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Fans of the musician popularly known as John Mellencamp still cling to the sensation of his previous marriage. Before the artiste divorced his wife, Victoria Granucci, many believed they were doing very well and living happily. There are still several questions about the star’s marriage and the bio of his ex-wife.

Victoria Granucci is the former wife of the American singer John Mellencamp, commonly known as Johnny Cougar. She is an American actress and writer and has appeared in notable movies as a gorgeous personality. Though she excelled in her field, she rose to the spotlight after her marriage to the singer.

Today, Victoria Granucci is also famous for being the mother of the reality TV show actress Teddi Jo Mellencamp. Her daughter has also risen to the spotlight after appearing in the movie The Real Housewives of BeverlyHills.

Victoria Granucci

What You Should Know about Victoria Granucci

Victoria was born in the United States of America on November 26, 1958. She also spent the growing phase of her life in the United States.

There is not much information on Victoria Granucci’s parents, meaning that the identity of her father and mother remains unclear. This information is not public, as well as information on her brothers and sisters.

Victoria’s Role In The Entertainment Industry

Victoria Granucci began a career in acting and modelling at a very early age. Immediately after she graduated from high school, she started work as an extra in films and music videos. 

During this time, Victoria played roles in Happy Days, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, and many other hit movies. She also played roles in CHiPs, Love Boat, Grease, and others. She also worked as a model about this time, but there’s little information on her modelling career.

One of her notable works was in her husband’s music video known as Jack & Diane. “Jack & Diane” is a ground-breaking hit rock song that debuted in 1982. It was written and performed by the singer and songwriter Johnny Cougar, then Victoria’s husband.

In the music video, Victoria Granucci appeared as a young girl, playing Diane at 23 when she lived in Bloomington. Victoria admitted that she enjoyed her time on set as they worked on the music. She worked behind the scenes with the singer and earned great experience from doing so.

The song remains a hit on the singer’s album known as American Fool. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) selected it as one of the best songs of the century. It was also the number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 and did not drop for four weeks.

It remains John Mellencamp’s most successful single hit.

Victoria doesn’t play her role as an actress anymore; the reason is personal to her. She presently spends more time with her grandchildren.

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Other Information On The Star

Victoria Granucci is a tall woman. However, there are no accurate details on her exact height and body weight. She is blonde with brown eyes and has a net worth of a million to five million dollars.

Her main focus on retirement is to be there for her grandchildren, whom she claims has given her a new outlook on life.

Victoria is not a social media freak either and does not pop up now and then on her accounts. Though on several platforms, she is most active on Facebook. There are a few pictures of her on the internet as well.

Victoria Granucci

John Mellencamp, the Rock Artiste

John J. Cougar has made an impact that cannot be overlooked in the American music industry. He is a musician, songwriter, singer, actor, and movie director. He is famous for making several types of rock music.

Cougar was born on October 7, 1951, and began his musical career at 14 when he formed his first band known as Crepe Soul. He has also played in Trash, Mason Brothers, and other minor bands.

He is also famous for his music Jack & Diane, Hurts So Good, Pink Houses, Small Town, and many others. Cougar has done numerous collaborations and has influenced a large number of modern artists. He was nominated for Grammy Awards 13 times and won once.

The artiste has married three times and has birthed several children from his marriages. He has two children with Victoria, namely Teddie Jo and Justice Mellencamp. Despite his divorce from Victoria, they remain friends from the general public observations.

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