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It is usually hard for child actors to transition into main actors, but Sara Waisglass stands out. Most often than not, what we see is the child actor missing the path or being mismanaged.

One typical example that comes to mind is Macaulay Cullin, the Home Alone star, who was successful as a child actor but struggling today to get to that potential we always knew he had. Not Sara Waisglass, though. This article will run you through some facts you never knew about the delectable Sara.

Sara Waisglass Movies, Career, Instagram & Lifestyle
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Though relatively young, something about Sara’s talent has made her a favorite of cast directors. Since a child, she has learned the ropes of Hollywood. Consequently, she has found a way of transitioning into adult roles. Acting with several other older actors also helped her in honing her skills. Not only has she sharpened her skills, but she has also grown into a gorgeous woman.

Who is Sara Waisglass?

Sara was born on July 3, 1998, in Toronto, Ontario. We do not know who her parents are as she has made details of her private life remain private. She made her child acting debut as an eight-year-old child in The Jane Show in 2007. She played little Jane, by the way.

However, it wasn’t until later that she made her first big-screen debut in the psychological thriller, Afterwards, where she starred alongside Evangeline Lilly and John Malkovich in 2008. Seven years later, Waisglass made another appearance in the Anton Corbijn drama film Life alongside industry giants in Robert Pattinson and Sir Ben Kingsley. From then on, the sky was the only limit as she continued to grow in leaps and bounds, making appearances in several movies.

Let’s examine eight facts you probably never knew about the beautiful Sara Waisglass.

1. She Loves Screenwriting

Sara has indeed spent a lot of her years acting behind the camera, but if there is one thing she wants to learn badly, it is screenwriting. She believes she can use her writing skills and creative self to write more stories. We do not know if there is a chance that she will take this up and make it a personal project. One thing we know is, if Sara Waisglass wants to get something done, she always finds a way to make sure it happens. This, we are sure she will find a way around it.

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2. She Loves To Sing

It is safe to say that Waisglass is multi-talented. Though she may not show it often, many people do not know that Waisglass is quite the singer. There was a time she posted videos of herself singing on YouTube. However, it looks like the videos have been removed either by her or by the site. Perhaps, she gets to sing in one of her movies; we’ll never know, you know.

3. She is a Proud Canadian

Canadian recently looks like a hotspot of talents. Some of the best skills in the entertainment industry (music and Hollywood) have come from Canada. It also looks like there is no stopping of talents from that country anytime soon. Well, Sara Waisglass is also one of those talents that have taken the entertainment industry by storm. She is also proud of her country and doesn’t hesitate to show off her country of birth.

4. Sara Sells Videos on A Site, Cameo

There is a new style of marketing that is becoming very popular. It is the usage of communities to sell your products. This style entails that you, first of all, build a community of friends and people who would listen to you, people who would trust whatever you ask of them.

For Sara, it was easy. She is a likable person, and she leveraged that to build a community, such that when she needed to sell her products, this time in the form of videos, it was easy. Sara owns an account on Cameo where she sells her video records for just $15. Fortunately for her, she has several fans who have been supporting her business. It is just another way to sell value.

5. Hiking is Just Sara’s Thing

If Sara enjoys one thing, it has to be hiking. It must be said that from her online videos, Sara is an outdoor personality. She loves hiking, and according to her, it is not because it is some form of exercise, but also to have a getaway from her head, sometimes.

6. Sara Loves Family

Having been born to a very closely knitted family, Sara doesn’t joke about her family. She is of the opinion that family is everything irrespective of what happens outside there. Also, her family has always supported her, and it is only normal that she gives back to her family. Even though details of her family are not in the open, she still refers to them as her safe space.

7. Sara Travels A Lot

Travelers always have new experiences to share. Also, as an actor, traveling can help you understand the different cultures of people. We already mentioned that Sara is an adventurous person and being outdoors is everything to her. She is an avid traveler and has visited many places in the United States of America, and Canada among many other countries.

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8. Sara First Professional Job Was At KFC

Many successful actors will tell you today that the start of their career was quite not as glamorous as it is now. For Sara Waisglass, she got her first professional job – even though she was still relatively young – to act in a commercial for Kentucky-Fried Chicken (KFC).

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Sara Waisglass is in the vertical direction, and we believe that she has more in store for us. She is in a relationship, according to her post on social media. She looks happy too. Hopefully, we get to see more of Sara Waisglass on our screens as the years go by.

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