Who Is Odessa Adlon? Relationship, Social Media and Career

You may have stumbled across the name Odessa Adlon in one of the many stories about Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, and you may not. So let’s settle the question of if Jaden and Odessa dated; the answer is yes. But that’s not the focus of this article.

Instead, let’s try again to juggle your memory. Have you seen the series Californication? Remember a certain Pamela Adlon? Yes, that woman. She is possibly one of the standout actresses in the series.

Well, Odessa is proof that talent can indeed be passed to children. Pamela is the mother of Odessa, by the way, and she is doing fantastic in Hollywood today. 

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One streaming site that raked in many revenues during the pandemic is Netflix. If you are the type that binge-watch series, then you may perhaps have come across the Grand Army on Netflix. If you have not, it is okay. It is always there for you to watch.

But the point is Odessa Adlon is famous for her role in the series. She played Joey Del Marco in the series. Her role has been highlighted by critics to be brilliantly interpreted. 

Who is Odessa Adlon? 

Odessa Zion Segali Adlon is also known as Odessa A’zion. On June 17, 2000, she was born in Los Angeles, California. She was born to Californication star Pamela Adlon and movie director Felix O. Adlon. Odessa is the second child of her parents.

The others are Gideon Adlon and Valentine Adlon. Odessa has a family history. Her grandparents from both her parents’ sides were filmmakers. So, the genes only continued to grow in her. 

Odessa Adlon’s Career

Odessa kicked off her career, starring as Liv in season 5 of Nashville in 2017. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that she landed her first significant role, playing Shannon, the younger sister of Nina Dobrev in The CBS sitcom Fam. But Odessa’s big break came in the 2020 Netflix series Grand Army, where she starred as Joey Del Marco. Her performance received positive reviews.

Fans online wouldn’t stop waxing lyrical about how she could interpret sexual assault correctly. Some actors shy away from playing roles that have to do with sexual harassment, perhaps because of trauma. Not Adlon, who has found a way to embody the role given to her. She is one of the shining lights in the series that has gained worldwide attention. 

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Still relatively young, Odessa has featured in quite many movies. She isn’t your typical child actor who became a global star. But, she started her Hollywood career at a relatively young age.

However, she still has a long way to go, but her foundation looks solid enough, and hopefully, her role in Grand Army can catapult her to more prominent roles. 

Did Odessa Adlon Date Jaden Smith?

There were rumors that Odessa and Jaden Smith were in a relationship. The rumors were confirmed when pictures emerged that the two were a thing. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for long as they had to go their separate ways for reasons best known to them. Even though they still claim to be friends, they cannot look the same way again. 

Is Odessa Adlon in A Relationship?

It doesn’t look like Odessa is in a relationship now. She has been tight-lipped about who she is in love with. Hopefully, when she gets someone who will love her for who she is, she will talk about them. 

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Is Odessa Adlon on Social Media? 

The series Grand Army on Netflix has brought a lot of attention to Odessa, which means more visibility on social media. Odessa is very active on social media platforms, where she has amassed many followers. For example, you can find her on Instagram with her handle @odessaazion.

On Instagram, she has millions of followers, and that’s because she is very active on the platform. However, on Twitter, she doesn’t have that many numbers. But, she is swamped on social media, especially on Instagram.

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Aside from her critical performance on Grand Army that has received positive reviews, there aren’t too many things you will find about Odessa on the internet. Odessa Adlon is relatively private about her life but would go to any extent to promote her craft. 

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