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One of the outstanding stories about Rosie Rivera kids is that one of them was born in a car. The name Rivera should ring a bell if you are a fan of the late Mexican-American Jenni Rivera. Rosie Rivera is the sister of the late musician, and she currently runs the business empire, Jenni Rivera Enterprises, which Jenni left behind. Today, Rosie Rivera is a transformational speaker and a shrewd businesswoman. We will dwell on her personality, career, kids,, and relationships.

Rosie rivera kids
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Who is Rosie Rivera?

Rosie was born as Rosie Amelia Rivera on July 3, 1981, in California, USA, to Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra. As stated above, she is not the only child of her parents. She grew up with Juan Rivera, Jenni Rivera, and Lupillo Rivera. She is the youngest of the children. Growing up, she always wanted to be on the TV, and interestingly, her siblings also nursed that same dream. For Jenni, who was the eldest child, she was totally committed to becoming a music star, which she achieved before the cold hands of death snatched her in a fatal aircraft accident in 2012.

Rosie Rivera is dual citizenship as she is Mexican by ethnicity and American by nationality. The nature of her parents’ job saw them migrate to California. There is not much information about how she grew up and her childhood experiences. Her more popular sister, Jenni, was the one who received a lot of the spotlight. But, is Rosie Rivera married? Who are Rosie Rivera kids?

The Career of Rosie Rivera

Rosie kicked off her acting career in 2013. However, it didn’t involve her audition as it was a TV reality show about her family. She played a role in the third season of Jenni Rivera’s reality show; I Love Jenni. However, she didn’t stay too long on the series. But, in 2014, she got featured in the reality television series Famosa, Latina, Rica.
She is currently running the affairs of her sister’s business, The Jenni Rivera Enterprises. While also still maintaining her family. She is the mother of three kids.

Rosie is an Author

After gaining experiences over the years, in February 2016, Rosie released her first book “My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family, and Love.” The book talks about her experience of being sexually abused at an early age. In addition, she gave insights on how to deal with emotional trauma, sharing her story of how her faith helped her overcome the horrible experience. The book is doing well as regards sales.

Is Rosie Rivera Married?

Rosie Rivera is married to Abel Flores. There is no available information on how the two lovebirds met each other. But, they met, and they fell in love. They married in 2011, and since then, they have had three kids. Rosie Rivera kids are quietly growing and have been shielded from the scorching eyes of the media. Kassandra Rivera, Samantha Rivera, and Eli Flores. Occasionally, we get to see them on display from Rosie’s Instagram page.

The kids are still young, so they do not possibly have access to the internet just yet. There were rumours which were mostly true that Abel Flores, who is younger than his wife, Rosie, almost filed for divorce after Jenni’s death. But fortunately for them, they could settle their differences and remain married.

One Of Rosie Rivera Kids Was Born in A Car

There have been many odd stories of how babies were born in the most outrageous places. For instance, we have heard babies born in the toilet, some at the mall, some others in a moving train. From all of these odd stories, what is beautiful is that the babies survived most of the time. In the case of one of Rosie Rivera’s kids, Samantha was born in a car; it was an unprecedented occurrence, but it happened.

Rosie rivera kids
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Rosie Rivera Has Had Plastic Surgeries

The craze is celebrities and even normal humans getting a facelift to make themselves attractive. Rosie Rivera has had many cosmetic plastic surgeries.

Is Rosie Rivera Still Alive?

Rosie Rivera is still very much alive. Rumors surfaced that she passed away,, but the rumors have been put to bed with the truth from recent media from her platforms.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Rosie has thousands of followers on Facebook and over a million on Instagram. On her Twitter account, she has more than 342k followers. She is constantly sharing her life journey on these platforms, and so far, she has gained a lot of fans for the style of content she produces on her platforms.

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Are Rosie Rivera Kids Actors?

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Are Rosie Rivera Kids Actors?

Rosie Rivera kids are still young and cannot possibly think of a career for themselves as they still need tutelage on how to become the best versions of themselves.

Rosie rivera kids
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Rosie Rivera is committed to ensuring that her family is well looked after. Her sister’s death took a toll on her, but somehow she found strength, and today, she is the CEO of her sister’s business enterprises.

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