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Maybe her career isn’t as sparkling as other Hollywood actors, but Taylor Dooley has left an impact in the industry. Dooley has been magnificent from her role as Lavagirl in the 2020 film We Can Be Heroes, where many fans have described her as inspiring to her other older films. 

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Many may not know that Dooley’s first appearance in a show was a TV short called Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, where she played Minister Rozhan. Since then, she has featured in several other films, and she also had a hiatus from Hollywood. Read on to find out why she did. 

While We Can Be Heroes is a movie making the rounds, you may be shocked to discover that it is a reprise of Robert Rodriguez’s The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. She was only 12 when she starred in that role in 2005. Taylor Dooley, perhaps, didn’t pursue her career as she would have wanted as a child actor because her parents were protective about her time at the movie set.

In her words, she said, “My parents were wonderful and at a certain point said, ‘You know, instead of working, maybe you should be a kid for just a little bit. You have just a few years left to be a kid, so maybe you should enjoy that.'” Did this affect her in some way? Well, read on to find out about it. 

Who is Taylor Dooley?

Taylor was born to John Dooley and Debbie Dooley on February 26, 1993. We cannot state where she was born, but we know it is in the United States of America. She didn’t grow up alone as she has a sibling, Drew Dooley. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, while she has a weight of 55kg.

From a young age, Dooley had wanted to be on the screen. She got her to wish when she was 12, featuring in the film as Lavagirl. However, it seemed her parents wanted her to act like a kid and not get saddled with the acting thingy. It caused her much trouble as the acting was what she loved to do. But along the line, she settled and decided to venture into other things. 

Taylor Dooley Took A Break From Acting

For many fans of Lavagirl, not seeing Dooley on their screen for a long time wasn’t easy. Taylor has recounted how she was approached by fans who believe her role in the movie changed their lives forever. Her parents orchestrated the break for Taylor Dooley as they couldn’t stand the pressure of handling their daughter’s fame.

While some parents can manage their child being in the spotlight, some don’t have the grit to help their child maintain fame and be a normal kid. You do not blame them, though. Taking care of a child who is not even a star or something is already hard, more so adding his fame to it will make it almost impossible to manage for some parents. 

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Taylor Dooley is Back On Our Screens. 

When the announcement of Lavagirl came back, fans who saw the previous film went delirious; their favourite character was back. For Taylor, the fans’ excitement on the character’s return is what energized her to return fully to acting like an adult actor. Hopefully, this time around, she doesn’t go back on acting. 

Taylor Dooley
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She Doesn’t Regret Leaving Hollywood. 

Maybe her parents discouraged her from acting at a young age, Taylor doesn’t regret her absence from Hollywood. According to her, she gained experiences from her time away from Hollywood. Also, she was able to spend time doing other stuff. So we are pretty sure all her experiences outside Hollywood for a long time will be needed as she gets back. 

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Is Taylor Dooley Married? 

Taylor is a happy marriage with Justin Cassotta. The lovers have known each other for several years now. They married in 2016, and since then, they have had two kids; Jack Alexander Cassotta and Adaline Joan Cassotta. Dooley regularly flaunts her kids on social media. 

Is Taylor Dooley on Social Media?

Taylor is on social media platforms. She is pretty active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Recently, she has used her page to talk about her upcoming film, We Can Be Heroes, which is available on the streaming service Netflix. Also, there is news that the film may get a sequel. Fingers crossed on that. 

Taylor Dooley
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We hope the return of Taylor Dooley to the screen will be good for her. However, she is relatively young and still has a long way ahead of her. So, if the reprise of her role becomes a hit, it is likely some of the top producers will be looking at her for other functions. But, again, we know Taylor is also a talented actress, so we expect to get more roles as she grows in the industry. 

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