Maxine Sneed: Early Life, Career And Marriage Of Tommy Chong’s Ex-Wife

Maxine Sneed

Maxine Sneed is famous as the ex-wife of Tommy Chong, a well-known Canadian-American actor, filmmaker, singer, writer, comedian, and advocate for cannabis legalization, Maxine Sneed is also known for her work as the former editor of Black Radio Magazine.

In contrast to her professional activities, Maxine was more in the news because of her relationship with Chong. She became well-known after getting married to a successful entertainment figure. Rae Dawn and Robbi Chong, their daughters, also became accomplished actors as adults.

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According to reports, Rae was conceived as a result of Tommy’s extramarital affair with Gail Toulson, a minor, and Tommy eventually won Maxine’s legal custody claim. As she went through her divorce, Maxine once more drew media attention.

Tommy’s infidelity is cited as the cause of the couple’s separation in a number of reputable sites. While Tommy went on and wed actor-producer Shelby Fiddis, Maxine is apparently unmarried. Maxine has lived a secluded life since her divorce and avoided the limelight. She currently leads a private and professional life that is not well-known.

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Editor Maxine Sneed was employed by “Black Radio Magazine.” However, it is unknown how long she was affiliated with the publication. Her professional history is largely unknown, with the exception of her time spent working for “Black Radio Magazine.” According to some reports, Maxine worked as an editor for a corporate company, while other sources claim she was a proofreader for various major corporations.

She gained notoriety when she wed Tommy Chong, a well-known Canadian-American entertainer, and fighter for cannabis liberties, in Canada in 1960. Rae Dawn Chong, the couple’s first child, is said to be the result of Tommy having an adulterous relationship with Gail Toulson, a minor.

Later, Tommy battled for and gained the child’s custody; as a result, he and Maxine raised the child. When Rae became 12 years old, she finally learned who her biological mother was. Rae was born on February 28, 1961.

Rae, however, was unaffected by the legal issues surrounding her birth and custody, and she has always given Tommy and Maxine the credit for Rae and Robbi’s excellent upbringing along with that of their younger sister.

Rae has continued her father’s acting career and is renowned for her roles in the movies “Quest for Fire,” “Time Runner,” “Commando,” “The Color Purple,” and “Beat Street.”

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Personal Life


There is no clear evidence about Maxine’s precise birth date, despite some sources claiming that she was born on September 23. She is of black Canadian and Cherokee origin, but little else is known about her parents, siblings, early years, or education.

She is reportedly a dual citizen of Canada and the United States, according to some accounts. Through Rae, she is the grandmother of Morgan. Social media sites like “Facebook,” “Twitter,” and “Instagram” are not where Maxine is active. After her divorce, she stopped interacting with the media.

Robbi Lynn Chong, Maxine’s lone biological child and her second daughter with Tommy, was born on May 28, 1965. Robbi was a model before becoming an actor. In 1970, Maxine and Tommy split up. According to some sources, Tommy’s adultery was the cause of the divorce.

Maxine is said to have kept her single status following the divorce and prefers to keep her personal affairs out of the public eye. In 1975, Tommy wed Shelby Fiddis, an American comedian, actor, and producer. With Shelby, he has two sons, Paris and Gilbran, and a daughter, Precious. Marcus Chong, an adopted son, is another child of his.

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Who is Tommy Chong?

Tommy Chong

On May 24, 1938, Thomas B. Kin Chong was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Tommy, who was born in China and was raised in Calgary by a Scottish-Irish mother and a Chinese-born father, eventually left high school at the age of 16. He later remarked that playing the guitar was an excellent way to “get laid” as well as earn a living.

His Career

Tommy Chong eventually began playing guitar with the Shades, a band, and moved to Vancouver with them to seek more career prospects. Tommy and a bandmate founded a nightclub together after a few singles were released.

The group, now known as the Vancouvers, produced “Does Your Momma Know About Me,” a hit single in 1965 after signing with Gordy Records. On the Billboard charts, the songs peaked at number 29. The Vancouvers continued their tour in Detroit, opening once for the Jackson 5. (which included a young Michael Jackson).

Tommy’s managers dismissed him after he arrived late for a job. Chong declared he was done with the group even though they later came up to him and admitted their error. He agreed to a $5,000 severance payment, and the Vancouvers split up soon after.

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Cheech & Chong

In the late 1960s, Tommy met Cheech Marin in Vancouver. Marin and Chong became friends over their mutual love of marijuana when Marin fled to Canada to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. After developing a close bond, they created a comedy team and began sharing stand-up routines. They soon started putting out comedic albums and movies.

When the movie Up in Smoke was released in 1978, they experienced their greatest triumph. Despite having a little budget, the film managed to earn $44 million at the box office and ended up being a surprise smash. Two follow-up films, Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie, and Nice Dreams were made possible by their success. When they released the less successful movies Things are Tough All Over and Still Smokin’ in 1982 and 1983, the duo’s fame began to erode.

With movies like The Corsican Brothers by Cheech & Chong, they were attempting to break away from stoner humour by 1984. Despite their little degree of success, Marin was determined to pursue an acting career on her own. Ultimately, the two fell out in 1985 due to “creative differences.

Chong created or co-wrote almost all of the films he directed and co-starred in while he and Marin were collaborating on screenplays. Chong directed four total films.

His Solo Career

In a sense, Tommy Chong was compelled to follow Cheech Marin’s lead when he began pursuing his own solo career. The Martinez Family, the pilot he attempted to create for CBS, was never accepted. The sitcom Trial and Error was later created from it, nevertheless. He produced, directed, and starred in the film Far Out Man in 1990.

He didn’t return to acting until 1998, when he may have played his most well-known recent part. He was cast as “Leo” on the popular sitcom That 70s Show that year. He appeared in the series for its entire eight-year run after his character quickly became a fan favorite. In the movie Dharma and Greg, he made a comeback to the silver screen.

Chong developed a career as a voice actor over the subsequent time frame. In the Disney movie Zootopia from 2016, he provided the voice of Yax. Prior to the 2014 release of Cheech & Chong‘s Animated Movie, he also reconnected with Cheech Marin in 1997 and worked on numerous projects with the veteran comedian.

Tommy Chong has made appearances on television shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Trailer Park Boys, The Masked Singer, and Franklin & Bash in addition to these ones. Additionally, he was seen on The Joe Rogan Experience. Additionally, he released the film a/k/a, Tommy Chong.

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Personal Life And Net Worth

In the late 1980s, Tommy Chong acquired American citizenship. Chong has been diagnosed with colon and prostate cancer, and he attributes his survival to hemp oil and other medical marijuana therapies. Since 1975, Tommy and Shelby Chong have been wed.

Canadian comedian, actor, singer, and director Tommy Chong’s net worth is $20 million. Tommy Chong has made a profession out of being a proud stoner, and he is practically synonymous with cannabis culture.


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