Orlando Brown Net Worth: Career, Height, Legal Problems

Orlando Brown Net Worth

Orlando Brown net worth

Orlando Brown net worth is about $20,000 in total. He has a flourishing acting career and earns a decent income. He also makes money through his singing.

Who is Orlando Brown?

As Eddie Thomas on the popular Disney Channel sitcom, “That’s So Raven,” Orlando Brown, an outstanding African-American actor, rapper, voice actor, and musician rose to fame. He is noted for his appearances in both television and cinema, including that of 3J in “Family Matters,” Tiger in “Major Payne,” and Frankie in “Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off.” Furthermore, Orlando is well recognized for his roles as Max in “Two of a Kind” and Damey Wayne in the television series “Waynehead.” Other of his well-known works include Bloody Hands, The End, Fillmore!, Perfect Game, and so on.

His two albums, “Trade It All” and “Fuck My Name,” are also available. Some of his most well-known songs include Picasso’s Nightmare, Mad at Ya, and Will It Go Round in Circles. The actor is well known for both his drug-impaired vlogs and his angry internet outbursts. Orlando used to be a promising actor, but lately, he’s had trouble finding work.

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Early Life

Los Angeles, California was the place of Orlando Brown’s birth on December 4, 1987. The details of his family are not well known.

Orlando Brown Career

On the television program “Coach” and in the television film “Family Values,” Orlando Brown made his television debut in 1995. He was chosen to play Tiger in the film “Major Payne” the same year. He appeared in episodes of “The Parent Hood” and “In the House” in 1996. He also received his first major TV roles as 3J on the show “Family Matters” (1996-1997) and as Damey Wayne on the TV series “Waynehead” (1996–1998).

Orlando Brown was given a brief part in the 1998 film “Senseless at the Gate.” His work was recognized, and as a result, he was given the parts of Max on the television series “Two of a Kind” (1998–1999) and Nelson on “The Jamie Foxx Show” (1998–2001).

On shows like “Malcolm & Eddie” and “Friends and Foes,” Brown, a well-known star in the television industry, made several appearances in 1999. His performance in “Safe Harbor” earned him a nomination for “Best Performance in a TV Series.” The next year, in 2000, Orlando was chosen to play Bear Little Boy in both “The Tangerine Bear” and the film “Perfect Game.”

Orlando Brown worked on a number of songs with the “Disney Channel Circle of Stars” while performing in Disney Channel shows. “Circle of Life,” “Little By Little,” and “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” are a few of his well-known tunes (2008). He started experimenting with rap and hip-hop later in his career after leaving Disney, recording songs like “No Fear,” “Picasso’s Nightmare,” etc.

After making a cameo in the television series “Lizzie McGuire” in 2001, Orlando Brown started his long and most prosperous relationship with Disney. Then, from 2001 to 2005, he provided the voices for Sticky Webb on the Disney animated series “The Proud Family” and Cornelius Fillmore on the animated series “Fillmore” (2002–2004). On “Express Yourself,” Brown also made multiple cameos in his own persona (2002–2007). The actor solidified his status when he was chosen to play Edward “Eddie” Thomas on Disney’s well-known sitcom “That’s So Raven” (2003–2007).

Orlando appeared in films such as “Suits on the Loose,” “Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off,” and “Max Keeble’s Big Move” in addition to being one of the main actors in the Disney Channel series (2005). Unfortunately, after “That’s So Raven” ended, he struggled to duplicate his popularity in the following years.

He appeared in minor roles in “The End” on television and in box office duds including “We the Party” (2012), “American Bad Boy” (2015), and “Blood Hands” (2016). On the Disney Channel’s ‘That’s So Raven’ spinoff, ‘Raven’s Home,’ he was likewise not recast in the Eddie Thomas role (2017).

Orlando Brown Personal Life

orlando brown net worth

He has been addicted to meth and cocaine. Since his participation in the Dr. Phil program, Brown has talked out about his troubles at a church fundraiser in 2020 and acknowledged his former addictions.

He was seen in 2021 with his son and wife. Brown was discovered to be homeless and residing with his brother when he was apprehended on December 22, 2022. According to Brown’s brother, he brought Brown into his home two weeks earlier so that Brown wouldn’t have to stay in a homeless shelter.

Orlando Brown Height And Weight

Orlando Brown is 1.70 m tall and weighed 78 kg man.

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Legal Problems

On February 28, 2016, Brown got into a public argument with his then-girlfriend and was arrested in Torrance, California. He was eventually charged with domestic abuse, obstructing the court system, drug possession with intent to sell, and possessing contraband while incarcerated.

He hit her in the police station’s parking lot, causing the officers to call for assistance. When they arrived, they found that he had been carrying methamphetamine, a stimulant, at the time of the occurrence.

Following his failure to appear in court on the linked charges, Brown was charged with domestic assault, narcotics possession, and resisting arrest. On March 18, 2016, police in Barstow, California, were called to a private property in response to complaints of a domestic dispute involving Brown, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s mother. When they arrived, Brown was eventually taken to jail.

He fled California for Nevada before being eventually apprehended by bounty hunters in Las Vegas on April 13, 2016. They found him hiding in a private homeowner’s closet. He again missed a scheduled court hearing after being let out of jail in Barstow, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

On his neck, Brown debuted a fresh tattoo of his former That’s So Raven co-star Raven-Symoné at the beginning of 2016. Later that year, following a family and friend intervention, he attended rehab. He barely spent one week there, though, and was seen walking down the street in his underwear while holding a box of wine shortly after his release.

Brown was detained on domestic violence-related allegations on December 22, 2022, in Lima, Ohio. He was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence for reportedly threatening his brother with a hammer and a knife blade that had been broken off. Later, it was revealed from jail records that Brown was being held without bond at the Allen County jail.

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