Alex Cowper-Smith: Interesting Facts About Alice Eve’s Ex-Husband

Former husband of Alice Eve, an English performer, Alex Cowper-Smith is an English financier. Alex, a University of Nottingham graduate in business and finance, started his career in the corporate world with a position at the famed “Goldman Sachs,” one of the largest global providers of financial solutions. He began working with “Goldman Sachs” as an associate before rising to the position of a financier.

In 2014, Alex Cowper-Smith wed Alice, his high school love. But in 2017, their marriage came to an end with a breakup. The two had an on-again, off-again relationship before being married. Later, because of troubles in their marriage brought on by their work obligations, they separated. There are no kids between Alice and Alex.

Alex Cowper-Smith

Early Life

Alex Cowper-Smith was born in the UK, where he also spent the majority of his early years with his family and siblings. He had a decent childhood, with most of his requirements being easily met. He lived in Britain his entire life, which shows he had a good existence. Most of his demands during his formative years were easily met.

Alex Cowper-Smith went to Westminister School. He continued on in 2003, graduating from the University of Nottingham with a degree in business and finances.

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Alex Cowper Smith Career

The gifted individual joined Goldman Sachs after completing his education. One of the biggest investment banks, it has a significant amount of global assets. As he continued his job, the year 2015 brought miracles when he was chosen as the firm’s financier. For this businessman, everything was going rather well until a turn of events.

Alex Cowper-Smith left his position at Goldman after meeting Alice in order to pursue their romance. There were rumors that his job termination was caused by his inability to manage the company. Whatever the case, I had a good time spending time with Alice.

Relationships: Alice Eve

Alex Cowper-Smith

The daughter of actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, Alice Eve was born in London. She is of English, Irish, and Welsh ancestry and has two younger brothers. She attended Bedales School and More House School before enrolling at Westminster School in London to complete her A-levels.

Alice Eve took classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse during her year off before beginning her study of English at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford. She performed in The Importance of Being Earnest, Animal Crackers which made a tour to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and Scenes from an Execution student productions as a student at Oxford.

Alice Eve has made appearances in television dramas such as the BBC’s The Rotters’ Club, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and Hawking, and she participated in the drama movie Stage Beauty in 2004. She and co-star Simon Pegg adopted American accents for their roles in the comedies Starter for 10 and Big Nothing, both of which were released in 2006. She worked on the drama miniseries Losing Gemma, which is about travelers, for the first several months of 2006 in India.

Alice Eve has performed on stage in two plays under the direction of Trevor Nunn. She debuted in the Royal Court Theatre production of Tom Stoppard’s new drama Rock ‘n’ Roll in 2006 as young Esme/Alice, and she later portrayed the same character on Broadway in 2007. She received a nomination for this performance for the Theatregoers’ Choice Award for best-supporting actress.

She performed the role of Roxane in a Chichester Festival Theatre production of Cyrano de Bergerac in 2009. In the 2010 American romantic comedy She’s Out of My League, in which Eve played the female lead, her parents portrayed the parents of her character. In Sex and the City 2, she also played Erin, Charlotte’s Irish nanny.

In season 8 of the HBO show Entourage in 2011, Eve played Sophia, a journalist, and Vincent Chase’s love interest, in a recurrent guest role. Eve also played Lara Tyler, a Hollywood actress, in the 2011 romantic comedy The Decoy Bride. In Star Trek Into Darkness, Dr. Carol Marcus, played by Eve, is another well-known character. In the science-fiction comedy Men in Black 3 from 2012, she portrayed the younger, 1969 version of Agent O, with Emma Thompson playing the older version.

Alice Eve attended the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show’s opening session. She appeared in the music videos “Queenie Eye” by Paul McCartney in 2013 and “Hotel Ceiling” by Rixton in 2015.

She and Chris Evans co-starred in the 2013 romance drama Before We Go, which Evans also directed. In the Hollywood movie Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb from 2014, she played herself. Since then, she has been in a number of productions, including the 2016 action thriller Criminal. She made an appearance in “Nosedive,” a 2016 episode of the Black Mirror anthology series. Eve began appearing in Iron Fist on Netflix in December 2017 as Mary Walker.

