Morgan Kay Beamer: About The Early Life, Career And Family Of Todd Beamer’s Daughter

Morgan Kay Beamer

Morgan Kay Beamer is the daughter of 9/11 martyr Todd Beamer and his wife Lisa Beamer, Morgan Kay Beamer was born in 2002. Morgan Kay Beamer is a young kid in the United States.

As a family member of a brave individual who made an effort to assist during the September 11th attacks, She and her family as a whole are now well-known as a result of what her father was involved in.

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Early Life And Family

Morgan Kay Beamer

Currently, Lisa Beamer, Morgan Kay’s mother, and her siblings make up her family.

As already said, Lisa is the mother of three kids, all of whom she had with her late husband Todd Beamer. David and Drew, his two older brothers, are three and one years her senior, respectively.

Todd Beamer was a passenger aboard United Flight 93 when the terrorist group Al-Qaeda took control of the aircraft.

At the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York, the plane intentionally crashed. One of the 44 passengers on the aircraft was Todd Beamer, who is well known for his efforts to regain control of the aircraft despite the fact that it had been hijacked.

Sadly, despite his bravery, he was unsuccessful, and that day he passed away. In addition, after the terrible incident, his wife Lisa Beamer did everything she could. When her husband passed away, Lisa Beamer was five months along in the pregnancy with her second child, Morgan.

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Net Worth

Although Morgan Kay Beamer’s net worth has not been made public, it doesn’t seem very likely. She is a 19-year-old Princeton University student who does not work and has no consistent source of income.

Who was Todd Beamer?

Todd Beamer

Todd Morgan Beamer was a passenger from the United States on United Airlines Flight 93 when it was hijacked and crashed on September 11, 2001. Todd Morgan Beamer passed away on that tragic day. One of the passengers who made an effort to retake control of the plane from the hijackers was him.

The Boeing 757 lost control during the conflict and crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board but sparing the intended victim and other victims of the hijackers.

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His Early Life

The middle child of three and the only son of David Beamer, an IBM sales representative, and Peggy Jackson Beamer, a muralist, Todd Beamer was born on November 24, 1968, in Flint, Michigan. Beamer and his two sisters Melissa and Michele were brought up “with a strong work ethic and biblical value system.”

The family moved to Wheaton, Illinois, a suburb west of Chicago, where David worked at Amdahl, a business that makes computer technology, before going to Poughkeepsie, New York, first.

Beamer played baseball, basketball, and soccer while he was a student at Wheaton Christian Grammar School. He excelled in the same sports while attending Wheaton Academy, a Christian high school, from 1983 to 1985. In his junior year, he was selected as the class vice president.

Beamer spent his final year at Los Gatos High School, which is located southwest of San Jose, California after David was given the opportunity to advance to vice president of Amdahl’s California headquarters.

Beamer planned to play professionally while attending Fresno State University, where he majored in physical therapy and played baseball.

However, the injuries he sustained in a vehicle accident put an end to his dreams. He transferred to Wheaton College, a Christian liberal arts college, after going back to his native Illinois. He first majored in medicine at Wheaton College before moving to business. In addition to his basketball captaincy as a senior, he continued to play baseball. His graduation was in 1991.

Career And Personal Life

He met Lisa Brosious, his future wife, at Wheaton College in a senior seminar session. On November 2, 1991, they went on their first date. They had been preparing to commemorate their 10-year anniversary on that day when he passed away.

Later, while working for Wilson Sporting Goods and attending DePaul University’s evening programs, Beamer graduated with an M.B.A. in June 1993.

Beamer wed Brosious on May 14, 1994, in Peekskill, New York, and the two then relocated to Plainsboro, New Jersey, where Beamer started working as a field marketing representative for Oracle Corporation, selling systems applications and database software. Beamer quickly advanced to account manager status.

For six years, Beamer and Lisa served as Sunday school teachers and youth ministers at Princeton Alliance Church. Beamer participated in the church softball squad as well. He was a devoted supporter of the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Bulls. The Beamers and their two kids relocated to Cranbury, New Jersey, in the year 2000.

Flight 93

Beamer had to travel for work up to four times a month, sometimes for a week. He was a high sales performance in 2001, earning a five-day trip to Italy for himself and his wife. On Monday, September 10, at 5:00 p.m. EDT, they went back home. Beamer had the option of leaving that evening for a Tuesday business conference in California, but he chose to stay with his wife who was expecting their third child in January.

The following day, he departed from his house at 6:15 am in order to catch an early flight from Newark to San Francisco and meet with representatives of the Sony Corporation at 1:00 pm. He then intended to fly back that evening on a red-eye flight.

United Flight 93 was supposed to take off at 8:00 am, however owing to runway traffic delays, the Boeing 757 did not take off until 42 minutes later. American Airlines Flight 11 collided with the North Tower of the World Trade Center four minutes later. United 93 was traveling west over New Jersey and into Pennsylvania at 9:03 a.m., 17 minutes after United Airlines Flight 175 smashed into the South Tower.

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His Legacy

Todd beamer


Beamer was survived by his wife Lisa, and their children Morgan and David (also known as “Drew”), who were three and one at the time of his passing. President Bush hailed the bravery of United 93’s passengers in a speech to a joint session of Congress and the American people on September 20, 2001, and specifically mentioned Lisa Beamer, referring to him as “an exceptional man.”

In the movies United 93 and Flight 93, respectively, David Alan Basche and Brennan Elliott play the role of Beamer.

Two panels in The Amazing Spider-Man volume 2#36 show Beamer hanging up the phone with Lisa Jefferson and assaulting the cockpit. The passengers of Flight 93 are referred to as by Spider-Man as  “Ordinary men. Ordinary women. Refusing to surrender.”

In the wake of the attacks, Neil Young wrote “Let’s Roll,” a song that pays tribute to Beamer from his point of view.

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