possible to conclude that the youngster lives an extremely opulent lifestyle. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for her. Hopefully, she will live a happy and fulfilling life.

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