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Alice Eve and Alex Cowper-Smith Wedding

The wedding of financier Alex Cowper-Smith and Alice Eve was the subject of an exclusive interview with HELLO! The Waking the Dead actress recalled riding in a white taxi with her Waking the Dead actor father Trevor to the Brompton Oratory in London.

“All the way down Brompton Road, people were beeping and waving because we were in a white cab,” said Alice, 32. “It was a lovely little golden moment together,” added Trevor. “I was filled with such pride.”

Alice Eve also discussed the moment she walked into the chapel and saw her future husband Alex seated at the altar. “When we got to the church, I took a tip from the movies and just looked at my groom,” she said. “I held eyes with him because I would have been overwhelmed if I had looked at everyone else.” “I was trying not to cry but by the time my blurry eyesight got him in full view, I couldn’t help it.”

When they were sixth-formers at Westminster School in London, Alex and Alice started dating. They later rekindled their romance at the beginning of 2014.

Alice’s Holby City actress mother Sharon, well-known for appearing in the Nescafe commercials, had joined her daughter during her dress fittings while Trevor accompanied Alice to the church. British fashion designer Alice Temperley created a dress just for Alice.

The first to learn of Alice and Alex’s impending nuptials was Sharon and Trevor. In July of last year, while on a family vacation in Ibiza, Alex proposed to his future wife after getting Trevor’s approval.

“We fell in love when we were at school,” said Alice of her new husband. “Then life took its course and we both went out and pursued our careers. I always adored him and we were able to reconnect at this time in our lives and magically fell back in love.”

Eve’s stunning wedding gown was created by British fashion designer Alice Temperley, who has a special ability for making brides feel absolutely stunning.

Eve was observed carrying a bouquet of all-white roses, wearing a white robe over her dress, and wearing stilettos as she made her way to the wedding. Alex sported a straightforward yet stylish black flux with a white rose. When the ceremony began and Alice saw her fiancé waiting for her, it was an emotional moment that Alice described: “I was trying not to cry but by the time my blurry eyesight got him in full view, I couldn’t help it.” Their family, 150 guests, and famous guests like model Twiggy and tycoon Charles Saatchi all attended the wedding. The presidential suite of the Mandarin Oriental hosted the celebration. The newlyweds traveled to Africa for their vacation.

Alice Eve and Alex Cowper-Smith Divorce

In 2016, Alex Cowper-Smith made the choice to leave his position at Goldman Sachs and move in with Alice in the US in order to spend more time with his wife. The couple’s attempts to stay together proved unsuccessful, nonetheless, as Alice is said to have been spotted without her wedding band in November 2016 via Daily Mail, which sparked breakup rumors. They formally filed for divorce in 2017.

New love has emerged for Alex Cowper-Smith. Kim Cowper-Smith is his wife. They exchanged wedding vows in 2021. However, there is no information available regarding their dating history or how they first connected. His wife is a native of Cape Town, in the Western Cape. Kim further attended the AAA School of Advertising. Additionally, she is currently employed with Socrates Communicates as a social media manager. And lastly, she and her spouse reside in London, United Kingdom.

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Alex Cowper-Smith: Age, Height, And Weight

Alex Cowper-Smith is 1.7 m tall, or 5 feet 7 inches. He also maintains a healthy body. Sadly, there is no information available regarding his weight. Smith, who was born on February 6, 1982, is currently 40 years old. He also has fair skin that blends flawlessly with his light brown hair. He also has eyes that are light brown. Unfortunately, neither his dress nor shoe sizes are known. Additionally, he is an air sign, Aquarius. People born under the Aquarius sign are seen as being unpredictable, independent, upbeat, and intelligent. And lastly, amethyst is his birthstone.

Net Worth 

According to reports, the minimum yearly wage for a Goldman Sachs employee was over $50,000. However, given his high position in the organization, it is plausible to conclude that Alex Cowper-pay Smith’s was greater than that. As of early 2020, Alex Cowper-Smith’s net worth is predicted to be over $500,000 thanks largely to his work for the company. Alice reportedly has a net worth of more than $6 million.

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