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Emma Vigeland is a journalist, political correspondent, and news producer from the United States. She currently has a connection to the TYT (The Young Turks) Network. Vigeland, a native of New Jersey, attended Kent Place School before enrolling at Lafayette College to get his “Government & Law” bachelor’s degree. In June of that year, she began working for TYT as a political intern after graduating. She moved up the corporate ladder quickly, and in August she was a political correspondent and news producer.

Before joining them, she had been a longtime follower of TYT and thought that Cenk Uygur’s coverage of the 2016 election stood out for being refreshingly sincere despite the sea of hype that characterized mainstream media. She acts as the primary host of the network’s TYT Politics/Rebel HQ channel, which features political material. For chronicling grassroots progressive movements across the US and covering the hypocrisy of the Republican Party, Vigeland has developed a solid reputation.

emma vigeland
Emma Vigeland

Emma Vigeland Bio

Emma Vigeland was born on April 18, 1994, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and lived with her sister, who is three years her junior, throughout her childhood. She started attending Kent Place School, an all-girls school in Summit, New Jersey, in 2006.

She enrolled in Lafayette College, a private liberal arts university in Easton, Pennsylvania, after receiving her diploma in 2012 to study “Government & Law.” In 2016, she graduated with honors after receiving her bachelor’s degree. She made both the dean’s list and the honors list in “Government & Law” while she was a student at Lafayette.

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Emma Vigeland Career

Between June and August 2011, Emma Vigeland served as a Constituent Services Intern at Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand’s office while she was still in high school. Later, after enrolling at Lafayette College, she worked from June to August 2012 as an office assistant at Mierop Design in Montclair, New Jersey.

She was a sales associate at the Glen Ridge Super Scoop Restaurant from June to August 2013. From June to August 2014, she worked as a legal intern at the New York City firm Morvillo LLP. She worked at Hunter College as an intern for the office of legal affairs the following semester.

When she watched the TYT Network’s creator Cenk Uygur’s refreshingly candid coverage of the 2016 US Presidential election, Vigeland initially became interested in the organization. The concerns that have been “regurgitated in Washington over and over again” remained to be the main focus of the mainstream media, in contrast.

As a political intern, she began working for TYT in June 2016. She was awarded a permanent role as a political correspondent and news producer in the organization in August 2016. Vigeland, who frequently refers to herself as a “political addict,” has already established a reputation for her coverage of grassroots progressive movements around the nation, her reporting on political corruption, and her exposing the hypocrisy of conservatives.

In April 2018, she spoke with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and inquired about her current bid for the 14th congressional district of New York. Vigeland serves as the primary anchor of Rebel HQ, the network’s political content channel (formerly TYT Politics).

She was also a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, an honor group in political science. She worked for the Panhellenic Council as the director of civic management from January to December 2014. She has served as the Zeta Beta Chapter’s New Membership Chairperson of Kappa Kappa Gamma since 2013.

Campaign finance reform was the subject of her bachelor’s thesis, and in the current political climate, she sees it as one of the most pressing issues that have to be addressed.

Emma Vigeland Personal Life

There isn’t a lot of information available about Emma Vigeland’s relationships or her marital status, which may leave some people wondering who her boyfriend is. On July 5, 2017, she published a thank-you note to her partner on her Instagram profile. The celebrity left out sharing a photo of the enigmatic individual.

She enjoys watching sports and cheers on the New York Rangers, New York Knicks, and New York Giants of the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and National Hockey League, respectively (NHL).

Game of Thrones‘ on HBO is another show she enjoys, and she has sworn allegiance to the House Targaryen. She enjoys reading celebrity rumors and binge-watching award shows, among other vices. Currently, she resides in New York City. She volunteered as a literacy reader at the non-profit group Reading Is Fundamental from September 2013 to May 2016.

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Who are The Young Turks(TYT)?

emma vigeland
The Young Turks

Young Turks, also known as Turkish Jöntürkler, were the driving force behind the uprising against the autocratic rule of Ottoman sultan Abdülhamid II which resulted in the installation of a constitutional government. The Young Turks established policies after gaining power that supported the modernizing of the Ottoman Empire and a fresh sense of Turkish nationalism. But their management of foreign policy led to the collapse of the Ottoman state.

A plot against Abdülhamid was started in 1889 by some students at Istanbul’s Imperial Medical Academy, and it quickly spread to other universities in the area. Many of the plot’s leaders escaped overseas after it was discovered, mostly to Paris, where they laid the foundation for a subsequent uprising against Abdülhamid.

Ahmed Rza, one of the most prominent liberal emigrants, rose to prominence as a key spokesperson for the powerful Young Turk Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), which promoted a plan of orderly reform under a strong central authority and the rejection of all outside influence. Prince Sabaheddin established a significant adversarial faction.

Many of the liberal ideals advanced by his organization, the League of Private Initiative and Decentralization, were similar to those advanced by the CUP; but, in contrast to that organization, it favored administrative decentralization and European aid to carry out changes.

In 1906, a number of young officers stationed at Salonika (now Thessalonika, Greece) banded together to form the Ottoman Liberty Society. The following year, this covert revolutionary organization joined with the CUP in Paris, giving the Young Turk ideologues control of the 3rd Army Corps. Later in 1907, the League of Private Initiative and Decentralization and the CUP reluctantly agreed to collaborate in order to accomplish their shared objective.

Maj. Ahmed Niyazi of the 3rd Corps organized a coup against the Resna province government on July 3, 1908. His lead was quickly followed by other conspirators, and the uprising quickly spread throughout the empire. Abdülhamid, unable to rely on government forces, proclaimed the reinstatement of the 1876 constitution and called a special session of parliament on July 23.

The Young Turks were successful in establishing a constitutional government, but until 1913, when the CUP under new leadership the triumvirate of Talât Paşa, Cemal Paşa, and Enver Paşa established itself as the true arbiter of Ottoman politics, the Young Turks were unable to effectively control that government.

The Young Turks implemented administrative reforms while in power that increased centralization, particularly in the provincial government. They were also the first proponents of industrialization among Ottoman reformers. The Young Turk regime’s policies also improved state-run primary schools, provided for the education of women, and furthered the secularization of the judicial system.

However, the negative effects of the regime’s foreign policy choices greatly eclipsed such favorable domestic developments. Young Turk commanders entered World War I (1914–18) on the side of the Central Powers after making an unduly premature assessment of Germany’s military prowess. Ottoman soldiers fought on numerous fronts and contributed significantly to the Central Powers’ war effort.

Members of the Young Turk leadership ordered Ottoman soldiers and their agents to deport or execute millions of Armenians in Eastern Anatolia, close to the Russian front, in 1915, in what is now known as the Armenian Genocide.

On October 9, 1918, less than a month before the Ottomans signed the Armistice of Mudros, the CUP cabinet announced its resignation as the war came to a close and defeat was looming.

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Emma Vigeland Net Worth

A $500 000 estimate of Emma Vigeland’s wealth has been made. She has years of expertise as a professional reporter, political correspondent, and television producer, all of which have allowed her to earn money. Her production will cause her wealth to rise in the upcoming years.

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