$uicideboy$ Net Worth in 2023, Height, Bio, Album and Income

As much as the name, ‘$uicideboy$,’ will cause a few raised eyebrows, it is truly the name of an American hip hop duo. Now you are wondering why that name out of a long list of other names in the world. You will have the answer to that, if you continue reading this article. The duo was founded by two cousins, ‘Ruby da cherry and Scrim,’ their lyrics are known to depict suicide and substance use. The duo also produces their own beat, and have their own record label, ‘G*59 records.’ Who is $uicideboy$? What songs have they released? What is $uicideboy$ net worth?

$uicideboy$ net worth
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Sucideboy($uicideboy$) is especially known to those who enjoy underground rap. Over the years, they have released popular songs such as; 2nd Hand, Dead Batteries, Paris, and a whole lot more. Although the duo are struggling with addiction, they still work hard to make enjoyable music, and are not letting it hinder them in any way. In this article, you will know more about $uicideboy$, the story behind their name, $uicideboy$ albums, $uicideboy$ net worth and a lot more. 

The Early Life of $uicideboy$-Scrim

Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr. popularly known as ‘Scrim,’ is a part of the American duo, $uicideboy$. He was born on April 11, 1989, in Marrere, Louisiana, United States. He went to Delgado College, and has always had an interest in being a disc jockey. This interest led him to sell drugs, and from it, he was able to purchase his first laptop with the money made. His skills got him various gigs, and he happily played in a lot of parties. He worked a second job, but did not last there, as he got fired for having tattoos. 

The Early Life of $uicideboy$-Ruby da Cherry

Aristos Norman Detrou popularly known as Ruby da Cherry, is the second half of the American duo group, ‘$uicideboy$.’ He was born on April 22, 1990. Although there is not much information about his family, his father, Pavlos Petrou, is a former association football head coach at Mount Carmel Academy. Ruby da Cherry never really enjoyed sports, instead his interest was deeply rooted in music. He started playing the violin and drums when he was 7 years old, and joined a band in middle school. He also worked at his father’s restaurant, as a waiter.

The Story Behind the Name

After working other jobs, both cousins came to the realization that they have an undeniable love for music. They formed the band, ‘$uicideboy$,’ with a very shocking yet interesting pact of committing suicide if their chosen career path does not lead them to success.

$uicideboy$ net worth
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$uicideboy$ Albums

$uicideboy$ net worth started its growth from its first project, a three track EP, ‘Kill Yourself I.’ The EP got the attention of the famous rappers, ‘Bones, and ‘Black Smurf,’ who wanted a collaboration with them. After a short time, they released another EP in 2015, ‘South Side Suicide,’ again the EP $uicideboy$ had a collaboration with South side Florida and Pouy, which gave them an instant ticket to the spotlight. They gained over 75 million plays in 2018, and their song, ‘Radical Suicide,’ became #17 on the Billboard Rap charts.

In 2018, the duo decided it was time to have an album.  They had their first studio album, ‘I Want to Die in New Orleans,’ an album inspired from their lives and road experiences while doing music. In that same year, $uicideboy$ net worth grew when their song, ‘Paris,’ from their album, became the most viewed on Youtube with 160 million views. While ‘Kill Yourself III,’ became the most played on Spotify, with 322 million views. The song led them to be on the list of Billboard 15 Artists to Watch in 2018. 

$uicideboy$ net worth
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Few years later, the duo had their second studio album, ‘Long Term Effects of Suffering.’ They also released a third EP, ‘Live Fast, Die Whenever,’ which led to another collaboration with the popular artist, ‘Blink.’ In 2019, the band had their first nationwide tour, ‘Grey Day Tour.’ 

What is the Band’s Net Worth

$uicideboy$ net worth is currently $2.5 million, earned from their music, and their self-branded merchandise (T-shirts, Hoodies, Beanies, Chains, and a lot more).


Scrim, the half of the duo $uicideboy$, has an addiction to drugs, but is currently handling it by constantly attending therapy sessions, and a 12 step program. The second half of the duo, also has addictions to various substances, but with the help of their management, he got into a rehabilitation facility. Although he is out now, and not completely sober, he just wants to continue making music.

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