Zion Williamson Girlfriend, Biography and Achievements

Does the name “Zion Williamson” ring a bell? If it does, how much do you know about him? Well, let’s learn a little about Zion Williamson before going into details about his girlfriend.

Zion Lateef Williamson, famously known as “Zion Williamson,” is a 21-year-old professional American basketball player. On the 6th of July, 2000, the champ was born to Lateef Williamson and Sharonda Sampson in Salisbury, North Carolina.

A Brief History of Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson
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His mother named him Zion when she came across the biblical location “Zion” close to Jerusalem. Sharonda Samspon also helped coach her son Zion early. In 2021, Zion professionally plays for the ‘New Orleans pelicans’, a National Basketball Association (NBA) member.

The pro athlete records a height of 2.01 meters and weighs 129kg. Williamson plays the power forward and small forward position for his team. 

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Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was only five. Sharonda, his mom, later got married to Lee Anderson, a former basketball pro. Lee taught Zion more about the game, and for that, he seemed to acknowledge his step-dad more than his biological dad.

Does Zion Williamson Have A Girlfriend?

Every celebrity prefers to keep their relationship away from the public in sports and entertainment, and Zion is no exception.

As of this moment, Zion is without a girlfriend because he and his ex separated recently. Nonetheless, who was she, and why did they split?

Who Is Zion Williamson’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Does the name “Tiana White” sound familiar? Well, that was the lady who captured the heart of the young basketball champ.

It’s been recorded that Tiana white has been the only girlfriend Zion has had up till their break-up. So currently, the young man is enjoying his singlehood.

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A Brief History About Tiana White,Zion Williamson Girlfriend (Ex) And Net Worth

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Tiana White is popularly known as the ex-girlfriend of the professional basketball player “Zion Williamson.” She’s also a black American born in 2001 in South Carolina. 

Tiana’s currently a student at Wofford College in Spartanburg and looks to complete her studies in 2023. Tiana prefers to keep details of her immediate family private. At this moment, Tiana is still very much single. She has decided to focus on her studies, get good grades, and play volleyball for the school’s team.

Keeping her family and what she’s worth away from prying eyes is a priority to her, and she maintains that firmly.

Tiana White earns a significant amount of money from her extensive social media fan base. Miss White’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Relationship And Break-Up Of Zion And Tiana

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The once love birds started their love story in college. While Zion was the top basketball player in his team, Tiana, on the other hand, was a volleyball player and alongside the cheerleader.

Since Zion and Tiana both attended the same college and saw each other almost every day, it was easy to grow on each other. They were first spotted hand-in-hand when Zion invited her for prom, and they were ultimately ruled as an item after that. 

Zion was just one grade ahead of Tiana, but that didn’t deter them from loving each other. Like in the movies, their love story began.

You should be familiar with the movie storyline where distance and fame come between a man and his woman; such was the case with Zion and Tiana.

After high school, Zion was drafted to New Orleans Pelicans, while Tiana had to stay back to continue her studies. The distance breach was the first setback in their relationship. As soon as Zion became famous, he let it affect his judgment and chose to associate with high-profile ladies.

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This was the straw that broke the camel’s back in their love story. Diana knew that it had all ended when Zion began deleting all photos of them together from his social media handles. 

At the moment, rumors have it that they both still have eyes for each other, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

It’s safe to say the sport that brought them together tore them up. She is currently incognito on Social media platforms.

Is Tiana White In Any Relationship?

Currently, she is taking it one step while focusing on her studies. o relationship is in sight yet. but, as soon as anything comes up, trust us to bring you the whole story.

What Has Zion Willamson’s Achieved? (Aside His Girlfriends)

Willamson holds the record for the longest streak by rookie of the season for scoring at least 20 points in four games straight. He shares the longest streak in Pelicans franchise history. With ten consecutive 20-point games, Willamson holds the first teenager with such a feat. He eventually got drafted in NBA All-Rookie Team of the Year 2020. In the same year, he achieves the feat of being the first rookie to achieve 16 20-point games within the first 20 games.

In 2021, He became the youngest player in the history of the NBA to earn 30 points on 90% shooting accuracy, has a tied record of most extended 20-point games on a 50 percent shooting accuracy streak. Again, he became the youngest player to participate in the all-star game that year. All these achievements are aside from winning ACC Rookie of the Year, ACC Player of the Year, ACC Athlete of the year, five times ACC Rookie of the week, AP Player of the year, Sporting News College Player of the year and Wayman Tisdale Award all in his freshman year.

Once described as a “freak of nature”, Willamson has had a fantastic career thus far; however, it has been affected by frequent injuries. In 2021, while injured, He was seen considerably overweight on the sidelines leading to him facing a lot of criticism from fans and old NBA stars, one of which was Charles Barkley

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