Carter Comstock Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Earnings and Career

This young handsome man is all about making waves and being the best at what he does. He is a popular business tycoon, and investor in New York. What is Carter Comstock net worth? The co-founder and chief innovation officer at, ‘Freshly.’

Are you wondering who this is? It is one of the businessmen in the world, who has the unique skill of turning an unpleasant situation into a money-making opportunity, Carter Comstock? Who is Carter Comstock? Is Carter Comstock married? 

Carter Comstock net worth

Carter Comstock is one of the brains behind, ‘Freshly,’ a nutritious meal delivery company popularly known in the United States. Emphasis on ‘nutritious,’ as the company is very specific about the kind of meal they deliver, and who they are delivering to.

In this article, you will find all about Carter Comstock’s girlfriend, Carter Comstock’s net worth, the idea behind his million-dollar company, and a lot more. 

Carter Comstock Bio

The 35 years old businessman lives a private life, and there is no public information about his family or his childhood. Although it is popular knowledge that he was born, in 1987, in the United States of America, and went to the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management.

Also, he has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Carter Comstock has a sister, Kerry Wystrach, who is married to his business partner, Michael Wystrach.

Personal Life and Relationship 

Carter Comstock is a young, handsome billionaire, and you can tell it won’t be very difficult to get any girl he likes, from his looks.

He has had previous relationships with other beautiful women, but he made the relationship with his now current ex-girlfriend, Danica Patricks, known on social media, after posting a picture where they shared a kiss. 

Carter Comstock Ex-girlfriend, Danica Patricks

Danica Patricks is one of the most successful women in the history of open-wheel car racing. She was born on March 25, 1982, and has been successful in almost every car sport. In 2008, she also became the only woman to have won in an Indycar series car race.

Patricks believes in finding true love, as she said in an interview, and has been in a couple of failed relationships. 

Carter Comstock net worth

Danica Patricks was once married to a physical therapist in 2005 and enjoyed her marriage to him. Unfortunately, after eight years, the couple got divorced. She moved on to Aaron Rodgers, a skilled quarterback, and broke up with him in 2020. Although there is no public information for when Patricks and Comstock started dating, they made their relationship public in 2021, and in 2022, they separated.

Danica Patricks now works as a NASCAR racing commentator, and has a collaboration with Les Vins Magaret in creating, ‘Danica Rose Wine.’ She currently has a net worth of $80 million.

Carter Comstock Career

Carter Comstock’s net worth growth began with his million-dollar idea, gotten from watching his father, Frank Comstock, an emergency room doctor. His father dedicates his skills, and knowledge to helping people achieve health goals.

Carter Comstock decided to build his own team of chefs, food scientists and wellness experts in preparing nutritious meals, with low-carb, and high proteins to help attain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Carter Comstock net worth

Carter Comstock earlier worked as a District Sales Manager, for two years, and with being a fitness enthusiast, and his knowledge as a former sales manager, he co-founded the company, ‘Freshly,’ in 2012, which now has a unique menu, delivering food across the United States, and positively influencing Carter Comstock net worth. The company has a policy of creating fantastic menus on minimal food waste, and sustainability that can help people with an active lifestyle. 

During the COVID’19 pandemic, the company was equipped enough to donate $500,000 worth ready to eat food to, ‘Meals on Wheels,’ and also opened a manufacturing facility in Georgia. 

Carter Comstock Net Worth?

Carter Comstock’s net worth is currently $200 million, earned from his company Freshly and Freshly fit, still for the purpose of a healthy lifestyle, but with a flexible weekly menu, with different items to choose from.


Carter Comstock is currently working on new methods that could be used to create more healthy foods, fresh meals that would be delivered on a daily basis, and also have amazing sales.

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